Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1144 - Runic Dao Lines! II

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Chapter 1144 - Runic Dao Lines! II

Noah could feel the very beat of his heart as he opened up such a ridiculous pathway to increase his strength, the burning Splendiferous Universe being used as fuel as he felt all the accumulations of the Dao of Withering be ripped from his Origin, his very eyes watching as his essence of Ruination caused the formation of broken down and ancient-looking Runic Lines that vibrated with power.

Runic Dao Lines that represented the Lesser Dao of Withering!

As Ruination deconstructed, Primordial Essence weaved in to reconstruct- this whole process only being made possible from the burning Splendiferous Universe within Noah's Origin as this burning released a unique essence that wrapped around the Runic Dao Lines and weaved them together.

Noah watched as the resplendent Dao Galaxies of the Splendiferous Universe faded away, the entire Universe disappearing soon after as all this essence circled pristinely towards the unstable Runic Dao Lines!

Then the Primordial Essence wrapped around this instability as it weaved it all together into a wondrous construct.

Within seconds, the broken down Runic Dao Lines began to come together in a glorious manner as they shone with a myriad of colors, becoming tout and strong as they looked like multicolored lines of utter ancientness and regality!

Noah felt all the knowledge of Withering leaving his mind during this process as after he saw the glimmering Runic Dao Lines fully formed, he bellowed out powerfully.

"Brand them onto me!"


A glorious light stretched out as for the first time, Runic Dao Lines were about to be branded onto Noah Osmont!

The multicolored lines flew towards him at a fast pace as they sank into his fist, the Runic Dao Lines rotating madly as they branded a glimmering crimson tattoo around his right fist that even went on to cover his palm.

The crimson tattoos shone with regality and authority, staying calmly over his skin as they made Noah look like an ancient tribal being! His eyes shone brightly as he sent essence into the tattoos instinctively, watching as they brightened up and began to revolve around his fist as they caused his body to release terrifying waves of power!

This was the +1,000,000% boost of the Dao of Withering- all condensed to a few unique Runic Dao Lines that Noah could activate as all his comprehensions about this Dao were gone.

At the same time, something new appeared within his Status Panel!

[Runic Dao Lines Integration :: Withering(+1,000,000% Increased Damage….)]

A new section that would classify all the Daos that Noah deconstructed and reconstructed had appeared, Noah's elation only rising as he saw his fist that was currently glimmering with multiple colors as the activation of the tattoo that represented the Dao of Withering weaved over his skin colorfully as if it was alive.

The sense of strength he received was unbelievable as it made him want to deconstruct all of the Daos he had on him, but he knew that each one would cost him a Splendiferous Universe as the cost was very high!

" is worth it!"

Yes! It was extremely worth it! As Noah thought of how to tackle the high cost of this stupendous process, he figured that he had to move his plans forward somewhat as he had to go searching for a method to grow his strength.

Truthfully, he was currently feeling ashamed at his rate of progress as 7 days had passed and he only had 14 Universes!

Well, there was one less Splendiferous Universe after he obtained the Withering Runic Dao Tattoo, and it made him feel a sense of urgency as he felt like he was stagnating in strength.

Of course if any Antiquities heard this, they would scream off in anger at such a thought as beings such as this spent hundreds of thousands of years if not millions to achieve the stage of Antiquity, even the pace of forming a Universe a day being something unbelievable as they would spend many years accumulating their power!

But Noah was different! He achieved Hegemony just days after he became a Monarch and Paragon, and he became an Antiquity just hours after he became a Hegemony.

His pace had been so fast that with him 'slowly' accumulating Universes daily, it seemed as if he was getting nowhere. And now with the introduction of Runic Dao Lines that needed Splendiferous Universes to bring to life...

It caused Noah to advance his plans forward as he would have to step into the Ruination Sea faster!

Out there were a vast number of possibilities, places where he could find other Cosmos or even the terrifying Primordial Beasts that could locate his Infinite Cosmos faster than he even expected.

He would have to prepare a great deal as his priority of things would have to be reshuffled, one of these being the designing of a Cosmic Dao!

With the fact that the Grand Dao of Conquest could effectively bring the increase of values of Lesser Daos and double them from 5,000% to 10,000%, and take Grand Dao boosts to 20,000%...Noah wanted this option to be applicable to Cosmic Daos!

For him to do this, he had to elevate the Dao of Conquest to the Cosmic Level.

He could then Empower Cosmic Daos and elevate their strength even was a path of strength that made him expectant whenever he stood against an enemy of the same rank as him on just how much he could dominate them!

Along with all this...he had to bring the rest of his Cosmic Daos to gull Assimilation.

He had devoured enough Primordial Apples and Ruination Strawberries as he was fully assimilated for these two Daos, and now he needed to consume the sacred Dao Fruits and Herbs of the Annihilation, Chronos, and any Daos he would soon be picking up either from [Cosmic Dao Essence Integration and Emergence].

For the Daos he would be picking up....there in lay choices as he wanted the Dao of Reincarnation from Chronos who was still locked in a Temporal Prison, and then there was the mysterious Primordial that had descended onto the Infinite Cosmos and handed him a Primordial Heart!

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