Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1501: Glorious Improvements! Ll

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Chapter 1501: Glorious Improvements! Ll

Past concepts of tremendous power would be elevated to Noah's current stage!

In the aspect of Animus Summons, it wasn't feasible nor possible for Noah to elevate them to the First, Second, or Third Firmament of Ascendancy as there were too many factors in play that affected one's Ascendancy Value.

Their Realm, Edicts, Ascendancy Halos, Bloodlines…there were too many things to focus on as even the abilities that came with the Dao of Summoning were too low tier at these stages.

If Noah wanted his Animus Summons to show the same level of power as they did in the past with his current stage…it had to all be made possible with a high tier Edict, as well as the wondrous Essence of Reality! There was even the Soul Library that they could go into to receive Nomological Edicts. This was how he would make having an army of experts around him into a reality. How if he was in the Fourth Firmament, he would have terrific Summons at the same stage to command!

For this, Noah had a nearly completed Insuperable Nomological Edicts of the <Imperious Animus Emperor> while his robust mind finished optimizing his Ascendancy Halos, acclimating to his newly gained Edicts, and the continuation of his Primordial Epitaph now that he had expanded his maximum Reserves and even gained Low Quality Reality Crystals to replenish his reserves of the Essence of Reality!

He was truly dipping his fingers in many things, and he had to do so because of the terrifying pressure he faced.

A pressure he was reminded of at this moment as while he did all of this, the shocking scene within the Forsaken Treasure Reality continued.

Within the hands of the Gazer of the Oculus Primordial Temple, the golden jagged great sword Primordial Relic cried out as space was torn from its mere movements, the voice of this being echoing out.

"Do you know the identity of the girl you just killed?"


The identity of Princess Snow that Noah had sniped into nothingness with a single shot of an arrow.

He knew it better than anyone else as he had obtained her memories, the face of his True Sanguine Clone remaining impassive as he stood beside Natalya who at this moment…released red and blue rays of white light as the bow within her hands trembled with excitement!

Even though a terrifying excitement filled with wrath was gazing bloody murder towards his direction, the figure of Natalya made it seem like it could withstand anything as Noah did not turn fearful or scared.

Yet the wrath of the Gazer could be felt within his words.

"Princess Snow of the Royal Wolf Bloodline, her Father alone being at 9th Firmament of Ascendancy as at the peak of her Bloodline- multiple Legends reside!"


"Do you know what the Royal Bloodline of any race means across these vast Realities? What the statues that surround all Primordial Temples indicate?!"


"You have just utterly enraged one of the Primordial Cardinal Royal Bloodlines of these vast Infinite Realities! Even your death will not be enough to wipe your sins!"


A Cardinal Royal Bloodline!

It was nothing like any other Bloodline that had the tag <Royal> on it like the Royal Blight Serpent Dragons, this being a mere mixed breed Bloodline holding aspects of snakes and Dragons- with it even being considered impure and much weaker.

The Cardinal Royal Wolf Bloodline was represented as one of the over a dozen statues surrounding the Primordial Temples spanning countless Realities, and Noah had just snuffed out the life of one of its Princesses.


The surroundings of the golden shimmering space were quiet as rivers of golden essence had resumed their normal resplendent flows in space.

This shocking identity was why Noah had gained 24 Insuperable Nomological Edicts from a single Existence. It was how he had also gained one of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines that oversaw these vast Infinite Realities…the Royal Wolf Bloodline that now coursed through his veins!

From the memories of Princess Snow, Noah's mind was further expanded to the intricacies of the Infinite Realities- the concept of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines being etched within his mind as among them…he also uniquely saw that there was the Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline among others!

The Bloodline of Celestial Vines that Cecilia had didn't even make the cut as a Cardinal Royal Bloodline, nor did the Royal Blight Serpent Dragon Bloodline. Reaping the life of actual Primordial Royalty from Cardinal Royal Bloodlines was a major sin on top of them being Primordials…and this was the reason that the Gazer asked Noah if he truly understood what he had done.

And Noah…answered in a stellar fashion as he enunciated his words very clearly in the next moment!

"It is merely a little princess of a Cardinal Royal Bloodline, not enough to reach my eyes!"


Golden waves of destiny erupted out and churned as Noah raised his head fearlessly, locking his eyes with the terrifying Gazer as he continued.

"If a thing like you can play with her behind closed doors all these years, why would I not dare to kill?"


His words were explosive as the Seventh Firmament Primordial Guard who was healing with a somber expression had his eyes open in shock, and his eyes only opened wider as many things seemed to click in place within his mind!

Natalya was enjoying the feeling of the Heartsplitter Primordial Relic, but her fair red lips could help but part into an 'O' at this moment as the expression of the Gazer…

It turned utterly hideous as the weapon within his hands began to buzz and cause Reality itself to crack!


Golden white waves of billowing light released from him as they carried immense wrath and anger within them, the Primordial Relic within his hands shining as he roared out with maddened power.



Sheer oppressive might rained down as the eyes of Natalya flashed, stepping in front of now as essence undulating between her and the Primordial Relic she held in her hands!

Noah could only use the basic attacks of this wondrous bow as he had achieved results capable of wounding Seventh Firmament existences.

He hadn't been able to even touch the abilities of this Relic that included <Heart Piercer>, <Reality Shatterer>, <Continuum Splicer>...and even more!


A glow of white frost and red flames intensified as a Seventh Firmament Overseer utilized for the first time a Bow that would cause her name to spread out across the vast Realities!

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