Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 861 - The Illusion Formation’s Changes

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Chapter 861: The Illusion Formation’s Changes

Inside the forest, fearsome roars were continuously heard coming from a certain area.

The sounds were violent, such that one would be frightened, turn pale, and almost lose control of oneself.

Xue Xuanle’s body swayed inside the formation map. She bit her lower lip as though she would fall butt first to the ground at any time.

The giant beast was a top-grade ferocious beast, and it was not inferior to a top-grade spirit beast at all. When it kept roaring at the moment, each time the soundwave moved, it oppressed everything around it with unparalleled power.

Although Xue Xuanle and Ou Yangming were inside the formation map, the former’s cultivation base was too low as she was only a Rudimentary Spiritualist in the early stage.

The sound waves had been weakened by several layers, but she was still greatly affected.

Ou Yangming turned to look at her and shook her head. ‘It’s pleasant to see her here but bringing her into the Forest of Death is the same as bringing a burden here.’

If Xue Xuanle knew what he was thinking, she would be so upset.

In actuality, Rudimentary Spiritualists were not considered notable powerhouses in the Spiritual Realm, but they were definitely not cannon fodders. Even inside the Forest of Death, they were essential powers. The only thing was that Ou Yangming’s field of vision was too high, and he was too lucky.

The vicious beasts that Ou Yangming encountered were either high-rank or top-grade ones, which was why Xue Xuanle seemed more useless.

He flashed toward Xue Xuanle and tapped her shoulder gently.

With that, rich spiritual power surged into her body. The boiling current made her feel much better at once.

Xue Xuanle opened her eyes and looked at Ou Yangming, then she nodded and sat while the power entered her body through her shoulder. The lady was delighted when she sensed the surging energy inside her body.


A wind blew all of a sudden. It was Xueboren, who had gone out to lure the giant leopard.

He looked pale as he was too shocked just now, but he was still excited.

Xue Boren never dared to imagine being able to provoke a top-grade savage beast. He had not only done it at this moment but most importantly, he was still alive! He felt like he was dreaming.

When he looked through the corner of his eyes, he noticed Ou Yangming and Xue Xuanle. He looked at the young fellow’s hand for a split second then looked away as if nothing happened.

He was secretly annoyed at himself. ‘Why didn’t I enter the Illusion Formation’s core circle slightly later?’


Inside the Illusion Formation, the giant leopard’s terrifying roar was heard again.

Xue Boren’s face changed. He sensed a penetrating chill rise from the bottom of his heart again, and he could not move his legs anymore.

‘Who cares if I saw them? I can just pretend that I didn’t see anything. After all, it’s much better than facing that horrifying fella inside the Illusion Formation.’

Ou Yangming was not distracted at all. He had only helped Xue Xuanle as a normal gesture of saving his companion; it was not an inviting move. Nonetheless, his face twitched when he noticed Xue Boren’s rather intentional move.

Even so, he could not ignore Xue Xuanle anymore at this moment.

He continued to channel his spiritual power until the boiling aura inside Xue Xuanle’s body slowly calmed down.

Afterward, he withdrew his hand and smiled faintly. “It’s okay now, so don’t worry.”

Xue Xuanle lowered her head and responded to him softly. She was an adventurous lady with a heroic bearing, but she somehow could not let go of herself in front of Ou Yangming. The young lady thought, ‘I must be having unusual feelings for him because of his saving grace.’

When the fierce giant leopard charged into the mists, it kept roaring valiantly and crashed its body in all directions. Moreover, strong winds also lingered around it. The winds whistled and rustled as though they could destroy Heaven and Earth.

Nevertheless, once the aggressive beast entered the mists, the universe seemed to have changed drastically.

The strong wind was still harsh, but its power had somehow reduced by several times. It could initially cause a catastrophe, but it only formed a small vortex at the moment and was no longer harmful.

Sure enough, Reborn in Paradise had a well-deserved reputation, and Qiu Chengwang’s Illusion Formation was also the best of the best.

It was worth noting that the Illusion Formation could reach out to the universe. Unless one crushed the formation unreasonably as a top-grade Venerable One like the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, normal cultivators could not even release a tenth of their usual powers.

This was the biggest reason Spiritualists could not break free after they were trapped by the illusion.

From the perspective of the giant beast, the world that it was in had turned upside-down. Its view was filled with endless dense mists, and it was scared because it could not sense the all-present dead Qi in the Forest of Death anymore.

It seemed like it had been isolated to another space and was no longer in a familiar place.

