It’s Lonely to Be Invincible - Chapter 424 - This isn't the time for you to act cool  

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Chapter 424: This isn’t the time for you to act cool

The disciples of the Saint convent sect rejoiced. “I almost learned to swear from him just now. I didn’t expect it to be so dangerous.” “That’s right, that’s right. He’s obviously making a joke out of the heavens. How could he possibly surpass such a terrifying guy in his lifetime? this is the consequence of toying with the heavens. ” “Well, it’s better for people to know their own limitations. People who like to show off will not have a good ending.” At this moment, the Saint convent sect disciples all nodded in agreement. However, the environment around the sect shocked them. Was this something that a human could do? This was the Saint convent sect, the largest sect in the world. How could it be destroyed like this? even the Holy Son of AMU was taken away from under their eyes. They had lost all their face. “This old man has a headache.” Monarch dan Wu woke up in a daze. He was crushed by Lin fan and lost his mind. When he saw his surroundings, his pupils constricted. He then came to the side of the Holy master,”senior brother, what’s going on?” He was dumbfounded. This was the Saint convent sect, the Holy Land in his heart. But now, only the sect was intact. The surrounding environment was full of potholes. It was a terrible sight. The sacred leader sighed helplessly. Even he couldn’t accept such an outcome. “Where did that bastard go? Is He Dead?” Monarch dan Wu looked around. When he saw the mark on Senior Sister Tianyu’s chest, he was stunned and had a bad feeling. “Let’s go,” This was the greatest humiliation the Saint convent sect had ever suffered. He wanted to lead the monarch of the sect to the magnificent flame sect immediately. But he couldn ‘t. This was not a wise move. The demigod of the dead sect was eyeing them covetously. At the same time, the other sects in the world were also watching the Saint convent sect. Those sects that had been waiting for a long time would probably join forces and divide the Saint convent sect. “We can’t let him continue like this. Saint Lord, give the order. I’ll bring the monarch to the magnificent flame sect.” “Let’s go!” Monarch dan Wu shouted. He wanted to take the initiative and go to the magnificent flame sect. No matter what, he had to get justice for the magnificent flame sect and make them pay the price. Sacred master looked at sovereign dan Wu as if he was looking at a fool. However, he didn’t say much. He still didn’t know what had happened just now. If he knew, he wouldn’t have said this. That kid wasn’t a human. He just made an oath and didn’t think about the consequences. This gave him a headache even though he was the sacred leader. “Return to the sect. No one is allowed to spread this matter. Otherwise, the sect will punish you severely.” Sacred leader waved his hand and didn’t want to be entangled in this matter. This time, the Saint convent sect admitted defeat. You’re ruthless, but the tables have turned. One day, we’ll make this guy pay. When the heavenly mandate realm monarch returned to the sect, the surrounding disciples cast him strange looks. They had all seen the magnificent flame sect’s invincible Peak’s Peak Master grab it with great force. Look, Oh my God, there are handprints on it. Those handprints are really painful to the eyes. In fact, they were sometimes impressed by the heavenly mandate realm monarch’s beauty and figure, but they only thought about it and did not dare to show it. In the void. “Let me go, I beg you, let me go.” AMU’s hands and feet were ice-cold, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat. He was really scared. He originally thought that he would be fine in the sect. After all, this was the Saint convent sect, and he was the religious brother of the Saint convent sect. He couldn’t be taken away just like that. But now, he was like a little chick, being held in someone’s hand. His mentality had collapsed. “Don’t panic. What are you afraid of? do you think this Peak Master will eat you?” He was helpless against the cowardice of AMU’s Holy Son. If he had been a little more unyielding, he could have gone up and given him a good beating. But looking at the situation now, he was really disappointed. Holy Son AMU’s eyes revealed a pitiful look.”Peak Master Lin, please let me go. I really didn’t do it on purpose. If I had known that he was your Junior Brother, I wouldn’t have dared to do it even if you gave me ten times the courage.” “As long as you’re willing to let me go, I’m willing to be your slave.” “There’s no need. I have so many junior brothers and junior sisters to help me. I don’t need your cattle and horses. Be good and don’t move around. Be careful that I don’t break your head when I’m not paying attention.” Lin fan said unhappily. He had only come into contact with one son of Saint convent sect before, but he wasn’t much. He had solved him easily without any problems. Up until now, these Saints were nothing in his eyes. A single sneeze from him could make them spit out their sh * t. Forgive me for saying such disgusting things, but I’m also telling the truth. The land had changed, and they were far away from the Saint convent sect’s territory. The Saint convent sect and the eternal sect were separated by a boundless ocean. For those who couldn’t travel through the void, it would take them a long time to cross this place. But for Lin fan, it was extremely fast. The son of AMU knew that he was done for. Falling into the hands of such a cruel fellow, he would definitely not have a good end. “Peak Master Lin, tell me, what will be my end? I’m willing to guard your Junior brother’s grave for my entire life, even if it means torture. ” The son of AMU didn’t want to die. He had a bright future, so how