I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 936 - One Against Four  

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Chapter 936: One Against Four


“You’d just come out from the restricted place, and you’re already so eager to cause trouble. You must really be afraid of him”!

The drunkard let out a cold laugh, “What? You’re panicking because he’s awakened?”

The Chess Speaker said plainly, “Whoever wins, everyone is a schemer. The board isn’t set yet. Everything is possible, and we’re just taking precautions.”


At that moment, the Endless Sea moved.

The old lady slowly walked out. The smile on her face caused her face to look even more horrifying as she looked at the drunkard with a sinister expression.

She said, “Hahaha, even without the corruption, humans fight against each other constantly anyway. They scheme against each other. Drunkard, you really are tragic.”

“I’m not the one who’s tragic, it’s them.”

The drunkard was calm as he said, “He betrayed his master and his Dao heart. His soul already plummeted into endless dark darkness. He’s no different from a corrupted white haired beast.”

The Chess Speaker said, “There’s no need to say anymore. Supreme gray mist being, let’s work together against this man.”

“I would love that,” The old lady laughed out loud. The waves behind her started to rise, turning into a massive claw and supporting her.

With that person awakening and the Flames of Wisdom reigniting, she knew that the traitors were using her. They wanted to use the gray mist against that person, but was the gray mist not using the traitors as well?

Before they got to the end, who knew who the mastermind was?

“Back then, all of you betrayed Wisdom and fled for your own sakes. Now you’re even working together with the gray mist… whatever, let me educate all of you for Wisdom’s sake!”

After that, the drunkard raised his guard and gulped down a mouthful before tossing it into the sky.

“One gourd to swallow the sun and moon!”


The guard floated in the air, letting out a white light. The Immense power flowed out, causing even the Endless Sea to calm down. There were no waves, and the skies lost their color.

The white light descended on the Chess Speaker and the others, turning into a horrifying suction as it tried to swallow them into the gourd.

“One person trying to swallow four, is your appetite so large? Yin Yang Dragon, appear!”


A black and white Yin Yang Dragon appeared in the air, Heaven and earth crossed into a chessboard, and the drunkard was right in the middle of it. The Yin and Yang Dragon swiped its tail right at the gourd.

However, before its tail could even touch the gourd, the whole dragon was sucked into the gourd, disappearing.

The Chess Speaker’s eyebrows were raised as his expression sank.

At that moment, the old hag and the three others made their move.

With a wave, the old hag caused the Endless Sea to flow backwards. Massive waves formed as both the sea and the beasts within were all sucked into the gourd, protecting her.

The other cultivator with a missing arm turned into darkness. Around him was endless darkness as he disappeared, leaving behind countless black faces that laughed maniacally as they got sucked into the gourd.

The other sat down cross legged as a glow formed atop his head. He formed a massive figure, holding himself within to stop himself from being sucked.

The drunkard frowned after a while, stopping himself.

He said in disdain, “All your filthy toys are tainting my wine!”

“Chess Dao, Yin Yang Origin!”

The Chess Speaker had killing intent in his eyes as he turned the power of Wisdom into a black piece, descending to the ground!

It was killed with a murderous aura as the board turned into a massive grindstone, pushing the drunkard down, wanting to reduce him to dust!

The old hag had a fierce glint in her eyes as she reached out her decaying claws, turning them into five sharp, black claws that ripped even space itself apart. It destroyed Wisdom as it quickly shot toward the drunkard.

The other armless cultivator condensed a black face and tried to swallow the dunkard.

The last one sent out a destructive fist!

Four supreme beings, all of their spells were able to disrupt the balance of heaven itself, causing endless chaos and disaster. At that moment, they were attacking the same person.

At the center, the drunkard seemed to be placed right in a collapse of Yin and Yang. Even his own life was not in his control.

However, he remained calm as he raised his hand and pointed at the guard. An immensely strong power shot out.

“Greeting swords with wine, only I, the drunkard!”


Four swords suddenly flew out of the gourd. All of them were made of wine, and were transparent. They seemed to flow with ripples of water, illuminating the skies. Each of them had the power to cut through everything.

The chessboard was cut through by one blade, and the five claws sliced through by another. The ghost face was pierced while the first was shattered!


“How is this possible?!”

“For countless years, Wisdom has been lacking. How are you able to improve?”

The four on the Chess Speaker’s side paled in shock. Even the old hag was dumbfounded. After countless years of battling against the drunkard, she had never realized at all that the drunkard was concealing his own skills.

They were all supreme beings, but the drunkard was able to go up against four of them by himself, destroying all their attacks with one strike!

The difference between them caused their hearts to chill as they felt incredibly defeated.

The Chess Speaker’s mental state dropped even more. Back when his master materialized out of the chess carving even after being dead for so many years, he had almost died to it. And now, the drunkard used one attack to stand up against four of them.

It caused him to feel the distance between them, even though they were all supreme beings.

Wisdom had been lacking all these years, and the path of a supreme being was broken. As a supreme being, it was already quite amazing to maintain their own levels. There was no way to improve at all.

Yet, that limitation did not seem to apply to the drunkard, because his gourd always had the wine from that person!

However, the drunkard did not intend to explain things at all. He took a step forward and immediately used a killing blow. He suddenly appeared in front of that cultivator with a gigantic fist, and pointed a finger at his forehead.

“Drunken Heart Figner!”


That cultivator cried out in agony as his brain exploded. The supreme being’s blood exploded in the air. The power within the blood caused even space itself to shake.

However, he did not die. His immense lifeforce allowed him to come back from the brink of death. He sent a fist at the drunkard’s body, piercing through the drunkard’s chest.

The drunkard did not move at all as he activated his skill again, sucking that cultivator into the gourd.

After that, the gourd fell to his hand with a wave. After that, he started to gulp down the wine.

“Hahaha, it’s been a long time since I’ve used a supreme being to flavor my wine. This is good stuff!” He laughed jovially as the wound on his chest rapidly recovered. Killing intent surrounded the other three.

The Chess Speaker immediately calmed down when he saw that the drunkard could actually be injured as well. He raised his hand, and sent another black piece down.

He said, “An injury from a supreme being can’t be recovered that easily. We can injure him too, it’s not impossible for us to win.”

The old hag and the other cultivator nodded. The aura of the supreme being surfaced as they looked at the drunkard in alert.

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