Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 630 - Shocking Revelations!

Chapter 630 - Shocking Revelations!

Traits were things that were ingrained in the very Origins of beings, with a being only being able to carry a single Trait throughout their lifetimes as a Galaxy had to bless them with it, and one could only ever be a native of one galaxy.

Yet, Noah had violated this rule through the use of a terrifying item he did not yet understand, and he had now succeeded in transmigrating half of his Origin onto the body of a being in another galaxy as he awakened a new Trait there as well!

This meant that within his Origin, two Traits were inscribed! In the body of Alexander, he could utilize Infinite Mana, and in the body of Noah, he could utilize the Protagonist Trait! Both of his bodies had access to both of these Traits as they all shared the same shocking origin.

This brought us to the current moment where Noah's eyes were shining brightly as he looked at the details of the Protagonist Trait, especially the ridiculous [Eyes of Truth] that simply did too much as he sent his thoughts towards the Novus Galaxy.

"This Trait is as ridiculous if not more compared to the first, but its uses are simply…"

He shook his head as he spoke, letting out shocking words as he wanted to use this Trait in this Galaxy at this moment!

"Let me see the [Ruination Core] once again. With the abilities of Protagonist, I should be able to glean exactly what it is."


[Such was the possibility I anticipated. We know too little of this unexplored Universe, a Trait such as this will allow us to gain information at extreme speeds that nobody can even imagine.]

The voice of the Novus Galaxy rang out blandly as the obsidian core of this galaxy opened up once again, the red and black square cube that shone with a terrifying aura being released again as Noah controlled his body to not tremble and opened his eyes towards it, using [Eyes of Truth] on this terrifying object!


Sparks of red and gold light erupted out as it felt like an inviolable truth was violated, Noah feeling a searing pain in his eyes as one turned bloody and ruptured, but a red and gold panel still appeared in front of him as it showed a set of shocking words.

[Ruination Core] :: A tool of extreme power that more often than not invites destruction to its user. Capable of interfering with the Universal Laws themselves, it is a tool of Ruination that has multiple counterparts spread out across the Dark Universe. A special constitution is required to wield tools of Ruination. When all the tools of Ruination are gathered, the Dark Universe will #$%[email protected]$^$%^##$%#^#%...


A shocking set of information could be read in front of him as his ruptured eye healed, blood leaking from him as even with the use of the newly gained Trait, he was still only able to glean a fraction of information from this terrifying item!

One of the biggest gains he got from it was that this Universe he had simply been calling the unexplored universe was actually known as...the Dark Universe!

Another was that this single Ruination Core...was actually not alone.

The information indicated that it had counterparts, making it seem like other Ruination Cores existed out there in the vast Dark Universe.


Noah had relayed the information to the Novus Galaxy as this new reality came before them, an air of seriousness permeating throughout as a single sentence had placed them in this state. It was the sentence that mentioned tools of Ruination such as the Ruination Core more often than not led their users towards destruction!

The Novus Galaxy had been actively using it, and it had even made possible many things that they never could have even imagined before. It even brought the new Trait that made it possible for Noah to know the identity of this item, and yet the truth told by the [Eyes of Truth] remained the same.

[We have stumbled across something much too grand and powerful at this time. You need to continue growing ever stronger and faster as we try to understand these mysteries even more while gathering information with your new Trait. When it advances to another stage or once it comes to completion, we should be able to discern all there is to know about these...Ruination Tools.]


Noah closed his eyes as he could still feel his beating heart, nodding as his mindset calmed down and he explored this Protagonist Trait even more! There are still the unlocked abilities of [Blind Luck] and [Memorable Visage] he had to explore, but his counterpart would be collecting more than enough information for this as he took his steps in the Imperial Citadel!


Deep in the Brightgold Monarchy Realm where the bastion of Imperials resided, Alexander had walked through the streets of this Citadel as he gathered more information of its people and culture, as well as observe the ridiculous levels of strength from these beings that had lived in a galaxy for hundreds of thousands of years.

At this moment, dawn had broken as the rays of golden light glistened down from the star that was hanging far above the skies of this mystical Realm, and Noah had come towards a huge fortress that had powerful auras in the hundreds moving around!

The fortress glimmered with gold and white, its structures rising arrogantly to the skies as Noah could not wait to replicate them in his own Infinite Realm.

But at this moment, he had arrived in front of this fortress for the same reason that many other Blessed were also going towards it at this time- for the yearly Blessed Imperial Selection!

It was a selection that held multiple Trials to decide which renowned and powerful Blessed would be joining the ranks of High Imperials, the ranks of beings that were the true heroes of the Nexus Galaxy. It was these beings who gained the chance to freely use the Universal Rift as they explored the Dark Universe, while also holding the title of High Imperials who had access to a variety of resources and techniques to forge powerful Blessed and Law Masters.

Such was the fortress that Noah arrived at, the location which was receiving all the incoming Blessed participating in this yearly Trial, the Imperial Thunderdome!