Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return! - Chapter 299 - Fury of The City Lord

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Chapter 299 Fury of The City Lord

The buildings, walls, and trees in the ruins were shattered into pieces, and the burning flames were a complete mess.

Those who were chasing and cursing Lin Bai were suppressed by the City Lord’s terrifying aura, so much so that they didn’t dare to say a single word.

The environment and the crowd formed a strong contrast. The entire courtyard was completely silent, so quiet that it made people feel a little scared, especially when there was a raging fire burning around them.

“Cough… City Lord, we just caught up here, but that Lin Bai has a spirit beast that can breathe fire, and then… We chased him away!”

A person with a relatively high cultivation quickly recovered from the City Lord’s oppressive aura and nervously explained the cause of the matter to the City Lord.

A group of people chasing a person was, of course, an act with high efficiency and a high success rate.

However, once this group of people became chaotic and fell into panic, they would not be able to continue chasing calmly. Then, they would become a bunch of ants on a hot fire. If they were already in a terrible situation, how would they have the time to chase after Lin Bai?

This was also why, after Lin Bai thought it through, he let Little Red attack. It was not to cause many casualties, but to cause these people to fall into panic.

This way, Lin Bai could take advantage of the chaos to leave this chaotic place. At the moment, he didn’t want to face the City Lord head-on.

That was an extremely unwise move.

Moreover, he had brought Bai Xi and the thin man with him. He didn’t want the two of them to fall into the hands of the City Lord.

That would only put Lin Bai in an extremely disadvantageous position and cause him to fall into an irreversible passive situation.

“Trash, useless bunch of people! You actually let demon Lin Bai escape, and it was you guys who came to surround him. Yet you let him through and escape!”

The City Lord angrily rebuked, and the sound of his angry rebuke was ear-splitting. Some people with lower cultivations even spat out a mouthful of blood, and their legs went weak as they fell to the ground.


The City Lord waved his sleeve, and a strong wind blew. This strong wind brought with it a cold chill.

The strong wind surged in the courtyard, and the grass and trees that had been burned by the Little Red flames, as well as the fire on the ruins, were all extinguished. Those who had been set on fire also heaved a sigh of relief and lay on the ground.

“What, is that iron-blood Wang Meng? Look, it’s in that pit!”

“Look over there, that Black Panther with emerald claws. What is it? I’ve never seen such a spirit beast before.”

“Over here, over here, there’s also that Silver Spirit Eagle and Lu Yishu. Even they lost!”

The people in the courtyard calmed down, but they discovered Wang Meng and Lu Yishu who were motionless on the ground. They started to mutter softly.

Iron-Blood Wang Meng and Lu Yishu. They had long heard of these two people’s names, and they had an extremely strong trust in their strength.

But now, they were lying in a pool of blood, not moving at all. They didn’t know whether they were dead or alive, causing them to sin a breath of cold air.

“That damned demon Lin Bai, he actually dared to do such a vile thing!”

“We will definitely be irreconcilable enemies with Lin Bai!”

The crowd was originally going to riot once again, causing a commotion.

But as a gaze swept past, everyone couldn’t help but shudder and be quiet like winter cicadas. Following that, they saw a gaze without any emotions.

The City Lord!

The crowd once again calmed down and was completely silent.

“Then, then we now…”

The person who had spoken earlier started asking again with his head lowered. He did not dare to look into the City Lord’s eyes at all.

Without even looking, he could g that those eyes were definitely overflowing with fury. “You still want me to say it?! Hurry up and chase after him!!”

The City Lord already had the intention to crush someone to death, but that wasn’t a wise move.

Right now, there were already many people spreading the rumor that the City Lord was the devil. If he were to vent his anger at this time, it would definitely make this suspicion even louder.

After being berated by the City Lord, the crowd started to run again. Didn’t someone just say that Lin Bai ran to the north? Regardless of whether it was true or not, he had to run first!

Otherwise, if he continued to stay, he would really have to bear the City Lord’s wrath.

Seeing the vast and mighty crowd running towards the north, the City Lord stood at his original spot with his hands behind his back. The anger on his face had faded, and the corners of his mouth curled up coldly.

Arriving at a desolate area, Lin Bai hurriedly let thin man and Bai Xi lie down.

“Come, take it.”

Lin Bai took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to the two of them. Inside was medicine.

Little Green ran over and got some water from somewhere.

After Bai Xi and thin man took the medicine and water, they sat cross-legged on the spot and started to circulate their cultivation technique.

They circulated it over and over again to cleanse their internal organs. With each cleanse, the injuries on their bodies would get better.

Even though doing so would not allow their injuries to heal completely, it would allow them to be mobile in a short period of time.

Little Black blinked his jet-black eyes and looked worriedly at Bai Xi and the skinny man. Then, he raised his head and looked at Lin Bai with a questioning gaze.

Lin Bai touched Little Black back. Initially, he wanted to comfort him, but when he touched Little Black’s back, he was surprised to find that his injuries from the fight with Wang Meng had already healed. Furthermore, he felt a chill that penetrated his heart. It went from his hand and flowed into his body.

“You did pretty well fighting with Wang Meng today!”

Lin Bai praised.

Blackie’s current minor abnormalities meant that he still had a lot of room for improvement. This made Lin Bai look forward to it.

After a while, the pale faces of Bai Xi and the skinny man also regained some color on their faces.

“I didn’t expect that fatty to betray us!”

Bai Xi clenched her fists tightly, her face filled with hatred.

To be betrayed by someone she worked with, that kind of fear, that kind of confusion, that kind of anger, it was detestable and disgusting!

“He actually did that kind of thing. I’m sorry, I actually didn’t see that. F* ck!”

The thin man had an apologetic look on his face. He was the closest to fatty, but he couldn’t see the difference in fatty today. This made him feel very guilty.

If it weren’t for Lin Bai’s sudden plan, the three of them might have fallen into the City Lord’s hands.

“This isn’t your fault, it’s all that fatty’s fault. He fed his conscience to the dogs!”

Bai Xi didn’t vent her anger on the thin man. She knew that the thin man was the same as them, and he was even angrier and more confused than them.

The two of them had been talking and healing their wounds, but they suddenly stopped and looked nervously at the bamboo forest.

There was a whooshing sound in the bamboo forest, as if something was rapidly approaching them.

The moon hung high in the sky, shining with a faint silver light.

A black shadow darted out of the cold bamboo forest and quickly approached Lin Bai and the others. Bai Xi and the skinny man quickly stood up, ready to fight at any time.

The black shadow was somewhat plump, and its hurried footsteps were somewhat cl. As it got closer to them, one could still hear the heavy breathing of the black shadow.

The thin man’s expression changed. He stood up and was about to rush forward, gripping the dagger tightly in his hand. “Fatty, you actually still have the face to come here. Hand over your life!”


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