I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 561: Dragged Through the Mire

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Chapter 561: Dragged Through the Mire

I felt like I had fallen into one of the Happy Science cult’s tricks.

My secrets being known by Professor Bai couldn’t have been calculated through some ‘causality calculation’ program. They must have gotten my personal information from somewhere, whether it was from Gong CaiCai or someone else.

“Ah, I suddenly our class is going to discuss about the camping trip and I’m going to be late.”

I pretended to be in a panic, then I jumped up from my seat and rushed out the door. Professor Bai looked at my back with a deep and inscrutable gaze, as if to say, “You’ll be back”.

When I left the room, I saw Gong CaiCai was talking to teacher Hu. I grabbed Gong CaiCai’s hand and dragged her away without an explanation.

“Ye Lin classmate, what are you doing…”

Gong CaiCai asked in a panic.

“Of course, it’s to discuss our class camping trip. The class leader arranged it, so you have to participate as a committee member.”

“How come I didn’t know about it…”

Gong CaiCai said foolishly. I was afraid she was going to expose my lies, so I quickly covered her mouth.

After I dragged Gong CaiCai out of the devil’s nest, I sternly warned her that she wasn’t allowed to participate in the evil cult activities of the Happy Science cult anymore. I also interrogated her and asked whether she had revealed my information to Professor Bai during their talks.

“No, no.”

Gong CaiCai was very frightened and replied while trembling when she saw my slightly angry expression.

“I only told Professor Bai that I like to grow flowers… I didn’t mention a word about Ye Lin classmate, really.”

Gong CaiCai had neither the talent nor the guts to lie, so I couldn’t think of any reason for her to lie.

Unless, of course, she was already controlled by the Happy Science cult and she had to defend the interests of the cult at all times.

I heard all evil cultists had one special characteristic in that they didn’t dare to curse their own cult leader out loud. It could also be used as a means of identifying whether the other party had joined an evil cult.

So I ordered Gong CaiCai: “Don’t leave yet. Repeat after me and then I will believe you.”

Gong CaiCai nodded blankly with a pitiful look.

“Listen carefully, repeat every word without missing a single one. The leader of the Happy Science cult, the Great Sage, is a stupid cunt.”

The color of Gong CaiCai’s face instantly changed.

“Ye, Ye Lin classmate, how can you curse others behind their backs… my mom said that’s not good…”

“Never mind what your mother said, hurry up and repeat what I said.” I urged.

“The the the…… leader of the Happy Science cult, the Great Sage, is… an idiot.”

Finally Gong CaiCai finished the whole sentence with a red face.

I was still a bit unsatisfied, “Didn’t I tell you to call him a stupid cunt, who said you could change it to idiot?”

“Mom said that it’s not to use profanities…” Gong CaiCai said with her head slightly lowered and her eyes upward in an innocent way.

Is that even considered a swear words in this day and age? Xiong YaoYue says it all the time, so by your standards, she’s an awful person.

But then again, Gong CaiCai did curse the leader, which was enough to prove that she hasn’t been completely brainwashed.

If Gong CaiCai was telling the truth, that means she didn’t reveal my personal information to Professor Bai. Then how did Professor Bai know so much?

He even knew about Auntie Ren’s pregnancy, which was something Gong CaiCai didn’t even now.

I felt the need to contact the class leader to clear my mind of doubt.

I waved my hand and told Gong CaiCai to hurry home. Although she was born in a wealthy family, she dominance of a rich woman. She bowed her head to me like a maid and left.

It was 11:30 a.m., but no one answered the class leader’s phone.

This wasn’t normal. The class leader clearly said that during summer vacation, students can ask her for advice and help at any time and her phone was set as a 24 hours hotline.

I called the class leader’s home phone and Shu Zhe answered after three rings.

“What’s going on, where’s your sister?”

I asked in a carefree manner.

“Ye, Bro Ye Lin, is that you?” Shu Zhe voice sounded like he was in a panic, “I was about to call you, something went wrong.”

“Why are you panicking? I have something to tell your sister, so put her on the phone.”

Shu Zhe was silent for a moment.

“Bro Ye Lin, hurry up and come over before my sisters wakes up or things won’t get resolved.”

