Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1041 - The Power of Laws

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Chapter 1041: The Power of Laws

King Kong’s eyes opened, shining brightly.

Its cultivation base shook Heaven and Earth as it advanced once again.

It took a step and landed beside Big Yellow, then it grinned and asked, “Big Yellow, the Thunderbolt Disaster? Why… Why did it disperse?”

Big Yellow opened its mouth and smiled. “I asked it to disperse so how could it not disperse?” As it said that, it shook its head a little, its face full of pride.

King Kong touched the spot between its eyebrows and did not say anything.

The goshawk flapped its wings at the side. Previously, it had borrowed that mysterious power to directly stabilize its boundary as a Venerable One. It was not greatly beneficial, but it was not insignificant either.

Ou Yangming’s eyes were smiling, and his gaze became serious. He said softly, “Big Yellow, Lil’ Red, communicate with the origin powers of the Dragons’ World and the Phoenixes’ World. I’ll compare them with my body.”

The 2 beasts naturally would not object to it. With a thought, mysterious auras spread out from their bodies.

They were chaos and were like Yin and Yang—incomparably mysterious.

At the same time, endless lines appeared in Ou Yangming’s mind.

Some of them were short, some were long, some were hard to understand, and some were illusory and hard to find.

Ou Yangming’s eyes lost focus, but his mind was clear like never before.

His head sank slightly, and his body appeared in a starry sky. Starlights shone on his body, and they were mysterious and distant.

Ou Yangming looked up at the sky. He discovered that the starry sky was divided into 3 parts.

The first part was the laws of the Dragons’ World.

The second part was the laws of the Phoenixes’ World.

The third part was the laws of the poisonous pill’s world.

Nonetheless, the 3,000 paths and the 3,000 laws had the same goal.

With a flash of thought, Ou Yangming arrived in the starry sky. He raised his hand and touched lightly, but the path in front of him slipped through his fingers like sand.

Once, twice, thrice…

He did not know how many times he had tried but gradually, he became more anxious.

The more the young fellow wanted to hold on, the further away he was from it.

Even the shape of the lines became blurred.

This corresponded to a saying where the more one wanted something, and the more one wanted to hold on to it, the further it would be. The more one wanted something, the more one could not get it.

The biggest taboo in pursuing the path was the heart of gain and loss.

As time passed, even the poisonous pill’s world’s great path was getting further away from Ou Yangming.

“What’s going on?” Ou Yangming kept questioning himself.

‘I can’t ask for it, I can’t ask for it…’ He warned himself internally. With this thought, the heart of gain and loss weakened. He was like a fallen leaf that flowed down the river. He saw the prosperity of the world and experienced the vicissitudes of the world. He was also like a little grass growing on the top of a mountain, unyielding even after experiencing the wind and rain. There was no gain, no loss, no joy, no sorrow. All kinds of things in the mortal world were abandoned.

His aura became peaceful as if it could accommodate all things.

The lines in the starry sky became real again, and he could grab them with his hand.

Even so, Ou Yangming did not grab them this time. He pointed with his right hand and uttered in a low voice, “Condense!”

With that, the starry sky seemed to be stirred by a pair of big hands. Wherever Ou Yangming pointed, the areas around it collapsed, and the lines condensed toward the center.

They turned into a line that was neither black nor white. This was the path of balance between Yin and Yang. At this time, Ou Yangming completely understood this law.

Ou Yangming raised his hand and clenched it, then the thin line fused into his body. At the same time, his right eye turned pitch-black and deep like a spinning black vortex. It carried a pressure that made one’s hearts palpitate. It was as if this eye contained a bloody black world.

As for his left eye, it was transparent and contained light. Just one look was enough to dispel all darkness.

After an hour, Ou Yangming gently exhaled. The starry world in front of him was torn apart.

Lil’ Red opened its eyes and jumped onto his shoulder to stroke its feathers.

It asked mysteriously, “Did you take that step?”

“No.” Ou Yangming shook his head.

Only then did Lil’ Red let out a long sigh of relief. It had known Ou Yangming for a very long time. When they met, it had become a Venerable One, and it was still the same at this time. If the young fellow took that step so easily, its self-esteem would not be able to take it. As such, it felt better and thought, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine. As long as I cultivate seriously and obtain the Small Phoenixes’ World, I’ll surely be able to take that step ahead of time.

‘Hmph, no matter what, I can’t be inferior to him. Otherwise, where would my reputation go?’

“But I comprehended a law,” Ou Yangming continued. He did not have any intention of showing off, but it was hard to believe what he said.

Lil’ Red’s face was filled with shock as it lowered its arrogant head.

After a moment, it asked unwillingly, “What law?”

“The path of Yin and Yang’s balance.” Ou Yangming’s face was calm. His voice was unruffled.

“Hiss…” Lil’ Red was stunned. It looked at him as if he was a monster. It was speechless and could not say a word. The path of Yin and Yang’s balance could only be comprehended by 1 in 10,000 people even in the Great Wide World. It was one of the top great paths, and its future was limitless.

It was worth noting that Ou Yangming’s comprehension of the path of Yin and Yang was not without basis.

First, during his fight against Li Xin, the Heavenly Phoenix Fire and the Dragons’ power merged and turned into a Yin-Yang diagram.

Moreover, he used the origin powers of the 3 small worlds as his foundation.

