Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 732 - Affixes and Bookmarks

Chapter 732 - Affixes and Bookmarks

When it came to which Affix he would choose, it actually went hand in hand with how he wanted to utilize [Protagonist's Bookmark]!

This ability would allow him to descend into the body of a being he had seen before as he gained a minute to make a choice on exactly what he wanted to learn.

There were many paths he could choose to take for [Protagonist's Bookmark].

He had met multiple shocking individuals in the past few weeks that each held their own uniqueness, and he had many options to choose from based on how he wanted to move.

He could choose the Bookmark Old Man Khan, Anastasia Fredrick Windsor, or Rudolf Fredrick Windsor as he increased his comprehension in the Dao of Summoning greatly, moving past the abysmal number of .008 as he possibly gained entire percentages!

Or he could choose to Bookmark the Entity that had been getting slapped left and right from the Burning Domains Galaxy as he obtained yet another Dao- Vitality!

There was even the Animus Summon of Old Man Khan- the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm Starry Behemoth Tarragon who like the Void Serpent or the Colossal Helios Leviathan that Noah had summoned, they would unlock and start comprehending their own unique Dao when they reached the upper rank of GALAXY.

The Starry Behemoth Tarragon that he had seen...was actually proficient in the Dao of the Void as it was the reason that it became the mount of Old Man Khan while traversing the chaotic void.

Thus...he had many choices as he could choose to enhance or embark on new Daos, but he actually...was not keen on choosing any of them!

As he made his calculations, he knew that the thing which would bring him immediate boost in strength and further help him set up his plan for how to move in the future.

It actually dealt with things considered lesser than Daos, and it was the Laws! He wanted to first completely comprehend the Universal Laws as he embarked on finally assimilating them according to the techniques described in the Page of Ruination. With this, he could step on the path of possibly obtaining a Cosmic Dao from the combination of all Universal Laws, and he would only have to wait a month before he could use Protagonist's Bookmark to enhance or obtain something else.

Yet...he also knew that obtaining another Dao had a stupendous supplemental effect, where when he obtained the Dao of Summoning, he was able to advance through the laws much faster!

His eyes shone as a solution appeared in front of his Eyes, and it was the Entity from the Burning Domains Galaxy…

He would use Protagonist's Bookmark on this being not purely for the Dao of Vitality, but for her mastered and assimilated Law of Life!

He was planning on spending the first 50 seconds of the Protagonist's Bookmark on heavily enhancing the Ultimate Law of Life, and the latter 10 seconds on her comprehension of the Dao of Vitality so that he could simply step on this Dao and gain its initial supplemental effects!

Two prizes for a single Bookmark…

He chose to heavily start by enhancing the Law of Life as he knew it would cause a chain reaction with the remaining Laws, this law influencing the speed of the Law of Death and all other Laws as they would be caused to rise and in a matter of days...he saw himself completely mastering all the remaining Universal Laws.

An extremely domineering thought, but would he be able to achieve it?!

He had the Laws of Life, Death, Karma, Space, and Time as the only ones left to master! Karma was already at 71% while Space and Time had already gone over +80%. Life was at 33% with Death at at 16%!

He wanted these numbers to change rapidly in the coming days as he sat himself down and closed his eyes.

The first thing he did was send his attention into the Ruination Core as he chose his Affix for now, something he could change whenever he wished as long as he provided enormous amounts of Mana!

But since he only had a single Ruination Core at this time, he could only ever have one Affix at a time.

This would change the moment he set off to find more Ruination Cores, and he knew where all of them were through [Excerpt III- Locations of Other Ruination Tools]!

Shockingly, his next target that was the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter that actually held a Ruination Core! But he placed all these thoughts aside for now as he chose his first Affix.

[Affix Selected- +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation to the Law of Life.]


The unique light of Ruination descended onto Noah as he closed his eyes and reveled in it, his thoughts moving forward as his will cast another skill- [Protagonist's Bookmark]!

The target was the The Entity from the Burning Domains Galaxy that Noah had enraged before, the same being that was proficient in the Dao of Vitality after finishing fully comprehending and assimilating the Laws of Life and Earth.

It wasn't mentioned before, but the name of this Entity was Nirnasha! Nirnasha of the Old Plains!

The moment that Noah cast [Protagonist's Bookmark] with this character as the target, he felt a part of him leave his soul and origin as he instantly shot out of the Novus Galaxy, the speed being nothing he had ever come across before as in just seconds, he crossed who knew how many light years across the chaotic void as the next time he blinked, he saw the illusory figure of himself already descending onto the familiar body of the Entity Nirnasha!

This being was currently moving through the chaotic void to who knew what location, and she didn't notice a single thing as another being shockingly descended and assimilated into her very Origin, all of her secrets laid bare as Noah could gain access to everything.

The moment he descended into her body though, a timer appeared on the corner of his eyes that read 60 Seconds, which went to 59 right after! His thoughts moved fast as while he adapted to the feeling of assimilating into the body of another being, he directly searched for and selected the comprehensions of this being's Law of Life as he wanted to make them his own!


His mind felt like it was receiving disjointed information that should not have been his, but his eyes began to shine as he collected all of it into a bundle of light that shone with a green l.u.s.ter. These were the comprehensions of an ultimate law that an Entity had spent years to cultivate, and he was learning them with ease as at the same time- he had the shocking effect of +10,000% Comprehension & Assimilation to the Law of Life active!

This would create for a shocking phenomenon as he did something nobody else in the Dark Universe could do- he was about to comprehend an Ultimate Law and master it in a stupid amount of time!