I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl - Chapter 652: Resolution

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Chapter 652: Resolution

After Xiao Qin rescued Ah Xing, I lifted him up by his feet to get all the water out of his stomach. The class leader told me that I should place him face down over my knee, but I thought my own method works quite well.

As the saying goes, “the beautiful suffer unhappy fates”, so the ugly and more wretched ones are more sturdy.

For example, Eunuch Cao Gong has awful physical capabilities and he also often gets beaten, but he has never been beaten to the point of death (not even once).

Ah Xing was brought back to life. After experiencing being savagely rescued by me and Xiao Qin, he had a dull-eyed look as if he was already disillusioned with the world.

“Are you still going to ask for phone numbers?” I tried to probe him out. If he actually became an imbecile due to a prolonged lack of oxygen, I would have to contact Dr. Yu SuiLiang to operate on him.

“No.” Ah Xing shook his head, “Asking for phone numbers is too dangerous, I think it’s better for me to just jerk off.”

Okay, he still knows how to masturbate, so he shouldn’t be a retard. I leave the future of our country in your hands.

Xiao Qin hid behind me and tried to wring her wet clothes as dry as possible. Ah Xing no longer looked at her like she was a “shy beauty”, but rather as a “prehistoric tyrannosaurus”.

Even the three girls on the other side of the river who were causing trouble began to talk quietly about Xiao Qin.

“I didn’t realize it before, but Xiao Qin is so scary when she gets angry. Didn’t she say she was frail and sickly?”

“No wonder she’s Ye Lin’s childhood friend, they’re both matched in terms of brutality…”

“The two are so compatible, why even recognize each other as god-brother and sister, just get married…”

It’s none of your business. If the class leader wasn’t here, I would have scolded you guys till you cry and let’s see if you guys will still cause anymore trouble.

The class leader whispered something to the three girls, seemingly instructing them not to alienate Xiao Qin because of her occasional emotional outbursts. The girls listened to the class leader and said they would never do that.

“Thanks to Xiao Qin, we didn’t become murderers, so we can’t thank her enough.”

“That’s right, it’s because we listened to the class leader so we know Xiao Qin got angry because she suffers from severe androphobia. We aren’t boys, so we won’t make Xiao Qin angry.”

“Um… so the reason Xiao Qin can’t participate in PE is because she was injured when practicing martial arts with her mom as a child. How sad…”

Even if it’s done with good intentions, the class leader probably lied more times today than all of last year.

After I called back Eunuch Cao and asked him to take Ah Xing down the mountain, Xiao Qin really began to ask the class leader for the breast enlargement secret.

“I’m sorry…” the class leader said while blushing, “I don’t have any secrets. I had to lie to you because it was an emergency…”

The class leader and the three other girls walked upstream to a bridge to meet up with us. The three girls surrounded Xiao Qin and asked her a lot of questions. In addition to thank her for saving Ah Xing, they praised her swimming skills and asked if she could teach them kung fu or something.

Xiao Qin ignored her wet clothes and parted the crowd, then directly reached towards the class leader for the secret to breast enlargement.

That’s why the class leader responded like so earlier.

“Class leader, you’re awful.” Xiao Qin pouted, “It’s obvious you have a secret for breast enlargement, but you only want to make your own bigger, and you also went back on your word…”

The class leader wanted to explain, but the three other girls surrounded her again.

“Eh, class leader, if you have a secret recipe, can you also tell us?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t hog it yourself. Class leader, you’re already so pretty, we won’t fight you over a man even if you tell us the secret.”

“Class leader, as long as you tell me the secret, I will voluntarily clean the classroom windows for a semester.”

The class leader was surrounded by Xiao Qin and the three girls and was embarrassed to ask me for help because of the topic of conversation.

I temporarily watched Obama for the class leader and put the leash back around his neck.

After teaming up with me, Obama might have thought that I have extraordinary combat power or was at least qualified to be a meat shield, so he became very arrogant. Even if a dragonfly flew past in front of him, he would bare his fangs and bark a few times.

Eunuch Cao came back to escort his “brother”, when he pretended to be surprised and asked Ah Xing: “Brother, what happened?” When the time came, Obama barked at him.

At that time, Ah Xing said to Eunuch Cao: “The “pick up girls guide” e-book is quite harmful. I only wanted to learn to pick up…”

Before he finished his sentence, Obama jumped up trying to bite them and it scared the two vulgar boys and they ran down the mountain.