What, the class leader is still sleeping? I don’t believe it. If you said Xiong YaoYue played games all night and slept until 11:00 the next day, then I would believe you. If you said Ai Mi was in bed until 11:00, then I would believe you, but there’s no way the class leader is still sleeping at 11.

“Bro Ye Lin, to tell you the truth, my sister found out your family sells adult goods…”

That’s nothing, I already came clean to the class leader about that the last time I made it rain condoms at school. The class leader even sympathized with me and said I couldn’t choose my parents’ occupation.

“But… this morning, for some reason, perhaps it was curiosity, but my sister searched for the Happy Valley store online and saw your store page.”

Um… how did the class leader know our store name. Did I accidentally answer the phone with our business greeting once when the class leader called me before?

“That’s not a big deal. It’s a bit embarrassing having adult goods being seen by your sister, but…”

I suddenly had a shock.

Wait, there’s a huge problem! The first page has a picture of Shu Zhe as a rope model, there’s also those leopard print photos.

Even if Shu Zhe wore colored contacts and wig, there’s no way the class leader wouldn’t recognize her brother. She’s even seen her brother cross dressing before.

That’s bad. The class leader originally thought Shu Zhe came to my home to train, so his PE scores would improve. Now that she found out he actually came to promote our store products in humiliating clothing, she will definitely be angry enough to load her gun.

“Don’t tell me your sister found out about your cross dressing photos?” I asked with a trembling voice.

“Yeah.” Shu Zhe replied desperately, “That’s not even the worst part… after my sister found out your store used me as a model,she rushed into my bedroom angrily to question me, but… I was wearing a wig and video chatting with ‘Cilantro Buns’…

Damn it, you idiot, I already told you a long time ago to lock your door when you’re doing something bad. You fucked up because you presumed the class leader wouldn’t intrude into personal space.

“After my sister broke in,Cilantro Buns saw my sister through the video and said ‘you guys are actually twins?’, then I hurried to turn off the chat.”

Cilantro Buns was also looking for trouble. Who cares if they are twins, do you think you’re going to get a threesome?

“I was terrified, so when my sister questioned me, I couldn’t change back from my fake girl voice quick enough. So I replied with a falsetto and my sister almost erupted with anger…”

That’s why I said you don’t need to do the fake voice. After Xiao Li broke up with you, you even used the makeup you were planning to give her on yourself… the changes that you’ve been experiencing lately is second only to directly taking estrogen.

“Um… my sister was so angry, so I pushed all the blame on you. I said you forced me to…”

Do you have a conscience? I did force you a bit at the beginning, but you were the one who was happily wearing women’s clothing later on!

“My sister didn’t fully believe me, so she was planning on calling you to confront me face to face. She even threatened me and said that if I lie, she will tell our parents about everything and have them teach me a lesson…”

That’s right, the class leader finally learned to doubt her brother. But if we did come face to face, I really was partially responsible. In the end, the reason why Shu Zhe developed this strange hobby was because I fanned the flames and basically pushed him in that direction.

“Wait.” I wondered, “Since you said the class leader wanted to call me, then why did she go back to sleep?”

Shu Zhe hesitated for a moment and said, “I thought if my sister confronts you, some of my previous lies will be unraveled. My parents always thought I was an excellent student, so I don’t want them to know about me cross dressing…”

So you only wanted to protect your parents’ image of you? Even if you didn’t cross dress, I don’t think any of your prior actions makes you an excellent student, honestly, you weren’t even a good person.

“After thinking about it, I had no choice but to secretly put some sleeping pills in my sister’s glass of water….”

You you you you, what do you want to do to your own sister? So the the class leader was unconscious because you gave her sleeping pills?

Shu Zhe took a deep breath as if he had made up his mind.

“Bro Ye Lin, we have to drag my sister down with me. I have a few pieces of erotic clothing here from your online store. If my sister wears it and the pictures of her get uploaded to the online store… then she can no longer tell our parents.”

Only you can think of these shitty ideas! How is she going to get changed if she’s unconscious, are you going to take matters into your own hands?

“What are you thinking, of course you’re going to come to change my sister’s clothes, that’s why I called you.”

“Time waits for no one, come quickly, or she will wake up. If you help me, I will keep it a secret even if you secretly take nude photos of my sister as a souvenir.”

Bastard, you think I would join you by selling out your own sister?

Eh, why am I getting a nosebleed, it must be because of the heat…

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