Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return! - Chapter 347 - Return  

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Chapter 347: Return

Lin Bai held the small cauldron in his left hand. The small cauldron was floating on his palm. It flickered with a faint ancient luster and emitted a solemn aura of the Great Dao.

Although the battle with the fake Lin Bai this time was dangerous, he had unexpectedly grasped the method to operate the small cauldron. It could also be considered as a blessing in disguise after surviving a great disaster.

Lin Bai looked at the small cauldron in his hand. With a thought, the small cauldron floated up. Its appearance became smaller at a speed visible to the naked eye. It turned into a tiny golden light and entered Lin Bai’s glabella.

From the outside, there was no change in Lin Bai’s glabella compared to before.

After Lin Bai took in the small cauldron, his body and mind did not feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, his entire body was warm and his state of mind was as calm as still water.

This little benefit made Lin Bai overjoyed. He had to concentrate on his cultivation and could not be disturbed by the outside world. However, after the small cauldron entered between his eyebrows, it was able to help him calm his state of mind. It could be said that a precious artifact with such an effect was very rare.


Right at this moment, the fake Little Blue roared. Its body was slightly bigger than Little Blue’s, and it bit towards Little Blue’s face.

Little Blue’s arms and back were covered in blood, and there was a wound on its right leg. One could vaguely see the white bones inside.

When Lin Bai saw this, he summoned the small cauldron between his eyebrows and held it in his palm. Then, Lin Bai urged the small cauldron to attack the fake Little Blue.


Golden Light burst out, dazzling and flashing!

After this dazzling light, the fake Little Blue also turned into a cloud of black gas and disappeared into this world.

Little Blue panted heavily. It sat on the ground and looked at Lin Bai with gratitude and worship in its eyes. If Lin Bai had not rushed over at this moment, Little Blue would not have thought that it could withstand the opponent’s attack.

However, after the gratitude and worship, Little Blue revealed a deep disappointment. This disappointment was disappointment towards itself.

This was because it saw Lin Bai defeat the fake version of him alone, but it did not defeat its own fake.

“Alright. You don’t have to be disappointed. If your cultivation level was the same as the fake one, it would be alright if you were disappointed. However, the cultivation level of the fake was rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. If it wasn’t for this small cauldron, we wouldn’t have been able to win!”

Lin Bai patted Little Blue’s head lovingly. The disappointment in Little Blue’s heart dissipated a little when it heard this. It was only then that it noticed the small cauldron in Lin Bai’s hand and started to size it up curiously.

“Heh! I didn’t expect this small cauldron to have such power. I couldn’t control it previously no matter how hard I tried. Now that I’ve fought with the imposter and grasped the method to operate the small cauldron, it can be considered a blessing in disguise!”

Lin Bai smiled and put the small cauldron between his brows. He took out a few pills and threw them to Little Blue, helping it to stop the bleeding.

Fortunately, Little Blue was a spiritual beast. Coupled with its strong body, the wounds had begun to heal. Even the bone-deep wounds had gradually stopped bleeding.

At this moment, a huge force surged into Lin Bai’s body.

“Eh? It’s giving so much this time?!” Lin Bai was elated. He placed a hand on Little Blue’s body, and Little Blue’s face was beaming with joy.

“System, I want to impart cultivation to Little Blue,” Lin Bai said in his heart.

[ Ding — ]

[ Host has given Little Blue 200 days of cultivation. ]

[15 times of return has been successfully triggered. ]

[ Host has received 3,000 days of return. ]

Hearing the cold voice in his head, the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. This was 200 days of cultivation. If he could get a 100 times return, then even if he could not break through, Lin Bai’s cultivation would still be able to advance by a huge step!

However, Lin Bai quickly composed himself. Even though this system return was not very impressive, he had gained quite a lot this time.

Little Blue’s eyes were filled with confusion as it observed the changes in its body. Gradually, it turned into ecstasy: Stronger, master, I’m stronger!

Lin Bai followed Little Blue’s voice and looked over. He saw that Little Blue’s originally thin and weak body was now filled with solid muscles. Its body had also grown a lot bigger.

Other than that, the golden hair between Little Blue’s hair was growing bit by bit. If he looked at Little Blue from afar, he would definitely think that Little Blue was wearing a layer of golden armor.

“Could it be that I will really become a golden armor in the future?!” Lin Bai was looking forward to that time.

At this moment, a powerful suction force appeared on the high platform. Lin Bai and Little Blue did not struggle and allowed the suction force to suck them in.

After seeing a blurry scene and feeling dizzy, Lin Bai’s eyes lit up, then, he was pleasantly surprised. “I’ve finally returned to this altar. As expected, as long as I pass through all the high platforms, I’ll be able to successfully return here.”

Little Blue also jumped up in joy.

The man and the Beast had completely forgotten that there were all kinds of body parts on the high platform and the stench of decay.

“Wait…” Lin Bai frowned. He seemed to have forgotten something important!

“I relied on the small cauldron to escape from that place with great difficulty. As for the Skinny Man, Bai Xi, and Little Black, there’s nothing like this that can’t be imitated by that world!”

Lin Bai’s expression turned ugly. Even if he found a way to return to that place, he would still be separated from Skinny and the others like before. Even if he wanted to help, he wouldn’t be able to.

Just as Lin Bai was in a mess, the space beside him started to distort.

“Hahaha, I’m back. Grandpa, I’m finally back. Little Blue, we’re back, sob sob sob…”

The Thin Man’s joyful cries gradually turned into sobs. A man on the high platform was in pain, and he was hugging Little Black, who was extremely disgusted.

“Cough, cough.”

A cold cough made the skinny man come back to his senses, and his old face immediately turned red, as if he was a big girl.

“Lin, Lin Bai, you’re here… Then, then you should have said it earlier!” The skinny man hurriedly wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, while little black took the opportunity to break free from his arms, and came to Lin Bai’s feet, constantly rubbing his pants.

Lin Bai reached out and touched Little Black. He raised his head and asked the embarrassed Thin Man, “How did you win? Did that world forge your imposters?”

When the thin man heard this, he looked a little confused. “Imposters?”

Little Black face was also full of question marks when he heard this.

“Didn’t you guys meet…” Lin Bai told the Thin Man and Little Black about his and Little Blue’s experiences.

“No! At the final level, we met a man wearing armor and holding a long spear. It wasn’t easy for us to win but we finally came out.” Skinny shook his head like a rattle-drum.

At this moment, the space around the altar distorted again, and Bai Xi and Little Green also escaped.

Lin Bai didn’t believe it and asked Bai Xi and the others again.

“Imposter?!” Bai Xi looked surprised. “At the last level, we met an old man who used a sword. We won with great difficulty, and Little Red was injured because of it.”

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