I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot - Chapter 937 - The Undying   

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Chapter 937: The Undying


“Ah!” The ancient demon cried out in agony as it crashed into the ground, forming a large crater.

“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!” He panicked, feeling hopeless. However, he quickly stopped with his shouts.


He was actually fine, and was not in pain at all…

His body was actually that amazing.

The ancient demon jumped out of the crater, touching his body in elation.

He actually faced that attack head on? He was completely fine?!

Oh my!

That was so amazing!

He had been facing The Invincible. The person who walked the path of invincibility. That person was an incredibly ancient existence. Countless years ago, the ancient demon did not even have the courage to look at that person.

That person was unrivaled!


That person had failed to kill him!

After the ancient demon helped block that attack, the drunkard had already turned around and jumped into a distant space. He had his feet on his gourd as he transcended space, disappearing from the place.

The invincible hand disappeared, and everything reverted to peace.

However, what was left behind was an incredibly furious aura. It was an annoyance that felt like a storm, unsettling everyone. It was the anger of The Invincible.

The Chess Speaker and the old hag widened their eyes, looking at the ancient demon in shock.

They never expected that ugly creature that suddenly appeared to be so powerful, facing the attack of The Invincible like that.

Wisdom was weakened, and Madman Chu was gone. The Invincible was truly invincible!

That ugly creature… What sort of existence was it!

Yet, something that shocked them even more happened.

That ugly creature launched itself into the air, heading right for The Invincible. It looked like it wanted to take revenge for that earlier attack.

At the same time, a strange shout could be heard in the air, “Hey hey hye, what are you doing? Who’s pulling me there? Don’t go over, I really don’t want to go there!”

“Suicide, my body is committing suicide. The Invincible, please don’t be troubled by this. I really can’t control myself!”

The voice slowly went further and further away, disappearing into the distance.

The old hag and the Chess Speaker exchanged a complicated and shocked look.

The Chess Speaker said seriously, “He says he doesn’t want to, but his body is very honest. How hypocritical. Yet, his power is undeniable. Those who are strong really are weird.”

“Yes, someone as strong as that actually suddenly appeared and helped the drunkard escape. What a pity!”

The old hag’s eyes were full of disappointment. She had been suppressed by the drunkard for countless years. They had almost been able to kill him, breaking off a key protector, but everything that ended up in smoke.

The Chess Speaker said plainly, “There’s no longer anyone around to suppress you. Can’t you just release the corruption right now and have the gray mist cover the world again?”

“Haha, do I need you to teach me what to do?”

The old hag let out a cold smile as she said unkindly, “If you continue staying here, I won’t be able to resist swallowing you whole. Why don’t you just become one of us?”

She had just worked together with the Chess Speaker, but that was just against the drunkard. The alliance had already ended, so she did not need to bother being so polite anymore.

Furthermore, she could see what the traitors were planning. They just wanted to take advantage of the situation. So, there was no reason for her to be friendly with them at all!

“You’re thinking about corrupting me with mere gray mist? Don’t look for death!” The Chess Speaker coldly snorted. However, he did not dare to stay behind anymore as he turned around to leave.

The old hag looked at his back with a coldness in her eyes. After that, she raised her hand and turned towards the Unending Sea.

She said reverently, “Ancient ancestors, you’ve slumbered for countless years. The suppression has already been undone, it’s time to be reborn again!”


The waves soared into the skies.

At that moment, the Unending Sea was rapidly rising, swallowing the stars around them.

At the same time, corrupted gray mist started to rise on the surface of the sea, dispersing towards the heavens.

Other than the Unending Sea, much of the corruption in the outside world rapidly rose as well. Even though they were not as big as the Unending Sea, it was still not something that could be ignored.

That day, every cultivator in the Origins Realm could feel it.

After Wisdom reawakened, the corruption seemed to come back with a vengeance. Furthermore, the cultivators that were suppressing the gray mist in other places were all met with sabotage at all. Suddenly, a formless hand started to mess up the clouds!

It was somewhere no less ominous that the Endless Sea!

The earth split apart, and out of blackened soil came volcano after volcano.

At that moment, gray mist started to flow out of the volcanoes, covering the skies and obscuring the sun!

Back then, the volcanoes and the Endless Sea exploded forward once before, because they were afraid of the arrow that Li Nianfan shot out. They reawakened again this time, trying to suppress the reawakened Wisdom!

Amongst the volcanoes, a sect stood alone.

The walls of the sect were long gone, and there was not a single disciple inside. It had already been forgotten by the ages.

However, at the highest point of the sect was an old man.

He sat down crossed legged as his robed fluttered, facing the mass of volcanoes!

The surroundings had already all been covered by the gray mist. Only he was still glowing. He was like a single light in the darkness, glowing alone in solitude.

In front of him, within the gray mist was a beast that looked like a dragon and an elephant, but was neither of them. Its eyes were blood red as it viciously looked at the old man.

Other than, it, there were two other cultivators shrouded in the gray mist, both flying on both sides of the old man. The power of a supreme being exuded from them.

One of the figures slowly said, “Undying, the drunkard at the Endless Sea has already fled. Even if you can suppress this place, you can’t change the outcome. Why do you insist on continuing?”

The old man shut his eyes as he said plainly, “Back then, you chose to betray us. I’d already thought that it was the worst thing you could do. I can’t believe you actually did something worse after countless years. You’re actually releasing the gray mist for your own selfish intentions. You’re not even worth to speak to me!”

Another figure said coldly, “You’re still being so stubborn. Undying, do you really think you can’t die?”

“Of course I don’t think I can’t die. I’ve actually wanted to die for a long time now. That’s why I asked ‘him’ for a coffin back then. Regretfully, I wasn’t able to use it back then. Using it now is the same!”

The Undying’s voice was incredibly lively. After that, he summoned up an ancient wooden coffin next to him. After that, he lay down inside under everyone’s eyes.

The coffin started to glow after that. An indescribable power exploded forth. The shocking power within caused the figures and the beast to shudder.

“The life of an undying person is so boring. Please let me die properly. I’ll subdue the corruption with my life!”

After the old man spoke, the coffin’s lid was shut as it shot forward to the deepest parts of the corrupted gray mist.

The two figures and the beast wanted to stop him, but they were blown away in a flash. They stared as the coffin went straight to the centermost volcano!

Suddenly, all of the volcanoes stopped.

They had been violently and constantly erupted, but they had all suddenly just stopped. It was as if they had all be shut.

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