Imparting My Cultivation To Beasts Gets Me 10,000X In Return! - Chapter 348 - Not The Same As Before  

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Chapter 348: Not The Same As Before

Under the Secret Chamber of the City Lord’s Estate.

“Your final experience…”

When the thin man heard Lin Bai’s description, especially when he relied on that world to not be able to conjure and create a small cauldron to find a breakthrough, he could not help but shiver.

When he was with Little Blue, he had already felt extremely miserable when they faced the previous checkpoint. This was all thanks to Little Black’s high attack and defense, which allowed the thin man to avoid suffering a lot of damage. Otherwise, they would not have been able to come out.

If they were like Lin Bai and the others and experienced the final stage, the thin man was certain he would definitely not be able to come out.

Bai Xi’s face turned green and white after hearing that. There was a hint of lingering fear in the depths of her eyes.

“Then, every time you passed the challenge on the high stage, did you receive the same reward as us? Let me first say that after we pass the challenge on the high stage, we will receive an increasing spiritual energy.”

Lin Bai was very confused about this. He planned to compare the thin man and Bai Xi to see if he could get any valuable information from the information gap.

“It’s the same. Because of this, my cultivation level has also increased by a level. This time, when I meet Fatty, I will definitely give him a good beating.”

The Skinny Man’s face revealed a rather proud expression, and his eyes did not hide the proud expression at all.

“Us too.” Bai Xi nodded. She was still thinking about what Lin Bai had said earlier, the final challenge in that world.

Their group of people and Spirit Beasts were divided into three groups entering that world, and only Lin Bai and Little Blue had the final challenge…

Lin Bai could not help but frown. was there a pattern or something special that allowed him to enter that final challenge?!

“Eh?! Did you guys notice that the jade-green thing from before is gone?!”

The skinny man widened his eyes and looked around the altar. Lin Bai looked around as well. Indeed, he did not notice the jade-green thing from before.

After Lin Bai came out of the ‘Mystic Realm’, he was only worried about the safety of the skinny man and Bai Xi. He had completely forgotten about this. However, just as the skinny man had said, the altar had returned to its original appearance.

“It seems that that thing is closely related to the world we went to…” Lin Bai Thought for a while and then changed the topic. “However, now is not the time to dwell on this. We have spent too much time in that world, and the City Lord has inevitably found our tracks.”

“We should destroy this altar now!”

The skinny man and Bai Xi nodded without any hesitation.

“Little Black, Little Red!” Lin Bai summoned the two little beasts.

None of them knew how to break the array, so they could only choose a stupid method. They etched the patterns on the altar, destroyed all the objects on the altar, and turned the surrounding flesh into ashes. The remains of the bodies and the stinky blood pool could be turned into ashes.

Little Black had exceptionally sharp claws, and Little Red’s flames could burn everything. It could be said that choosing the two of them to attack was the best choice.

Little Black crouched at Lin Bai’s feet. When it heard Lin Bai mention its name, its jet-black eyes instantly lit up. Before Lin Bai could give any instructions, its claws flashed with a cold light and it began to destroy the altar.

One second ago, Little Black was still tired, but in the next second, he became extremely energetic. Lin Bai couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“Little Red, you cooperate with Little Black. If he can’t destroy something, then it’s up to you. Remember to burn everything!”

As soon as Lin Bai said that, large balls of burning flames fell from the sky around the altar. The blood pools around the altar began to boil in the blink of an eye, and the flesh and corpses inside began to burn.

“Cough, cough, cough…” The thin man hurriedly pinched his nose. “This smell is too strong!”

Before Bai Xi could pinch her stomach, she bent down and began to vomit uncontrollably. She had the urge to vomit his stomach out.


However, at this moment, a sound that was so subtle that it could be ignored appeared in the darkness.

Lin Bai’s expression changed slightly. He hurriedly took out the small cauldron from between his brows. The small cauldron glowed with a sacred golden light as it crashed toward Bai Xi.


The sound of metal colliding rang out, making the thin man and the others feel as if someone had used a blunt knife to scratch their eardrums..

“Who is it?!”

Only then did Bai Xi react. When she did, a layer of cold sweat formed on her back. She had almost died on the altar before she had even noticed the opponent.

Before Lin Bai could say anything, a mist appeared around the altar, extinguishing Little Red’s fire and causing white steam to rise up around the altar.

“Who would have thought, who would have thought that you bunch of ants, undying bugs, would actually find this place and even attempt to destroy my altar! However, this is good too. This way, I can capture all of you in one fell swoop!”

“City Lord?!”


A cold and ruthless voice came from the unseen darkness, causing the thin man and Bai Xi to be stunned.

Even though they had already deduced that the City Lord was about to discover their whereabouts, they had never expected that the City Lord would discover them so quickly. He did not even give them the time to destroy the altar.


A large pitch-black hand emerged from the darkness. This hand was like a small mountain, and it swept up a terrifying aura of death as it grabbed towards Lin Bai and the others on the altar.

On the other side of the altar was a pitch-black abyss. There was no way for them to dodge it!

“Not good!” The skinny man shouted. He felt a bad feeling when he was far away from this hand.

Bai Xi’s expression was heavy. He hurriedly circulated his cultivation technique and secret skill, trying to use his strength to block this move.


The sound of the sword was like the roar of a dragon! It seemed to cut through the darkness and the deathly stillness!

Lin Bai swung his sword with a faint golden light. When the sword arrived, his palm scattered!

Lin Bai stood on the altar and looked coldly at the darkness in front of him. He said indifferently, “Things are different now. Don’t you understand this word?”

The darkness was silent for a few seconds and let out a ruthless roar:

“Good, good, good! Lin Bai, you have repeatedly ruined my plans. If I don’t imprison you, extract your three souls and six spirits, light that eternal lamp with your soul and make you suffer for a hundred lifetimes, I won’t be able to resolve the hatred in my heart!”

“This demon City Lord seems to be in a strange state. I’ll hold him off while you guys quickly destroy the altar.”

Lin Bai whispered to the thin man and Bai Xi behind him.

The thin man and Bai Xi were a little surprised when they heard this. They looked at the darkness in front of them and nodded abruptly. They immediately used all their strength to destroy the altar.

Little Black and the other small beasts followed closely behind.

In an instant, the altar was once again filled with smoke.

“You guys!!!”

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