I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1599 - Forget Her Soon

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Chapter 1599: Forget Her Soon

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“Just say it.” Gong Zeli raised an eyebrow impatiently. “I hate it when people stammer to me.”

“…Alright, I’ll get straight to the point.” Yan Shaoqing wasn’t someone who liked to beat around the bush. “Fourth Bro, did you see the news about you and Sis-in-law on Weibo?

“Do you know… what the netizens said about you two?”

Gong Zeli narrowed his eyes. “Mm, I’ve seen it.”

“You’ve seen it? What do you think?”

“What do I think?” Gong Zeli pursed his lips and sounded nonchalant. “What they said isn’t true, why bother?”

Yan Shaoqing said, “We all know that those things aren’t true. But, do you think it’s good to let others spread rumors about you and Sis-in-law? If Second Bro sees that, do you think he won’t have any thoughts?”

“Then, what do you want me to do?” Gong Zeli got up and walked to the French window. He pulled the curtains open and let some sunlight shine into the room. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the world outside. “Send a Weibo message to clarify, or call Ah Si to explain?”

Yan Shaoqing was speechless.

“Fourth Bro, I just feel that you should interact less with Sis-in-law in the future. You shouldn’t meet her so often. As time passes, you might… be able to like her less. In the video taken online, your reaction was really too extreme. No wonder the netizens thought too much.

“Even the netizens think too much. What do you think of Second Bro?

“If you think this is difficult, I’ll find a few more beauties to distract you?”

“No need.”

Gong Zeli rejected Yan Shaoqing’s suggestion.

He frowned and said unhappily, “I’m not interested in those women now.”

It was only now that Gong Zeli realized that liking someone meant losing all interest in the opposite sex.

He didn’t want to know another woman.

His mind and heart were filled with one person.

He couldn’t leave any space for anyone else.

He even felt disgusted whenever he recalled his past.

“But you…”

“I know how to handle my own matters. Do you have anything else?”


“I’ll hang up, then.”

“…Alright, I’ve already said what I needed to say. Since you know what to do, I won’t continue. Let me say it one last time. Fourth Bro, you really don’t have any feelings for Sis-in-law. Just forget her.”

Yan Shaoqing hung up.

Gong Zeli listened to the disconnected tone on his cell phone and looked out the window at the tall buildings, cars, and pedestrians. He stood by the French window for a long time.

Forget her.

It was easy to say.

He had tried it before.

But how could he forget her so easily?

Later on, Huan Yu’s official Weibo posted a clarification.

The statement said that Qiao Mianmian was in danger and Gong Zeli helped her out of it. The two of them appearing at the same KTV was also a coincidence. It wasn’t prearranged. The netizens weren’t to spread rumors. Otherwise, Huan Yu would sue the Weibo accounts that created serious rumors.

Not long after Huan Yu’s statement was released, Gong Corporation’s official Weibo also posted a statement. It was basically the same as what Huan Yu said.

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