I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 1600 - He Wasn’t a Bad Person

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Chapter 1600: He Wasn’t a Bad Person

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They said that Gong Zeli helped his friend out because he saw she was being bullied.

Then, the KTV staff also posted on Weibo to clarify what happened.

“I was the waiter in charge of the private room service that night. I saw that Miss Qiao was harassed by a male customer at that time. She wanted to leave, but that male customer used violence to force her to stay and even wanted to do something bad to her. Young Master Gong saw that Miss Qiao was being bullied and went up to help. It was that male customer who kept attacking Young Master Gong, so Young Master Gong attacked him.

“Young Master Gong was trying to stop him. He didn’t mean to hurt him.”

A few minutes later.

Someone revealed Boss Huang’s identity.

At the same time, it also revealed that Boss Huang used his identity to sleep with the female artistes under his company.

It also included Boss Huang’s special hobbies.

And how he ruined a few female artistes.

Public opinion instantly changed.

“Damn, that Boss Huang is too perverted and disgusting. Thankfully, Young Master Gong appeared in time. If Qiao Mianmian landed in his hands, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

“I can prove that the news is true. That Boss Huang is really perverted. I heard from one of my sisters that she met him during an audition. He got her assistant to hint to my sister that if she wanted to pass the audition, she should go to the hotel to look for him.

“Of course, my sister didn’t go, but a girl with my sister went. She came back the next day covered in bruises.

“Young Master Gong has to teach this black sheep a lesson. He deserves it.”

“Everyone says that Gong Zeli has a bad temper and disregards his family when he’s sick. Actually, there are only two cases of him hitting someone. When he was young, he didn’t hit his classmate for no reason. I heard that it was because a male classmate bullied a girl, and he couldn’t bear to watch it. Speaking of which, it’s about the same reason as this time. He hit him because he helped someone else.”

“I’ve heard about that. A friend of mine used to be in the same school as Gong Zeli. She said the same thing as you. Gong Zeli hit that boy because he wanted to help a girl in the class.”

“Wow, so Gong Zeli is a good man.”

“He’s not a bad person, to begin with. It’s just that many people are jealous and afraid of him because of his good family background. That’s why there are so many bad rumors about him. Compared to those profligate sons who rely on their family background to be lawless, he’s considered pretty good among the rich.”

“In that case, he’s a very righteous person. Shouldn’t those who spread rumors about him and Qiao Mianmian delete their posts?”

Many netizens who claimed to be from the same school and class as Gong Zeli appeared and said that he had a strong sense of justice since he was little and liked to fight for justice.

He helped Qiao Mianmian partly because she was his friend.

On the other hand, he couldn’t bear to see girls being bullied by men.

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