Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1503: The Majesty Of The Cardinal RoyalBloodlines! Ll

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Chapter 1503: The Majesty Of The Cardinal RoyalBloodlines! Ll


Howls of battle resounded out across a Prime Reality as they originated from the Ancestral Wolfplane and spread throughout.

In the ravaging coldness atop this highest floating landmass, the vibrant body of the Royal Wolf Emperor walked on all fours as his fur glistened in the light, his titanic figure appearing on the edge of the floating island as his beastial head gazed down below!

There, one could see the cluster of many other frozen floating land masses as at this moment, enormous disc shaped vessels and ships that all released an aura of Quasi-Primordial Relics could be seen rising up with order and haste, countless Royal Cosmic Wolves adorned in battle armor being situated on these vessels as a terrifying Armada was formed in a short period of time.


Essence chaotically moved about as the largest warship rose before the Royal Wolf Emperor, being half the size of a Cosmos and shining throughout with the white blue of frost as the ship itself released terrifying temperatures. Over ten thousand Royal Cosmic Wolves could be seen standing in neat rows on this War Ship as they ranged from the First Firmament of Ascendancy all the way to the Generals who stood beside the Royal Wolf Emperor who reached up to the 8th Firmament!


The vibrant body of the Royal Wolf Emperor landed at the center of the Quasi-Primordial Relic as his blue eyes released a shocking radiance, his voice reverberating out.

"Head towards the Isles of the Gilded Forge. Percival, Meruvis…you two take three other vessels each and head to the remaining Prime Realities under Golden Titans. I want a clean and thorough take over as when I arrive…there should be no opposition remaining!"


His words rang out domineeringly as two 8th Firmament of Ascendancy experts nodded, their figures flashing away towards the cluster of Vessels behind them as some of them separated and went to another direction!

Within moments, all vessels moved and entered the Boundary Between Realities as a multiple made their way to the Isles of the Gilded Forge, a terrifying future unfolding as a horrific existence at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy had eyes shining with brutality and rage as he targeted an entire established Bloodline at this moment.

Cause and effect.

The weaving of destiny spun madly as at this moment, a light of Conquest had begun to pulsate vibrantly from a small subsection of the Primordials!

At the forefront of it was a gloriously armored Royal Wolf Emperor whose very Bloodline sang of the ancient melodies of the Olden Times…an existence of high stature and standing as he was destined to leave his mark as an Emperor!

Even though Noah had spoken out boldly, he still held a somber outlook at this moment as the memories of Princess Snow truly tried their best to scare him.

A father that held a Bloodline he was very familiar with, and her entire Cardinal Royal Bloodline that made up one of the ruling forces within Primordials as they held a lot of Legends hidden within that had achieved Reality.

'That's too many ridiculously powerful enemies at this point…isn't it?' He nearly sighed at his ability to just pull in trouble as in the case of Princess Snow and the Primordials she brought into this Forsaken Treasure Reality…they truly couldn't be left to live and tell the tale about this wondrous place!

Just like they wanted to kill him and Natalya, they also had to kill them as the Forsaken Treasure Reality was too precious. Such a reality led them here where both sides had to kill each other, but the identities of the other side made it so that even killing them had its own disastrous consequences. Due to this, Noah had to move with even more haste- he had to make even more reality breaking plans and carry them out as even with the worry of what actions the Ninth Firmament Royal Wolf Emperor might do, he had to first overcome the two Seventh Firmament enemies and the 8 Sixth Firmament Primordial Guards who actually made the fate of Grandmasters Monos and others grim at this moment.

He stayed behind Natalya as she pulled on the Heartsplitter Primordial Relic with bright eyes of valor and power, her sonorous voice ringing out with excitement as her body released an abundance of the Essence of Reality along with a robust amount of Mana!

"Reality Shatterer!"


She was truly the overpowered Overseer as she went for one of the Ultimate attacks of the Heartsplitter Primordial Relic, one that needed the droves of the Essence of Reality to activate as its effects…were simply horrific.


An arrow was shot from the Primordial Relic.

Fearfully, even Noah's eyes could not fully follow it as Natalya was one of the three beings who could see it clearly, her eyes fluttering with immense shock and happiness as she saw what shot out…was an arrow that actually carried with it an unstable illusory light of an endlessly flowing river.

An illusory form of a Reality…that was the form her arrow had taken with the cast of <Reality Shatterer> as it was an attack that even caused the distant Gazer to turn grim, his own Primordial Relic releasing waves of light as Essence of Reality surged into it!

The means of the Heartsplitter Primordial Relic were too mystical as its attacks were far more vibrant than many other Primordial Relics, the Gazer having to face the force of an Unstable Reality contained within a single arrow as it was enough to shatter an Emerging Reality!

His own Relic glimmered and released rays of Reality altering light, swinging down with utter glory as the Ascendancy Halos of both of these two beings flashed incessantly to reinforce their attacks.

At this moment, neither side had fused with their Ascendancy Halo.

Neither side had taken their ultimate true forms as they were still testing each other! 

The one to obtain their strongest state first would be the one to lose as it meant their reserves of Essence and mana would run out soon after- the cost of merging with all the concepts of one's Halos and achieving a splendrous form that multiplies your Ascendancy Value being simply too high!

An arrow carrying with it the unstable illusory light of an endless river flashed.

A jagged great sword swung down as it seemed powerful enough to erase Realities with a swing.

An impact was felt as in the next instant…


Their surrounding Reality cracked and splintered as if one looked from the entrance of the Forsaken Treasure Reality, they would shockingly see the first Island trembling as cracks spread out to split it in two at this moment!

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