Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1224 - Begging for Mercy

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Chapter 1224: Begging for Mercy

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After leaving Butterfly City, Ou Yangming prepared to take out his flying boat and leave with Ni Yinghong.

All of a sudden, he raised his eyelids slightly and looked in a direction.

“What’s wrong?” Ni Yinghong was a little surprised.

Ou Yangming withdrew his gaze and said indifferently, “Some people who aren’t afraid of death have followed me here. I think they should be coming for me.”

Upon hearing Ou Yangming’s words, Ni Yinghong’s expression turned cold. He asked doubtfully, “You’ve just returned. Why is someone targeting you?”

“Didn’t I chase away a despicable bug for you just now?” Ou Yangming had a smile on the corner of his mouth. Those people thought that they had concealed themselves well, but they did not know that Ou Yangming had seen their every move clearly.

“You’re talking about people from the Mu family!” Ni Yinghong’s eyes were cold.

‘That guy’s really haunting.’

“Who else could it be?” Ou Yangming said with disdain, “Let’s go. I hope they won’t be so stupid to come out and provoke me.”

Ni Yinghong was not worried about Ou Yangming. In this small Spiritual Realm, he was already an invincible existence. Even the most powerful Venerable One probably could not block a move from him. As for the Mu family, they were nothing more than clowns. Even Ni Yinghong did not like them, let alone Ou Yangming.

Outside the city wall, in a pine forest a few hundred meters away.

More than a dozen black-clothed men stared at the two with cold eyes. The elegant young master beside them was Young Master Mu.

Unlike at the square not long ago, Young Master Mu’s face was gloomy at this moment. He looked at Ou Yangming coldly.

Seeing the two gradually walking over, he said in a deep voice, “Be more decisive later. Don’t expose the Mu family’s identity. Also, just kill that young fella. As for Master Ni, try not to let her get hurt.”

“Yes, Eldest Young Master,” several men in black said at the same time.

The Mu family also had a sense of propriety. Killing an ordinary young fellow to vent their anger was nothing but if they hurt Master Ni, who was related to the Yangming Chamber of Commerce, it would be big trouble.

Soon, the distance between them was getting closer.

Young Master Mu looked at the face that was gradually becoming clearer. He clenched his fists and shouted coldly, “Do it!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

More than a dozen people jumped quickly in the forest and quickly rushed out. Each of these people was an Intermediate Spiritualist, and they were the most elite of the Mu family. Killing an ordinary person was a piece of cake to Young Master Mu.

Ou Yangming and Ni Yinghong had no intention of escaping. They quietly watched the black-clothed men rushing toward them.

Very soon, the black-clothed men surrounded them from two directions.

They were not far from the city gate. The soldiers of Butterfly City on the city wall also saw this. They had no intention of intervening as if they were watching a show.

If the men were to kill people in the city, they naturally would not allow it. Nonetheless, outside the city, it was not their responsibility.

Many of the rich and powerful families in the city would settle their grudges outside the city. This was something that everyone knew. These soldiers, including the general guarding the city, were all people from Butterfly City. They still needed to survive here, so no one would be willing to meddle in other people’s business.

Nevertheless, not participating did not mean that they did not like to watch.

The soldiers on the city wall gathered in groups of 3 or 5. Even the general who had heard the news walked up to the city wall.

Everyone was looking at a distance of a few hundred meters. Even those who had cultivated a little could see it clearly.

“Which family do you think did this? Those people are too fast,” a soldier said in surprise when he noticed those black-clothed men who had suddenly appeared.

Those people from the Mu family were all Intermediate Spiritualists, and they were not something these soldiers guarding the city could compare to.

Another person said, “How could we guess it? They hid their faces to prevent us from guessing. That said, there are only a few families in our city that can bring out so many powerhouses.”

“It could also be the raiders outside. If they make a move, it’s probably because those 2 people have something good on them.”

The soldiers on the city wall were talking coldly. The lives of those 2 people had nothing to do with them.

To them, those 2 people no longer had any hope of escaping. They had seen many such things. Under normal circumstances, since the black-clothed men had chosen to make a move, they would be well prepared. If the people being chased wanted to turn the tables, the hope was very little.

The black-clothed men were already gradually approaching. They had originally surrounded Ou Yangming and Ni Yinghong from two directions because they were afraid that they would escape. They did not expect that the other party would give up.

“Kill him and end this quickly!” A black-clothed man shouted coldly.

All of the black-clothed men moved together. Their target was Ou Yangming. They jumped, and the saber-lights in their hands flickered with cold lights. If these lights struck an ordinary person, they could almost instantly turn that person into meat paste.

A thin sword appeared in Ni Yinghong’s hand. Her face was gloomy. She had long known the origin of these people from Ou Yangming.

“Lend me your sword for a while.” Ou Yangming extended his hand.

Ni Yinghong placed her thin and long Good Grade magic sword in Ou Yangming’s hand. Looking at the scene in the forest, Young Master Mu was a little surprised. He did not expect Master Ni to give her weapon to that young fellow at the critical moment.

