Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1507: The Visage of a Legend! ll

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Chapter 1507: The Visage of a Legend! ll

General Han threw aside the ripped apart bodies of the Golden Titans before him as he also left commands to the Legion of Royal Cosmic Wolves behind him, with his own figure shooting back towards the boundary of this Reality and returning on to the vessel where the Royal Wolf Emperor waited.


This being bowed with his eyes simmering with excitement, the ancient voice coming out and reporting gleefully.

"Sire, the Blacklister in question actually only arrived on the Isles of the Gilded forge days ago…where they found this existence to actually be a Peerless Forger!"



The eyes of the Royal Wolf Emperor flashed with immense light as countless thoughts crossed his mind in the next moment until a decisive light passed through them an instant later as he nodded to General Han and gave another command.

"Kill those that are unruly to send a message. Subjugate those that bend the knee…and gather as much information as possible on this Noah Osmont and where that tiny little Overseer might have taken him."


"Also...the ones who initiated his name on the Primordial Blacklist- gather everything to know of them as well!"


Across the vast Realities.

Within the domains of the Royal Blight Serpent Dragons.

"Haha…you see, it worked! Those fools actually invited themselves over a whole Armada of Primordials just days after putting his name on the Blacklist!"

The unpleasant poisonous voice of the Matriarch Belladonna rang out as Sadek and the Serpent Dragon Emperor remained silent with sharp eyes.

"Will I still be getting disciplined by the Elders now, my dear husband? When my actions inadvertently furthered the cause of the plans of the Alliance?"


Her piercing voice would make any being listening to it annoyed as the Serpent Dragon Emperor raised his eyes towards her sharply, his deep voice echoing out.

"Do not speak of such things freely…let us observe how this situation unfolds! Sadek, let this news be known to the others."


The set of actions occurring within the Isles of the Gilded Forge and two other Prime Realities were causing shocking reverberations at this moment, Destiny continuing to weave gluttonously amidst everything!

Meanwhile, the figures of Noah and Natalya were snaking across the Treasure Island that continued to take a beating and heal back at shocking rates, the two of them having an edge against the Gazer and the Primordial Wolf Guard as Natalya could shoot off her arrows at any time in the winding cavernous paths they moved across and her arrows would still flutter across space to hit their targets.

So at this moment, she simply focused on keeping her targets at bay while reserving her resources and making sure she was recovering, but her eyes were gradually becoming more and more somber as a light of anger continued to grow within them!

The Overseer couldn't help but feel anger as she felt…

"My authority ingrained in the Isles of the Gilded Forge is rapidly being reduced and overtaken."


The words rang out slowly within Noah's mind as his head rose to focus on this powerful existence before him.

Her essence was wrapping around the two of them as they traverses the golden lined cavernous paths and went forward, this being never showing an ounce of fear or weakness at any point in time, but Noah could feel the pain in her voice now as her words could only mean the Isles of the Gilded Forge were being attacked!

As the one to obtain the memories of Snow, Noah knew very well the mentality of the existences within her lives as he could confidently assume what set of events had occurred, a heavy weight landing on his shoulders due to his.

One could say…all of these events began to head towards a certain direction when he made an entrance. The events to occur from here on out, was he not…

"You aren't at fault for all this."


Spatial instabilities formed as Natalya knocked arrow after arrow, her sharp eyes being able to once more see things at a deeper level than she should have as her voice rang out within Noah's mind while they continued!

"You had enemies in front of you trying to kill you, and you simply killed in return. Were we supposed to not retaliate against them in fear of what their Bloodline might do? Should we just die because we don't want to infuriate those they are associated with?"


This was the ideology that bound many beings and forced them to only watch the actions of Primordials without ever doing anything!

"The weaving of destiny is something none of us can fully understand, so we simply have to keep moving forward as the future unfolds. Even if it is a painful one…"


A trace as sadness and unwillingness could be heard from Natalya as her eyes shone with ferocity, Mana and Essence of Reality gathering within her hands as an ability ess used instead of a basic attack, an arrow shimmering with the illusion of a Reality shooting out to vent her emotions.

"...we still have to move forward, no matter how much it pains us. All that matters is that all of this isn't for nothing. That we didn't kill for nothing and give them a reason to attack my Prime Reality and who knows what else for nothing…that we can come out of this alive and seek revenge against them! Osmont…show me that it wasn't all for nothing!"


Her attack caused The Gazer to release a bellow of raging might as the Primordial Relic within his hands released rays of golden light, the figure of the Royal Wolf Primordial Guard howling out as an illusion of Cosmic moon appeared around him to protect from the devastating attack!

Natalya used this chance to not release any more attacks as she moved with even more haste, Noah sensing the pain within her words as he could only imagine how she felt! It was akin to him losing his own Home Reality with all the beings he knew and lived with, where he would only know that at this time, they were being massacred with him not being able to do a thing.

This was the situation that Natalya faced right now as the home she spent millions of years taking care of and the Golden Titans within them that she considered family were actually being massacred!


The heavy weight on Noah's shoulders did not disappear even with her words, his eyes flashing with regality as his illusory crown spun with grandeur above his head. The essence of the Resplendent Treasure Emperor shone brightly as they seemed to have been successful in arriving at the innermost area of this Treasure Island, Noah's voice echoing out with utmost confidence as he sensed what was ahead of them.

"It won't all be for nothing…that, I can promise!"


RUINATION was called out as it buzzed within his chest with fervor, the Blacksmith's Forge ready as Noah sensed the existence of profound Loot that he had only sensed a few times before on this Treasure Island!

Loot that when combined with the one remaining Naturally Formed Primordial Treasure within his Voidforged Treasure Pouch…should just be enough to elevate RUINATION onto the stage of a Primordial Relic!

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