I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 2276 - This Shameless B*tch!

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Chapter 2276: This Shameless B*tch!

Her eyes were filled with daggers, and she wanted to stab Jiang Luoli to death. “Why are you playing dumb with me? Did you make Shixiu withdraw from the election?

“You jinx. Ever since he got together with you, Shixiu has never been well. It’s fine if your family background isn’t good enough, but seeing that you’re carrying the Mo family’s heir, I reluctantly accepted you. I originally thought that if you lived a peaceful life, I wouldn’t have to make things difficult for you. But you actually dared to interfere in Shixiu’s future, bewitching him into quitting the election. I definitely can’t tolerate you!

“Even if Shixiu is here, I’ll still punish you!”

Before Jiang Luo could say anything, Madam Mo tried to slap her again.

Jiang Luoli didn’t expect Madam Mo to hit her again.

Of course, she wouldn’t just stand there and let Madam Mo slap her again.

Hence, she avoided her slap.

Seeing that Jiang Luoli still dared to dodge, Madam Mo got even angrier.

This shameless slut!

She actually wanted to destroy her son!

Her son was going to do big things in the future, how could he be ruined by a vixen?

Madam Mo was trembling with anger. She gritted her teeth and ordered a housemaid, “Arrest her. I want to teach her a lesson.”

The housemaid stood still and hesitated.

Although they didn’t dare to disobey Madam Mo’s orders, the person she was telling them to catch was Young Madam.

Young Madam was pregnant. If anything happened, Young Master wouldn’t let them off.

But if they offended Madam Mo, they wouldn’t have a good ending.

Just as the housemaid was at a loss, Sister Lin walked into the living room.

The housemaids instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Madam, what’s wrong?” Sister Lin smelled the smoke in the air and saw Madam Mo’s furious expression. She hurriedly walked to Jiang Luoli and stood in front of her.

Seeing the red fingerprint on Jiang Luoli’s cheek, Sister Lin was shocked. She didn’t dare to imagine what Mo Shixiu would do when he returned and saw that Jiang Luoli had been hit.

Mo Shixiu reminded her every day to take good care of Jiang Luoli.

But now, Jiang Luoli was hit.

“Madam, calm down first. Eldest Madam is carrying the Mo family’s bloodline now, Madam’s grandson. Madam, no matter what, you can’t touch Eldest Madam.

“If anything happens to Young Madam, I’m afraid I won’t be able to explain it to Young Master. Madam, you know Young Master’s personality.”

“Sister Lin, are you threatening me?” Madam Mo’s face was pale. “Don’t forget who’s the true master of the Mo family. Are you going against me for a vixen?”

Sister Lin’s expression changed. “Madam, of course I don’t dare to go against you. Eldest Young Madam is First Young Master’s legal wife, your legal daughter-in-law. I’m afraid it’s a little inappropriate to address her as a vixen.”

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