Even though the spirit beasts in the Forest of Death could not gain wisdom, their instincts were more concerned about the dead Qi that could be found everywhere here.

When the giant leopard widened its eyes, they were already filled with violence as the unprecedented situation incited the most brutal side of it. Therefore, even when it lost track of its enemies, it still stamped with fury. In particular, the strong wind around it became more intense. Its mightiness had been decreased, but its destructive power was still hair-raising.

Xue Boren found it tough to swallow his saliva. Though he dared not turn to look at Ou Yangming and Xue Xuanle, he could not help but ask, “Brother Tianrui, c-can this formation map… Really trap it?”

Ou Yangming had let go of the formation map’s purview, hence Xue Boren and Xue Xuanle could see the beast’s movements from the core and could also sense the spine-chilling coercion that it released. At this moment, various nodes in the formation map were withstanding the brutality of the strong wind. It looked shaky as if it was going to be ruined at any time.

Once the formation map was ruined…

One could imagine with one’s toes what would happen after that.

This was why even the steady Xue Boren could not help but raise the question.

Ou Yangming looked at the swaying nodes. Xue Boren and Xue Xuanle did not understand formations, thus they only saw that they were moving. Despite that, they appeared to be as steady as a mountain to the young fellow and did not show any signs of being overturned.

This was similar to how a person that could not swim would always think that a boat was shaking and would be overturned. On the other hand, a real sailor would be able to walk steadily as though one was on flat ground.

Ou Yangming turned to look at the pale Xue Boren and the hesitant Xue Xuanle. He said with a smile after some thought, “Since you’re worried, let me get rid of it.”

The young fellow gently waved and triggered a certain node in the formation map. Many white cold blocks of ice emerged out of the blue from the endless mists. The cold ices condensed into blades, which turned to a certain angle to stab the ferocious beast.

While the cold ice blades looked simple, the powers that they carried must not be underestimated.

After all, this formation board was prepared by Reborn in Paradise to go against Venerable Ones. Ou Yangming could not fully unleash its mightiness as he was limited by his strength, but the formation board was more than enough for him to deal with top-grade Spiritualists.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh…”

As ice blades pierced through the air, blood marks were left on the giant leopard.

The faces of Xue Boren and Xue Xuanle changed, and they looked at Ou Yangming in shock.

Ferocious beasts did not have wisdom, but their skins were not less thick than equal-ranked spirit beasts.

Xue Boren and Xue Xuanle were already surprised that Ou Yangming’s explosive arrow could explode a high-rank wild beast’s head, but that beast was an insect with low combat power. Besides, they thought that the young fellow was a training disciple from an influential sect, so they did not find it weird that he had some remarkable items with him.

However, they were up against a formidable top-grade beast this time.

The fact that Ou Yangming could hurt it by activating his formation’s attack was truly unbelievable.

At this point, Xue Xuanle suddenly recalled what Ou Yangming had said in the past. He had mentioned that he could trap Advanced Spiritualists with his formation map.

When Xue Xuanle looked at how miserable the unlucky top-grade violent beast was at the moment, she realized that Ou Yangming was being too humble. The formation map could not only be used to trap an Advanced Spiritualist but could simply kill such a powerhouse.

As for Xue Boren, he had turned pale long ago. When he thought about the time he was trapped in Ou Yangming’s formation, he could not help but touch his neck and lament, ‘It’s good to be alive!’


The giant leopard roared in pain, and the strong wind around it became more intense.

It did not have wisdom, but it was the exact reason it became more daunting once it was injured. The wind that it stirred up this time was several times more severe than it was before.

“Oh no, it’s going to go all-out!” Xue Boren shouted, “Brother Tianrui, use your mental power to suppress him!”

Ou Yangming looked snappily at him. Instead of attacking the beast with his mental power, he continued to maneuver the formation map’s power and attacked with a new batch of cold ice blades.

Xue Boren was stunned, and he smiled embarrassedly. He dared not question further, but Xue Xuanle asked curiously, “Big Brother Yu, why don’t you use your mental power?”

Earlier when Ou Yangming trapped a high-rank savage beast, he killed it with his mental power. It was such a clean process, so it left a deep impression on Xue Boren and Xue Xuanle.

Ou Yangming replied to the young lady with an entirely different attitude, “This is a top-grade ferocious beast. I’m not confident about killing it with my mental power, so it’s better to play it safe.”

Xue Boren flushed and cursed himself for panicking and forgetting this.

It would be more straightforward to kill the beast with mental power, but it would be far more dangerous. Since Ou Yangming looked like he was on the cusp of victory, he naturally would not take the risk.

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