Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1040 - Laws

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Chapter 1040: Laws

The spiritual Qi in the Small Dragons’ World was dense, and the sky was as clear as jade.

Soon, the goshawk was wearing the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit. Its dantian emitted a dense light, and the blood in its body was boiling hot.

A powerful aura soared into the sky and in an instant, the sky darkened. It was as dark as ink, and the black clouds surged as if they had sucked in all the light in the sky. A terrifying pressure fell from the sky and pressed down on everyone’s shoulders.

Ou Yangming did not even frown when he felt this pressure.

The corners of his mouth curled up. “So weak…”

After the battle against Li Xin, he had been sublimated. It was an all-around improvement from the inside out.

At this moment, there were very few people in Danzhou, Zhangzhou, and even the Big Ruins who could fight against Ou Yangming. Even if they were top-grade Venerable Ones, they would be defeated by him in one blow.

That was because the combination of the Heavenly Phoenix Fire and the Devouring Power surpassed that of Venerable Ones.

It was the path of Yin and Yang, and it was the law.

All of a sudden, the sound of muffled thunder was heard. Following a boom, a thunderbolt as wide as a bucket fell from the sky. White lights connected and surged like rain.

Nonetheless, the Earthly Formation Boards flashed and easily blocked it.

The whole world instantly fell silent. Then, a second electric arc flashed.

King Kong and Ou Yangming stood outside the range of the Heavenly Disaster. They exchanged a look and said in a low voice, “Thunderbolts Fall Like Rain!”

As its name suggested, thunderbolts fell like rain, They were like silk, and they were dense, majestic, and endless.

“Crack!” A sound was heard, and only a crack appeared on the Earthly Formation Boards as it blocked the thunderbolts again.

The third, the fourth, and the fifth.

With the help of the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit and the Earthly Formation Boards, the goshawk survived the Heavenly Disaster safely. There were no ups and downs, and the process was stable.

Even so, in terms of potential, the goshawk was slightly inferior to Multi-armed King Kong. After all, it had only survived 5 Heavenly Thunderbolts. If he had not made a contract with Ou Yangming, it would have only survived 4 Heavenly Thunderbolts at most.

The thunderclouds in the sky slowly dispersed as if what happened earlier was just a dream.

With that, the sky was clear and blue again like a sea without waves.

The goshawk calmly meditated, carefully comprehending the profoundness within.

After becoming a Venerable One, the biggest change was the transformation of its dantian into a lake. The spiritual Qi in his body was abundant to an indescribable level. When a Spiritualist attacked, one would be tainted by the Qi of Heaven and Earth; when a Venerable One attacked, every casual attack carried the universe’s power.

Ou Yangming looked at the goshawk, which was in a state of silence, and wondered, “Now, given the strength that we have, we can be considered a mighty clan in the Spiritual Realm, right?”

Indeed, that was the truth. The power in Ou Yangming’s hands at the moment was remarkable.

He had the 10,000 Beasts Sect and the 10,000 Beasts Ridge as his backers, and the 2 beasts with soul contracts with him had passed the Heavenly Disaster.

Moreover, as long as he said a word, He Jian would surely step on his sword and come. The old man would follow his conviction with his sword.

The most important thing was Ou Yangming’s own strength. After all, suppressing all enemies in the world was not just empty words.

Just as Ou Yangming was deep in thought, the Dragons’ relic was fully refined by Big Yellow.

In just an instant, the aura on Big Yellow’s body became ethereal. It was like clouds, mist, water, and waves. It reached a state that was difficult to describe. The big yellow dog’s eyes seemed to contain all the worlds in the universe, and they were changing rapidly.

A bright light flashed in its eyes, and it clapped its paws forward. It roared softly, “Using the Dragons’ relic as a guide, I’ll illuminate myself, understand the great path, and comprehend the universe.”

As soon as it finished, the sky in the Dragons’ World shook, and a ripple spread out.

A mysterious and wonderful aura rippled in all directions with Big Yellow as its core.

It was absorbing the energy of this world, comprehending the supreme path, and obtaining the supreme fruit.

At this moment, the world changed in front of Ou Yangming. It became magical and difficult to describe.

Countless threads interweaved together, twining toward Big Yellow. Grass, wood, gravel, river water, heaven, and earth… Everything was formed by these threads. These were the laws—the operating rules of the Dragons’ World.

If Ou Yangming had not seen the poisonous pill evolving into a world, he would not have seen this.

At this moment, something odd happened.

The Long Feather Band and other treasures from the Phoenixes seemed to have sensed something and began to tremble violently. They emitted seven-colored multicolored lights that reflected off the sky.

The lights enveloped the sky then flew out and landed beside Lil’ Red after a while.

Lil’ Red was first startled. Subsequently, it sensed something and said in a sharp voice, “This… This aura—the Small Phoenixes’ World?”

At this moment, even with its frivolous nature, its eyes revealed wild joy. After all, even if it was a small world, it was still a world, and in this world, it was a god. Furthermore, after comprehending the laws of this world, it would be unimaginably beneficial for it to comprehend the laws in the Great Wide World.

Lil’ Red smiled embarrassedly and looked at Ou Yangming with its big eyes.

It said softly, “Lil’ Ming, this…” It had learned this term of address from Big Yellow, and it was obvious that it was trying to get close to Ou Yangming. It also knew that the small world had flown out from Ou Yangming’s Long Feather Band so if one were to really talk about it, it belonged to the young fellow.