‘Isn’t he an ordinary person? My treasure can’t be mistaken!’

For some reason, Young Master Mu felt a little uneasy. It seemed like he had made a mistake somewhere. He would never have thought that Ou Yangming’s strength was beyond his imagination. It was not something that his so-called treasure could detect.

The soldiers on the city wall were also very surprised. At this time, the 2 people did not hurry to escape from the encirclement and even exchanged weapons.

‘Could it be that the young fella’s very strong?’

While they were thinking, Ou Yangming had made his move. The thin sword gently slashed in the air and in an instant, a white sword-light appeared. The surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped by many degrees, and those black-clothed men even felt that their bodies were frozen stiff.


Under the sword-light, the 7 black-clothed men who had rushed over first were instantly cut into two halves. Their bodies were completely frozen, and they were cut into halves without blood flowing out.

“How’s this possible!”

Those black-clothed men who had yet to attack in the air widened their eyes. In just one move, 7 of their companions had died. There were only 12 of them in total.

“Damn it, he’s too strong. We’re no match for him. Run now.”

The black-clothed men were unable to guess this young fellow’s strength. Killing 7 Intermediate Spiritualists with one move proved that Ou Yangming was at least an Advanced Spiritualist at the peak. As for anything above that, they did not even dare to imagine it. Their eldest young master had completely misjudged the other party’s strength.

As such, the remaining black-clothed men did not hesitate and turned around to run. They were scared out of their wits.

Despite that, how could Ou Yangming let them leave so easily? The corners of his mouth curled into a smile. “Since you’re here, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

With a flick of his wrist, a sword-light flew out once again.

The few escaping black-clothed men rolled on the ground, and the surroundings were as quiet as death. The autumn wind blew, and the leaves rustled. The withered yellow leaves fell quietly like abandoned veterans.

In just 2 moves, more than 10 black-clothed men who were Intermediate Spiritualists had died. How frightening was this?

The soldiers on the city wall who were prepared to watch the joke had their mouths wide open. They watched everything in disbelief.

As for the general who was guarding the city, he recalled the cold sword-light. His heart was also shrouded in a chill. That young fellow was too powerful. These men in black were only sending themselves to their deaths.

In the forest, Young Master Mu was struck dumb. He did not dare to believe what he had seen.

All the elites of his family had died here. The other party had only used 2 moves.

‘How’s this possible! How’s this possible! I clearly felt that he’s just an ordinary person!’ Young Master Mu roared crazily in his heart.

Now that those men died, he would have no way of explaining it to his father. Moreover, that young fellow would definitely be able to guess that it was the Mu family who had made the move…

Young Master Mu’s heart was in a mess at this moment. Suddenly, he thought of something and hurriedly left this place. Since the other party did not notice him, he should leave this place as soon as possible. Given that young fellow’s methods, he would not mind killing another person.

Just as the young master was about to leave, he raised his head and glanced at Ou Yangming. The other party happened to be looking at him as well. That gaze, which was not a smile, made his scalp go numb. He instantly felt a chill rise from the soles of his feet.

‘He has discovered me!’ Young Master Mu thought to himself. He did not dare to hesitate. He retracted his gaze and planned to run into the distance. Having said that, his body did not listen to his commands.

His body suddenly became stiff. It was as if there was a huge rock weighing 100 tonnes on his back. He realized that it was difficult for him to even lift his feet.

‘How can this be…’

Young Master Mu’s body trembled, and he felt goosebumps all over his body.

No matter how much he struggled, he could not get rid of the pressure on his body. His body suddenly began to retreat, and his feet rubbed against the ground, dragging out a long path.

“No!” Young Master Mu shouted loudly but everything was useless. When he appeared beside Ou Yangming, he truly felt what despair was like.

“No, you can’t kill me!”

Young Master Mu did not have his usual demeanor at this moment. His body trembled, and he begged for mercy like a wild dog.

Ou Yangming’s expression did not change. Young Master Mu had changed into another person and cried, “Master Ni, please save me. 3 months ago, I helped you in the city. Please…”

“Shut up!” The voice seemed to be filled with ice. Ni Yinghong’s gaze was cold. The young master wanted to kill his husband, yet he dared to beg for mercy.

To Ni Yinghong, since Young Master Mu attacked Ou Yangming, regardless of whether he had the ability or not, it was an unforgivable thing.

Seeing this strange person appear, the soldiers on the city wall were also shocked. “It’s Young Master Mu! How could it be him!”

Compared to Ni Yinghong, who had only been in Butterfly City for 3 months, Young Master Mu was obviously a more familiar face. The Mu family was one of the top families in Butterfly City. Young Master Mu was also famous, so these soldiers had naturally seen him before.

“It’s Young Master Mu. What should we do?”

“Quick, quickly go and tell the Mu family,” the general guarding the city said in a panic.

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