Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 364 - City of Beastmen’s Meet Begins 1

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Chapter 364: City of Beastmen’s Meet Begins 1

“So what if we lose? At most, I’ll kill all these people from the Ye Family later.”

Di Lingtian looked at the sly smile in her eyes and couldn’t help but scratch her nose.

By that time, not a single person from the Ye Family would survive. If Ye Mingzhu died, Jun Mohuang’s bet would naturally not count.

Upon hearing this, Feng Yunqi immediately came back to life.

He was really stupid!

Feng Yunqi slapped his head several times.

How could Boss’s husband let Boss be Ye Mingzhu’s maid? He was really too silly.

If Boss lost, it would be embarrassing at most.

But Boss’s magical beast team was too weak. It was normal to lose, and there was nothing to really be embarrassed about.

At this thought, Feng Yunqi was completely relieved.

Feng Yunqi was relieved, but most of the people sitting nearby felt extremely tormented.

The event would officially begin in half an hour. They couldn’t wait to see Jun Mohuang’s demon beasts being torn to pieces by those of the other families and losing miserably.

Half an hour later.

Amidst everyone’s anticipation, the curtains to this year’s Meet finally opened.

“Everyone, on behalf of the City of Beastmen, I welcome all of you from afar to participate in this Meet…”

Yue Jinrong walked to a high platform in the middle of the Beast Fighting Arena and finally got to the main point after going through the civilities over the voice transmission stone.

“The first place family will be rewarded with a 10-star magical beast personally reared by the City of Beastmen with a secret technique. After obtaining it, they will immediately contract it and have 10 crystals with elemental attributes from the City of Beastmen.”

“The family that obtains second place will obtain an eight-star magical beast and six crystal cores with elemental attributes.”

“The family that gets third place will get a five-star magical beast and two crystal cores with elemental attributes.”

“The family that comes in fourth place…”

In the City of Beastmen, there was no lack of various crystal cores. Among them, crystal cores with elemental attributes were the most precious.

These crystal cores were excellent materials for refining medicine.

Even if it was not used for refining weapons and medicine, wearing it had various benefits.

Hence, most of the families who came to the City of Beastmen’s Meet every year were here for the crystal with elements.

Previously, Jun Mohuang was also lucky to have bought a crystal with the thunder element.

At first, she was still puzzled about why the thunder element crystal was half the price. In the end, Di Lingtian told her that for the elemental crystal cores, only the inner core was useful.

The core in the middle of the crystal was too small and was indeed only worth 5,000 Spirit Stones.

She took out the core from the crystal and refined it into three pearls. That quantity was not enough to treat Jun Jianlin’s legs.

Hence, she had to get the first place and the 10 crystal cores with elemental attributes.

At the same time, Jun Mohuang prayed in her heart that she would be lucky this time, such that there would be one or two thunder element crystals in 10 of them.

It would be best if she could smelt it into 10 pearls so that she could start treating Jun Jianlin’s legs.

“Okay, I hereby announce that the City of Beastmen’s Meet is officially…”

After Yue Jinrong finished talking and was about to announce the official start of the City of Beastmen’s Meet, an audience on the platform shouted as they obtained a voice transmission stone from somewhere.

“Why isn’t the Young City Lord out this year!”

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