Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1575: The Will Of The Tyrannical EmperorStretches Out!

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Chapter 1575: The Will Of The Tyrannical EmperorStretches Out!

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The Dimension of Dreams was abstruse as existences traversed within it at unknown and varying speeds.

Portions of souls sent out by a certain being arrived where they were destined to arrive in a matter of seconds as others had yet to find where they were supposed to be!

Most of the portions of the soul were carried by the essence of the Dimension of Dreams into Emerging Realities as they had already bloomed into powerful consciousnesses that wrapped around the Cosmos of these Realities, forcefully linking them with the Infinite Reality as multiple True Stars of Conquest had already appeared!

Of course, these Emerging Realities were each different with their own intricacies as some were unclaimed by any Overseers and had weak existences who had not even stepped into the Firmaments of Ascendancy- and these were the easiest ones to capture.

p??da n?vel Then, there were Realties under the banner of Primordial Overseers who were mainly in the First to Third Firmament of Ascendancy as these…merely required Noah to put in more work, with him spreading out an Apocalypse Domain and cutting off all communications to outside Realities as he subdued the Champions of these Realities along with their Overseers if they happened to be present!

No matter if it was a Champion or Overseer, they would all pledge Fealty to the Tyrannical Emperor.

Among the Emerging Realities that Noah's soul found their way to, there were also those claimed by other weaker Races that could traverse the vast Realities as these gave Noah an even lesser level of difficulty- all of them falling to him all the same as his task only remained to keep active Apocalypse Domains while connecting the Cosmos within these Realities!

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It was a fantastical set of actions as when one thought about it…nobody else but Noah could do it as who could supply 100 Portions of their souls with the Mana required to put each of the Realities they landed in under Apocalypse Domains while forcefully subduing the powerhouses within and forcefully connecting their Cosmos?!

It was a glorious feat as dozens of Emerging Realities fell under the banner of Conquest, very soon to join the Infinite Reality as the number of fused Realities would explode, Noah experiencing 100 Apocalypses at the end of this Dream Cycle as even this Nomological Edict…should be getting towards Quasi-TABOO soon enough.

There were countless gains to be made as apart from Emerging Realities, there were a few portions of Noah's soul that had actually landed within Prime Realities.


Within an unknown Prime Reality. Noah's soul utilized the eyes of the Watcher and Gazer to very quickly sweep over this Reality, seeing existences with a unique Bloodline as the vast majority of beings were known as the Mixed Beast Race!

The most powerful existences within this Prime Reality were at the Sixth Firmament as there was a single Seventh Firmament Overseer- this Prime Reality essentially being a Domain of the Mixed Beast Race that was similar to the past Primal Titans that were not affiliated with Primordials.

'Then, let us start…' The small portion of soul tugged upon the Infinite Dream construct of the Infinite System as it called for more of the power of the slumbering main body, the spiritual form of this soul having the area above it split apart at this moment as shockingly, a brilliant Atlatl of Reality cut apart the space to appear within seconds!

This Sui Generis Enlightened Primordial Relic traversed countless Realities and distances as with the help of the unique essence from the Dimension of Dreams, a portion of Noah's soul came to grasp onto it tightly as for the first time…he targeted a Prime Reality.

He had no conflict with the Mixed Beast Race of this domain or the larger Realities they controlled. He would not make foes just for the sake of it, but he would still move with his convictions to conquer! Similar to the past Realities, he wasn't planning on spilling the blood of those he initiated conflict first with as he would make them pledge Fealty and lead them into the inclusion of a wondrous Infinite Reality!

If others looked at this from another perspective, they might consider him a mere Tyrant conquering the lands of others that didn't even know him, and well…they wouldn't be wrong. Yet Noah did not have any internal conflict within his mind over his actions.

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He knew himself after so many months. He understood his nature. At this point in time, he would not wallow in the morality of every single action as he simply focused on what he had to do. Since his actions would truly provide a glorious future for others while granting him his own benefits, he would simply carry them out!


A Spear of Reality glimmered with an imposing light as it was carried by a small soul- even such a portion being enough at this moment to stand against common Seventh Firmament existences as the Overseer of this Prime Reality was bound to very soon pledge fealty.

Thereafter, only wonders remained as there was a question of how a Prime Reality would be counted by the Infinite System. Would it be the same as Emerging Realities, or did a single Prime Reality stand for multiple Realities?

These questions and many were bound to be answered in time as this wasn't the only Prime Reality that Noah landed in! There were a few others as his Destiny was simply too horrific, the souls in other Prime Realities simply waiting for each of them to receive and utilize the Atlatl of Reality when one soul finished its Conquest.

Noah's actions…would undoubtedly raise many eyes after this as there would be questions. Questions from Overseers of multiple Emerging Realities who all of sudden lost their authority to their Reality and would come to find it even gone entirely!

Questions from the Bloodlines who had Seventh Firmament Overseers in Prime Realities as when they also disappeared…it would most definitely cause waves to those involved!

To stand the coming waves and successfully overcome them, Noah had to still rely on his own power.

Even as a True Sanguine Clone showed off its power as an Enlightened Peerless Alchemist and was about to gain the recognition of a Pure-Blooded existence. Even as another True Sanguine Clone was finishing the exploration of the Second Treasure Island of a Forsaken Treasure Reality. Even as his main body slumbered in an Infinite Dream to further elevate the Infinite Reality!

Even as he did all this, he still had to continue elevating his power as with him having the tools to do so, he began theorizing on the third Construct of the Infinite System while also proceeding to the limit of what he could currently achieve- the limit of 10 Ascendancy Halos.

With all the Insuperable Nomological Edicts he could need on hand from all the Primordials he had killed so far, the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth….the glorious golden Halos of light began to be forged around him with purpose and radiance as his Ascendancy Value surged upwards once more!

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