Imperial Phoenix Rules - Chapter 365 - City of Beastmen’s Meet Begins 2

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Chapter 365: City of Beastmen’s Meet Begins 2

“Acting City Lord Yue, get the Young City Lord out quickly. We all want to hear the Young City Lord personally announce the start of the City of Beastmen’s Meet!”

These words were transmitted to every corner of the Beast Fighting Arena through the voice transmission stone.

Upon hearing this, the other residents of the City of Beastmen looked towards the resting area where the Yue Family was. Indeed, they did not see the Young City Lord they were thinking of.

They couldn’t help but question Yue Jinrong.

“Yes, where is the Young City Lord!”

“Where is the Young City Lord?!”

There were many residents in the City of Beastmen. They did not have voice transmission stones and shouted very softly.

However, everyone’s voices sounded in the entire colosseum soon turned into a chaotic commotion.

“Ahem. Everyone, calm down. The Young City Lord’s health is too poor and he was sick last night. He’s really not suitable for such an occasion. I promise that tomorrow, I’ll let him personally come out and present the first prize of this Meet.”

In the face of the public’s cheers, Yue Jinrong could only promise that Zi Shuilan would definitely appear.

But Zi Shuilan naturally wouldn’t appear because he was already dead.

Yue Jinrong smiled sinisterly and glanced at Jun Mohuang.

After Yue Jinrong made this promise, the residents of the City of Beastmen gradually fell silent.

The Meet officially began.

The platform Yue Jinrong spoke on earlier had already automatically sunk to the ground and the surface restored its normal form.

The Beast Fighting Arena below was divided into three areas, each corresponding to a country.

The rules of the Meet were simple. In the first round, the families of the three countries would compete to determine the top five families.

In the second round, the top five families of the three countries would draw lots to determine their opponents in a one-on-one manner.

After a series of rounds like the top eight of 15, top four of eight, and then top two of four, the champion of this year’s City of Beastmen’s Meet would finally be decided.

The first round of the competition with their families had already been arranged by Yue Jinrong, so there was no need to draw lots for the time being.

There were a total of 10 families in Huan Yun who were divided into two groups by Yue Jinrong.

In each group of five families, every family had to fight the other four in a round robin system.

Every victory was worth three points, and every draw was worth two points.

The rankings were based on the number of points. If there were families with the same points, the results would be decided at the last minute with bonus rounds.

The first battle in Huan Yun was between the Su Family and the Wang Family.

This time, the Su Family produced a four-star Giant Horn Beast. The Giant Horn Beast was about the size of an adult hippopotamus and had a huge horn on its forehead.

The Wang Family produced a three-star bull. It was smaller than the large-horned beast and was completely black. It had a pair of horns that were curved like blades.

The results of the competition were as expected. The two demons only fought for a few rounds.

The four-star beast used its huge horn to severely injure the black bull.

The Su Family won and the Wang Family lost.

“The Su Family of Huan Yun wins three points!”

When the results were out, someone in charge immediately announced and wrote the number 3 on the record of the Su Family’s points.

In the second round, the Zhou Family versus the Wu Family. The Wu Family won…

For the competition involving Huan Yun, the rest of the audience did not react besides the cheers from the families in Huan Yun.

The reason was because the beast fighting in Huan Yun was nothing compared to that of Baize Country and Chi Yuan Kingdom.

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