Invincible - Chapter 2408: Huang Xiaolong’s True Identity!

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Chapter 2408: Huang Xiaolong’s True Identity!

This time, Huang Xiaolong brought along the various Eminent Elders of the Four Seas Holy Gate along with him.

It was a pity he couldn’t move the entire Holy Gate.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s mind shook when he thought of the possibility. “Is there a way for us to bring the Four Seas Holy Grounds along?”

As soon as the idea came to mind, he discussed it with the various True Saints.

When they heard his idea, they swallowed a mouthful of saliva in fright.

“Young Master, I’ve heard that Primal Ancestors are able to move a location in space. However, those are just rumors. It might not be true….” The Departing Sword Sage muttered, “If Young Master really wishes to bring the Four Seas Holy Grounds back, you might need to invite a Primal Ancestor over to do the job.”

Huang Xiaolong frowned. “Does it have to be a Primal Ancestor? Will a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint be able to do the same?”

“Only Primal Ancestors have a Dao Heart and can utilize the grand dao. With the grand dao, a Primal Ancestor will be able to refine an entire region of space.” Chen Zhi nodded solemnly.

A trace of excitement appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s heart. The smile on his face became even more complicated than the trio’s expression as he turned to stare at them. “As long as one has a Dao Heart, they will be able to move the Four Seas Holy Grounds?”

Yu Ming, the True Saint from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, stared at Huang Xiaolong and felt that the young master he had chosen to serve was going crazy.

However, unbeknownst to them, Huang Xiaolong was about to jump in joy. If anyone with a Dao Heart could refine a region of space, it was really good news! After all, his Heart of Hell was on its way to become a real Dao Heart. When he crossed the Fourth or Fifth Tribulation, there was a real possibility of him completing the evolution!

When that happened, he would be able to refine an entire Holy Ground for himself!

Ordinary Holy Grounds were useless if he chose to refine them. However, the Four Seas Holy Ground was different. After accepting the inheritance of the Four Seas Holy Emperor, he could fully activate the Four Seas Grand Formation with the assistance from the Holy Gate’s origin energy!

With the Four Seas Holy Grounds as one of his trump cards, his combat strength would rise by ten times!

Right now, he would probably be able to deal with a peak late-First Heaven True Saint if he called out all three holy souls. If he met Second Heaven True Saints, he would have no choice but to utilize the other treasures on his body. However, everything would change if he managed to obtain the Four Seas Holy Grounds.

As he suppressed the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong knew that he had to raise his strength as quickly as he could. It would be for the best if he could cross the Fifth Tribulation before the opening of the Cangqiong Holy Manor. As soon as he managed to obtain the Dao Heart, he would refine the Four Seas Holy Grounds immediately!

With the Four Seas Holy Grounds, he wouldn’t need to fear anyone when entering the Cangqiong Holy Manor!

Huang Xiaolong quickly relayed his orders to Chen Zhi and the rest. After pulling the Four Seas Holy Furnace out from the loot he had obtained from Lu Ding, he passed it over to the three True Saints for them to help with the refinement of level ten origin spiritual pills.

Rushing into the Winged Dragon Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong immediately started to cultivate. The three True Saints were left staring at each other in confusion.

When Huang Xiaolong left the Profound River, he had managed to obtain more than fifty stalks of holy herbs.

His plan was the return to the Holy Heavens before refining all of them, but he could no longer be bothered. Refining a single stalk would mean a small increase in his strength. Huang Xiaolong decided to take whatever he could.

Of course, the Four Seas Holy Fruits were the first on the list to be refined. After he absorbed both fruits, he would continue to refine the holy herbs he had obtained in the Profound River.

Throwing the first fruit into his mouth, Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to refine all the energy contained within.

The medicinal properties of the Four Seas Holy Fruit filled his body in an instant.

With the three complete dao saint godheads greedily sucking in the energy, the energy of the Four Seas Holy Fruit quickly filled every inch of his body. With the inheritance of the Four Seas Holy Emperor, absorbing the Four Seas Holy Fruit was more beneficial than other herbs when it came to increasing his strength.

Eight days later, the first fruit was sucked dry. Without the slightest hesitation, Huang Xiaolong threw the second fruit into his mouth.

After refining the second fruit, Huang Xiaolong emerged from his secret room.

As soon as he emerged, he noticed Chen Zhi, the Departing Sword Sage, and Yu Ming refining the herbs. Medicinal fragrance filled the ship and anyone who smelled it would feel intoxicated.

Rays of multi-colored light emerged from the Four Seas Holy Furnace, and Huang Xiaolong knew that it wouldn’t be wise to interrupt the three of them. By retreating to the side, he watched on as they refined the pills.

It didn’t take long for a rainbow-colored light to emerge from the Four Seas Holy Furnace. Thunderclouds started to gather in the void of the Holy World above the Winged Dragon Flying Ship.

Every time a level ten origin pill was refined, it had to endure lightning tribulation. The birth of a level ten origin spiritual pill was like the birth of a half-True Saint.


As lightning bolts fell onto the pills, Huang Xiaolong’s holy soul emerged to scatter the threat it posed to the level ten origin spiritual pill. Pure energy quickly fused with the newly crafted pills as they slowly rose into the air above the furnace.

The pills were finally complete!

Refining holy pills was extremely troublesome. It would take several tens of years to refine a holy pill, but level ten origin pills were much easier in comparison. With the three True Saints working hand in hand, they managed to complete the process in tens of years.

Chen Zhi and the others retrieved a jade bottle and stored every one of the pills in it before presenting it to Huang Xiaolong. “Young Master, please.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded before asking them about the refinement process.

Without holding back a single shred of information, they made the report to Huang Xiaolong.

With the jade bottle in hand, Huang Xiaolong returned to his secret room. Retrieving one of the holy herbs he had managed to obtain in the Profound River, he tossed it into his mouth. As the days passed, the number of holy herbs in his Darkness Holy Ring started to dwindle.

A month eventually passed and Huang Xiaolong emerged from his cultivation chamber.

Standing in the main hall of the Winged Dragon Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong stared through the transparent walls of the ship to look at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds before them. He turned to the three True Saints and asked, “Weren’t you guys extremely curious about my identity?”

The trio nodded their heads like chicken pecking on rice.

“Young Master, are you a disciple of the Holy Heavens?!” The Departing Sword Sage asked cautiously.

They were indeed unable to guess Huang Xiaolong’s identity previously. However, the cloud of confusion was lifted when they saw their destination.

“That’s right.” Huang Xiaolong nodded as a smile appeared on his face.

The Winged Dragon Flying Ship hovered in the space above the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds as Huang Xiaolong disembarked. When everyone was out, he sucked everyone into the Darkness Holy Ring.

Everyone in the Holy World knew of Thirteen after what he had done in the Profound River. They also knew that he had managed to subdue Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage. It wasn’t wise for him to show them off to the world, at least for now.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong’s appearance started to change. Summoning Little Nine, Huang Xiaolong jumped on its back as they raced towards the Holy Heavens City.

After so many years, the Rainbow Phoenix’s growth was terrifying to say the least. Nine tails swayed in the air behind it as it tore through the space at an astounding speed. There were runes swirled about the surfaces of the tails, and its claws were especially frightening.

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