Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 2020: Blood Thirst

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Chapter 2020: Blood Thirst

"What is the other one?" Qing Shi asked when he saw that she wasn't talking.

"The other one, if my guess is right, will cause your young child to never again be able to raise his little brother."

"Never raise his little brother? You don't mean… he won't be able to have intercourse?" Qing Shi's pupils shrunk, "Can you cure it?"

"This poison is very strange. At this moment, I do not know if I can find the cure for it." Ou Yu Ling said tentatively, "I wonder who concocted this poison. It's actually so strange. Hehe, how interesting."

"Yu Ling, you have to help Cai'er treat his poison! You know that my clan has only had a single lineage for dozens of generations. If he cannot have intercourse, then my clan will die out!' Chan Shi begged her solemnly.

"I told you long ago that with your child acting that way, he would eat a huge loss sooner or later. However, you never took my words to heart." Ou Yu Ling was still rather sharp with her words as she spoke, "What did you say to me back then? Oh, you said, 'My child has the ability to be domineering. Since he likes to be this way, I'll let him mess around. In any case, I am here to take care of it if anything should happen.' Look, now he's poisoned and did not really die. If not because of Jia Nan Xin, all you would have been able to do today was to receive his dead body!"

"I…" Qing Shi was rendered speechless by what she said because he truly did think that way before. Who knew that someone would actually disregard him completely. "It's all because of Sima You Yue. if not for her, Cai'er would not have landed up in this state!"

"Tch- your own son lacked the ability but had to provoke others. Now, you want to push the blame onto a young lady. Do you have any shame left? Qing Shi, you're getting worse day by day!" Ou Yu Ling was heartless as she scolded him. Even though he was the Vice Sect Master of the Beast Tamer Sect, she scolded him without holding anything back.

Qing Shi knew this fact as well, but when he saw his son in this state, he was endlessly incensed. However, he could not reason with Ou Yu Ling because she had a weird temper. If he argued with her, she might leave in the next second.

"You're right. I will teach him a good lesson in the future." He replied, "Can you treat his poison?"

"You've already asked me this before, and I told you that I'm not sure! I've never encountered this poison before, and its composition is very strange. Whether or not I can figure out an antidote will depend on my research later." Ou Yu Ling said, "But you don't have to be too concerned. He won't die yet. I've already inspected him, so I'm going back first to find a cure. I will send you the antidote for the first poison. As long as you cure that poison, you can get someone to brew some medicine for him to calm his heart. His internal demons probably won't remain."

"As for the second one…"

"For the second poison, you can only pray that I will be able to research and find an antidote. If I can't do it, then I will tell my sect mates. If none of my sect mates can find a cure, then you can only look for Sima You Yue to get an antidote. As for whether or not she holds a grudge and cures your son, it will depend on your abilities."

Ou Yu Ling walked off, leaving behind an ashen-faced Qing Shi.

"Vice Sect Master, about Sima You Yue. Should we…"

"Leave her alive for the time being!"

If the Poison Sect was unable to solve this problem and Sima You Yue died, his Cai'er would never be able to find a cure.

That slut. Once his Cai'er was healed, he would deal with her!

Half a day after Ou Yu Ling returned to the Poison Sect, she got someone to send a pill over. After Qing Cai ate the pill, he improved a lot and was not as dazed as before. However, a deep sense of fear still tinted his eyes.

"That Sima You Yue, she's too terrifying and too scary. I don't want to. I don't want to look for her anymore!" When he thought of that image, he couldn't help but tremble.

"Cai'er, did you see something?"

"Dad, corpses. So many corpses! I was trapped inside there and I couldn't see anything else. There was only an endless sea of corpses! Those beauties all melted into piles of bones, some were even crawling with maggots. There were many underworld beasts feasting on those corpses as well! They surrounded me as if I was a dead body as well. They wanted to eat me! Dad! Those underworld beasts were so scary!" Qing Cai cried out, "Get them away! Go away!"

"Cai'er, this is the Taming Beast Sect. You are already out of there. You're safe. No underworld beast can hurt you! Look, you are in your house." Qing Shi assured him.

Qing Cai opened his eyes and took a good look around. When he was sure that he was in his own home, he finally calmed down.

"Let Mu Zhi examine your body, alright?"

Qing Cai did not refuse, so Mu Zhi went forward to examine him. He said, "I'll prescribe some medicine for him. As long as he can calm down, he will be fine."

"Alright, you can go."

Mu Zhi left, and someone sent the pill over shortly after. Qing Cai fell asleep after eating it, but he would occasionally get nightmares.

The Beast Tamer Sect members were suffering, but Sima You Yue was enjoying a great rest. She took this opportunity where nobody was harassing her to finally take a good walk around the Hidden Sect.

She wasn't not curious about the Hidden Sect. After coming to a new place, she had to familiarise herself with her surroundings to ensure that she would know what to do in the event something happened.

She walked around the place, and by the time she got back, the dead bodies on the ground had already disappeared. Even the blood had been washed clean. It was just that the nauseating scent of fresh blood still lingered in the air.

An old man dressed in tattered clothes was holding a broom and was sweeping the floor. She wanted to walk past him, but that old man stopped her.

"Kid, you have a death aura around you." He said.

"Mm, I just killed some people." Sima You Yue admitted it.

"Did you kill these people?"

"That's right! They wanted to capture me, so I killed them."

"Kid, you don't need to be so bloodthirsty. They just wanted to capture you. Why did you have to kill them?"

"There are some people who, after they offend you, you can forgive them because they will no longer bring you any more trouble. However, there are some people whom you should not. If you let them go, you are merely releasing the tiger back to the mountain. They will just cause you more trouble in the future. In that case, you might as well end it with one strike."

"But those were dozens of lives."

"They sent a few dozen men to bully a little lady like me. Those kinds of people deserve to die." Sima You Yue said, "If it were not me today but some weak person, the narrative would be different. At that time, what would you say? You would say that she was not strong enough and deserved to be bullied. That is why, although I killed those people, there was nothing wrong with it."

Ning Tian Ya watched Sima You Yue. The killing aura around her was actually extremely faint. It did not seem like she had just killed dozens of people at all.

"This world preys on the weak. Your words carry some sense, but if your bloodthirst is too strong, it will affect your heart. Your inner demons will be difficult to manage in the future. Just like the Sect Master of the Music Sect. It has been a long time since he has managed to advance in rank."

"I only do things I believe to be right. If I follow my heart, how would my inner demons form? Even if I really had them, then I would first have to survive up till that point. If I do not fight back, I will be dead before my inner demons form."

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