Obama, who did not intend to go after them, stood in place with a satisfied expression.

“Xiao Qin, forget about the secret recipe for now.” The class leader struggled free from the crowd, “Your clothes are all wet and you used a lot of strength to save someone. How about, let Ye Lin send you back to the hotel first, change clothes, then get a good rest.”

It looked like the class leader was planning to take Xiao Qin back herself, but she didn’t want to leave her duty, so she could only pass the job to me.

She also wanted me to take Obama down along with Xiao Qin. She felt like she was playing too much with the dog which gave the girls an opportunity to slip away and almost cause a major accident.

It was rare to be with a dog that was not afraid of her, so she found it difficult to part ways. The class leader’s eyes were filled with a sense of responsibility, but she also looked reluctant to part ways.

“Class leader, this is Ai Mi’s dog, so there will be another chance later.” I reassured her, “The next time I go to Qing Zi Academy, you can come with me to see the dog.”

The class leader didn’t reply, probably because she was worried that she was not very popular with Ai Mi and would not be welcomed if she went uninvited.

After we told each other to stay safe, we split into two groups with Xiao Qin, me, and Obama going down, and the class leader and the other three girls going up.

We returned to the hotel at about 10:30 a.m. The heat of the sun was picking up and Xiao Qin’s wet clothes were already half dry.

But she still took a shower and changed into new clothes. Although hot water was not supposed to be provided at the hotel at this hour, I talked to the principal and said that I would pay for the hot water separately and hoped he would make an exception.

The principal said that I was a charitable person who had donated to the special education school like Peng TouSi, so it was impossible to charge me and he happily turned on the hot water for Xiao Qin alone.

In any case, Xiao Qin and I were both sleep deprived and today we were involved in a physically demanding event. After Xiao Qin took a shower and changed clothes, she became drowsy after lying on her bed.

“Oh no, my straw hat…”

Xiao Qin only then realized it was missing. She probably threw it somewhere during the rescue.

“Forget it, if you like straw hats, I’ll buy you another one when we go back.” I sat by Xiao Qin’s bed to comfort her.

In fact, I felt worse than her when she lost the straw hat.

The straw hat does not matter, it’s not like it would prove she’s the pirate king. However, the unknown chemical coating on the straw hat once attracted the rare blue morpho!

It wasn’t an ordinary blue morpho, but the blue Moore Armenian butterfly, also known as “Yamete”. A rich businessman offered to pay $500,000 to buy it.

“Ah~~ so sleepy~~” Xiao Qin yawned while lying on the bed, “Ye Lin classmate is also sleepy too, right? Why not sleep together while the other students are still on top of the mountain…”

Xiao Qin was not trying to seduce me, she simply hoped I would sleep with her like today morning while we were on the mountain. It seems she sleeps especially peaceful when she sleeps next to her.

That would not work. What if you got a habit of only being able to fall asleep if I was next to you, then would I have to sleep with you everyday?

Xiao Qin gradually closed her eyes as we spoke and reached out like she wanted to hug my arm.

I guess I had no choice but to lend her my arm for a bit. I’ll take it back once she falls asleep.

I tied Obama up under Winnie’s bed and told him not to make a sound. He nodded, then opened his mouth wide to show I had to buy some food to bribe him.

I did not have any of the class leader’s “Texas Jerky” dog snacks at hand, so I pointed to the half plate of sunflower seeds probably left behind by Winnie.

Obama showed an expression of disgust.

I remembered Eunuch Cao had some dried donkey meat in his backpack, so I planned to go back to the room to look for it, so that Obama would not bark and wake up Xiao Qin.

But Xiao Qin pulled my arm in her sleep and wouldn’t let me go. After thinking about it, I had to take off my white class t-shirt and let Xiao Qin hold it instead of my arm.

Xiao Qin crumpled my t-shirt into a ball and seemed to be smelling it.

I gently opened the door and went back to my room topless to get clothes and jerky. I did not realize that the seemingly peaceful atmosphere in the hotel earlier at noon was a facade.

The real situation: the two entomologists who fought yesterday each called for people to help them catch the blue morpho. As a result, the news leaked out this morning, so there were already more than 40 cars madly driving to the usually empty Cui Song Mountain, where a bloodbath was about to start over a $500,000 reward…

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