“I’ll give it to you.” Ou Yangming waved his hand generously.

He already had the poisonous pill’s world, which had great growth potential and was even stronger than the Dragons’ World and the Phoenixes’ World.

When Lil’ Red heard this, even its breathing quickened. An embarrassed look appeared on its face. After a long while, it nodded solemnly.

It flapped its wings, and a proud phoenix cry came out of its mouth. Before it could finish, a drop of blood essence flew out of its mouth and landed on the Small Phoenixes’ World.

A seven-colored light radiated from its body. Its understanding of the great path was constantly changing, and it was growing at an incredible speed.

This kind of amazing fortune was rarely seen even in 10,000 years.

Ou Yangming felt the power of the laws of these 2 worlds and looked at King Kong with a solemn expression. “King Kong, sense them well. This kind of opportunity is too precious. Maybe you can use this opportunity to break through. If you take a step back, you can also comprehend the great path and lay a solid foundation for taking that step in the future.”

King Kong said with a respectful look and a sincere voice, “Thank you for your advice, Master…”

Ou Yangming shook his head with a smile. “This is also your good luck.”

King Kong walked to Ou Yangming’s side and lowered its head, saying, “In this life, being able to recognize you as my master is my greatest luck, Master. Otherwise, with my talent, it would’ve been impossible for me to have become a Venerable One.”

“Did you learn to be smart?” Ou Yangming jokingly scolded.

“Hehe, Big Yellow taught me.” King Kong scratched its head in an honest manner, making it look harmless.

Who would have thought that this seemingly simple and honest big guy would be ruthless when it attacked and would not take a step back?

Ou Yangming smiled and did not say anything. He sat cross-legged, feeling the completely different powers of laws between the two worlds. He compared them to that of the poisonous pill’s world, taking the opportunity to perfect the laws in there.

All kinds of mysterious paths were entrenched in Ou Yangming’s mind. They were compared with each other, where the young fellow then took the essences and removed the dregs.

At this moment, the poisonous pill’s world was turning upside down. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

The ground seemed to be extending outward without any boundaries. It stirred up whirlwinds that swept into the sky.

Mountain peaks rose one after another. Just by looking at their foundations, one could tell that they were heavy and majestic.

Soon enough, mountains, grasslands, hills, plains, and rivers with rapid currents appeared quickly.

The most shocking thing was that stars appeared in the sky. Under the guidance of the Dragons’ World and the Phoenixes’ World, the poisonous pill’s world evolved at an incredible speed. It became majestic and heavy.

After an unknown time—an instant or an eternity…

With a flash of thought, Ou Yangming poured the powers of the Dragons and the Phoenixes into the poisonous pill’s world to maintain the balance between Yin and Yang.

He silently chanted in his heart, ‘With life as the beginning and all things as the cause, wind—rise!’

Indeed, the wind rose. The poisonous pill’s world stretched to an unknown distance—at least thousands of kilometers.

A gentle breeze swept across the land and with a blow, life appeared on the land. It was some low-level life, but it also meant that the poisonous pill’s world had gradually evolved into a real world.

Of course, this was also thanks to the powers of the Small Dragons’ World and the Small Phoenixes’ World.

If Ou Yangming was alone, it would probably take him hundreds or thousands of years to evolve the world.

At this moment, Ou Yangming’s mind entered chaos. He was neither happy nor sad, and he patrolled the poisonous pill’s world as a creator.

He saw antelopes, and he saw a hungry wolf biting an antelope’s neck.

The scene was very bloody, but Ou Yangming’s heart did not waver at all.

This was truly a calm scene. At this moment, his mind was empty as he merged into the poisonous pill’s world.

The lush flowers, flying insects, and all kinds of exotic beasts—whether they lived or died, it all depended on one thought.

At this time, Ou Yangming’s understanding of path and reason increased at a notable speed.

What was the heavenly path? It was ruthless.

What was reincarnation? It was ruthless.

Ou Yangming gained a deeper understanding of ruthlessness.

The poisonous pill’s world continued to expand to become bigger.

After an hour, it finally stopped.

The green Qi that had evolved from everything in the starry sky suddenly reversed and surged into Ou Yangming’s body.

This was feedback—a gift.

With the poisonous pill’s world, Ou Yangming had become invincible.

If he was forced into a corner, how terrifying would it be if he borrowed the power of the poisonous pill’s world?

The energy level of the green Qi that was fed back to Ou Yangming was great. In the blink of an eye, his mental power began to soar, directly condensing into a corporeal form, and it did not stop.

This power was very different from what was fed back from the head. To put it in layman’s terms, it was easy to absorb and did not have any side effects.

1 breath, 2 breaths, 3 breaths…

After a few days, Ou Yangming slowly opened his eyes.

The world in front of him was different. He could see some fine threads. They were blurry, but he could sense that this was the great path. This was the operating rule of this world.

This world had not changed. What changed was Ou Yangming’s vision and level.

Big Yellow and Lil’ Red opened their eyes at the same time. They were pleasantly surprised. It was obvious that they had gained a lot.

Soon after, Big Yellow’s tribulation to become a Venerable One arrived.

However, it looked at the sky and calmly uttered the word “disperse”. With that, the Heavenly Disaster dispersed with an explosion.

In the Small Dragons’ World, it was the sky.

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