could he die? “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. There’s someone to guard the tomb. ” Said Lin fan with a smile. He was very friendly. Seeing this smile, AMU’s heart relaxed. Perhaps the other party wouldn’t do anything to him, or at least he wouldn’t lose his life. “Then what should I do?” Holy Son AMU asked. Lin fan replied,”I’ll just kill you when I reach my Junior brother’s grave.” “Ah?” When AMU’s Holy Son heard this, he was shocked. His eyes rolled back, and he fainted from fear. “What a piece of trash.” Lin fan took a look and grabbed it in his hands before dashing off into the distance. He didn’t care about anything else and headed straight for the eternal sect. Although the eternal sect was not as powerful as the Saint convent sect, it was still one of the major sects and was much stronger than the magnificent flame sect. The disciples who were guarding the gate had nothing to do and were talking about what they had seen and heard. Suddenly, they saw a figure appear in the void and couldn’t help but shout. “Who are you?” “Is this the eternal sect?” Lin fan stood in the air and looked at it. He was a little unhappy. This building was really good. It was even more beautiful than the magnificent flame sect. How luxurious. As for the disciple on guard, he was completely ignored. “Whoever is in charge of the eternal sect, come out now.” Lin fan shouted. His voice reverberated. He was too lazy to say anything more. He had spent a lot of time and he had to return to the sect later. “Impudent! This is the eternal sect. State your name!” The disciples who were guarding the mountain Gate scolded loudly. They didn’t expect that someone would dare to ignore them. Lin fan lowered his head and glared at them. Instantly, a wave of pressure exploded out. The disciples who were guarding the gate trembled in fear when they felt the pressure and did not dare to say anything. “He’s such a Tiger. Even in the eternal sect’s territory, he doesn’t show any respect. He’s a tough one.” They had seen a lot and were at the bottom of the society, so they still had some knowledge. “Who are you?” At this moment, a figure appeared. The young man was exceptionally handsome, but under his sword-like eyebrows was a pair of eyes that were filled with displeasure. At the same time, the aura that he exuded was that of confidence, pride, and unparalleled in the world. He felt like a heaven’s favorite. “Noobs, step aside and ask your sect master and elder to come out.” Lin fan didn’t want to talk to this young man. At this moment, many disciples had gathered around. When they heard the other party’s words, they were shocked. “What an arrogant fellow! This is senior brother Yu, one of the eternal sons of the sect! To think that this fellow would dare to be so impudent!” “Hmph, he doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. He’s only as young as senior brother Yu, but he’s so arrogant. I think senior brother Yu will definitely teach this guy a good lesson later.” As expected, the moment the Jade Fox heard Lin fan’s words, her heart burned with passion. As the eternal Son of the sect, he was ranked second. Within the sect, he was an existence that countless disciples worshipped. Now that he was being ignored, he was furious. “Arrogant. I hope your strength is as arrogant as your mouth.” In an instant, the paper fan in senior brother Yu’s hand opened, and multicolored light shone, beautiful and magnificent. Many of the female disciples were mesmerized by this scene. Their eyes were filled with love. This was the most perfect prince Charming in their hearts. In their opinion, although the man who was their senior brother’s enemy was not bad looking, as long as he was their senior brother’s enemy, he was their enemy. “Hehe, I didn’t expect that someone would send themselves to my door to show off in front of my junior brothers and sisters. This is really not bad.” Yu Hu felt good about it, but he did not pull back the power in his hands. Pada! “Don’t bother me, this is not the time for you to be pretentious. ” Lin fan raised his hand casually and slapped out. Then, he frowned.”Where are the people in charge of the eternal sect? they’re not giving me any face at all. This Peak Master is going to get angry.” “Senior brother …” All of the female disciples who were looking at their senior brother Yu with adoration were all heartbroken. Their senior brother didn’t have any sort of demeanor at all. He was sprawled on the ground, unmoving. This caused their hearts to shatter. This wasn’t the senior brother Yu in their hearts at all! At this moment. “Peak Master Lin, you have come from afar. Please forgive me for not going out to welcome you. This junior is insensible. Please don’t take it to heart.” A voice rang out from the depths of the sect. A figure then appeared before Lin fan. “Yes, don’t worry. I’m not a petty person.” Lin fan replied calmly. At the same time, he was elated and proud. To think that the eternal sect would know of his name even though he had never had any dealings with them. This was a pretty good feeling. But thinking about it, it made sense. Now that his name was quite well-known, he was willing to help others and would definitely help other sects through disasters. It was obviously a very normal thing for such a good reputation to spread. “Peak Master Lin, I am elder Rong Qi of the eternal sect. May I know the reason for your visit?” Elder Rong Qi asked. However, they were also on guard. The magnificent flame sect’s Peak Master of invincible peak had a bad reputation. It was said that he was unreasonable and merciless when killing people. He was also a little out of his mind. His emotions were unpredictable, so no one in the sect was willing to come out to welcome him. In the end, he was the only one who was arranged to come out.

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