It was reasonable that he managed to fathom such a great path.

Of course, the most important thing was Ou Yangming’s amazing comprehension.

Big Yellow, the goshawk, and the king kong secretly glanced at Lil’ Red. They did not understand what the path of Yin and Yang represented, but it sounded like something incredible. They looked at Ou Yangming with burning eyes.

The big yellow dog’s mouth curled up, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth.

It chuckled and asked, “Lil’ Ming then aren’t you already invincible in the Spiritual Realm?”

Ou Yangming’s finger gently tapped on the center of his eyebrows, and he jokingly scolded, “Don’t talk nonsense. The Spiritual Realm’s massive, and no one knows how many hidden capable people there are. If you carry on with your attitude, you’ll suffer.”

Big Yellow stuck out its tongue and muttered, “I understand.” Despite that, it did not look like it was bothered. After obtaining the Dragons’ World and becoming a Venerable One, it had been reborn. Since it broke out of its cocoon and became a butterfly, it would naturally be a bit arrogant. Even the goshawk was the same.

Ou Yangming secretly sighed but did not say much.

He said softly, “Let’s go!”

Big Yellow waved its paw forward and released a strange magic skill. It roared softly, “Withdraw!”

In an instant, the Small Dragons’ World turned into a light spot and merged into the Dragons’ relic. Big Yellow then squeezed its paw and imitated Ou Yangming’s actions. It turned the relic into a ring.

Later, the young fellow and the 4 beasts appeared above the altar out of thin air.

The sky had cleared up. The Sun was setting, and golden light filled the earth.

By then, the strong smell of blood in the air had been washed away by the heavy rain, and there was no trace of blood at all.

Ou Yangming flew in the air. The aura on his body was indistinct, and he had fully merged into this world. Every word, every action, and every movement from him was tainted with path conception.

He hesitated for a moment, then he looked at the clouds in the distance.

At the spur of the moment, an aged voice was heard. “Master, have you comprehended a law?” There was a hint of surprise and disbelief in the voice. It came from the Wutong Tree.

“Yes!” Ou Yangming responded in his spiritual world.

Previously, when he comprehended the power of laws, he had vaguely sensed a powerful aura that carried a sense of closeness.

However, due to the barrier from the Dragons’ World, he was unable to determine who it was. He never thought that it was the Wutong Tree.

Presumably, it made sense. After all, the Wutong Tree had lived in that secret realm for countless years, so its strength must be unmatched.

When the Wutong Tree heard him, it immediately transmitted its voice in pleasant surprise. “Master, you only need 600 to 700 years at most to leave your mark on me when you return to the secret realm…”

Ou Yangming rolled his eyes. 600 to 700 years.

After thinking for a moment, he replied in a low voice, “I’ll come right away.”

He thought that since he had comprehended the power of laws and possessed the poisonous pill’s world, he should be able to keep the Wutong Tree into that world. This way, the Wutong Tree would not need to be trapped in the secret realm anymore, which was why the young fellow was prepared to make a trip there. Besides, this would also be beneficial to the poisonous pill’s world.

Ou Yangming took a deep breath and said softly, “Let’s go.”

Before he finished, the 5 Venerable Ones turned into light streams and soared into the sky.

Their auras stirred the void, and the spiritual Qi in the sky violently shook.

The spirit beasts in the mountain range trembled, and they did not even dare to raise their heads. It seemed that as long as the Venerable Ones looked at them, their souls would be scattered.

In the secret realm.

The leaves of the Wutong Tree were luxuriant, and it was several kilometers long. Standing close by, it was as if one was looking at a tree wall and could see that it was covered with old bark.

Just as Ou Yangming’s gaze was fixed on it, the bark quickly twisted and turned into an old face. A weird look appeared in its eyes. It closed its eyes, and all the branches and leaves on it began to shake as it asked respectfully, “Master, you… You comprehended a law as a Venerable One?” At this point, it felt that it had made the right decision. Very few people could comprehend laws even if they took that step, let alone one who was only a Venerable One. It was a pleasant surprise.

Indeed, it was a pleasant surprise.

“I was lucky, I was lucky.” Ou Yangming waved his hand.

The Wutong Tree gritted its teeth and asked again, “Which law did you comprehend, Master?” Its old eyes flashed with a bright light, faintly revealing a hint of anticipation.

“The path of Yin and Yang’s balance.” Ou Yangming’s voice was calm.

“Hiss…” Despite the Wutong Tree’s temperament, its heart was in turmoil.

Its leaves shook violently, making rustling sounds.

The antelope, which was planting herbs by the side, was even more stunned. There was only one thought left in its mind. ‘How’s that possible?’ It did not know what kind of law that was but judging from the Wutong Tree’s expression, it knew it was not simple. Of course, what shocked it even more was that Ou Yangming and his companions had all flown over. What did it mean? It could only mean that they were all Venerable Ones.

When the antelope first met Ou Yangming, his cultivation base was even lower than its. Now, he had become a Venerable One. This was simply nonsense.

Furthermore, the antelope also discovered that the other Venerable Ones looked at Ou Yangming with respect, and it also noticed a hint of reverence in the goshawk’s eyes.

‘Good heavens, how great is this?’

It was worth noting that the antelope regarded even Advanced Spiritualists as beings that could not be contended with, let alone Venerable Ones.

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