It’s Lonely to Be Invincible - Chapter 425 - Following the right person is very important  

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Chapter 425: Following the right person is very important

“Elder Rong, there’s no need to be so nervous. This Peak Master has only come here for a small matter.” Lin fan laughed. Although he was carrying the son of AMU, it wasn’t a problem for him to give a fist salute. However, such a scene was rather strange. Elder Rong’s heart trembled as he looked at it. He muttered in his heart,”it’s really extraordinary as the rumors say.” How could he not be nervous? although the eternal sect and the magnificent flame sect had not interacted with each other for many years, this guy had come here out of nowhere. It must be something bad. When the spectating disciples heard that the other party was the peak Master of the magnificent flame sect’s invincible peak, their hearts trembled. Wasn’t that the legendary brutal demon who drank blood and ate raw meat? In an instant, the disciples started trembling. They had never seen what Peak Master Lin looked like, but they had heard of his name. Thinking of how senior brother Yu was actually shouting at the other party, they couldn’t help but tremble in fear. He was courting death. “I wonder what small matter Peak Master Lin is talking about?” Elder Rong asked warily. He even pulled a distance away from Lin fan so that if anything happened, he could escape at once. The four demigods of the Saint convent sect were beaten to a pulp, and he didn’t have the ability to fight them head-on. “AI!” At that moment, Lin fan sighed sadly. “Why is Peak Master Lin sighing? could it be that you have something that you can’t tell me? if you need help, please let me know.” Elder Rong asked. No matter what, they had to keep the other party in check. They couldn’t let the other party go on a killing spree, or they would be finished. “The more I think about it, the sadder I feel. This Peak Master had a very close Junior Brother, but one day, he actually died. Don’t you think this is sad?” Lin fan wiped his eyes. Elder Rong was silent for a moment, then he nodded.”Indeed, it’s not easy to find a considerate disciple. I hope Peak Master Lin can restrain your grief and go along with the flow. If you want to punish the murderer, our sect is very willing to help.” “Really?” Lin fan asked in surprise. Elder Rong was stunned, and his thoughts turned. There was something wrong. This Peak Master Lin was too excited. There was clearly a problem. With his strength, what enemy could he not deal with? Could it be that the enemy was very powerful, so he came to seek help? This was a little troublesome. However, looking at the other party’s anticipating expression, he felt that it would not be good to refuse. In the end, he gritted his teeth and nodded. “It’s true. Our sect is willing to help Peak Master Lin. Please tell us who this person is.” Pa! Lin fan clapped his hands.”Alright, the eternal sect is magnanimous and reasonable. I’ll be Frank then. An eternal Son of your sect killed my Junior Brother. Please hand him over.” “What?” Elder Rong was already listening attentively, but suddenly, his eyes froze as if he had heard wrongly.”Peak Master Lin, what did you say?” “I said that my Junior Brother was killed by the eternal Son of the eternal sect. Just hand him over.” Lin fan said word by word. Elder Rong laughed awkwardly.”Peak Master Lin, you must be joking. How could my sect’s disciples kill your Junior Brother? this must be a rumor.” “A rumor? Then wait a moment, I’ll ask. ” Lin fan smiled under elder Rong’s suspicious gaze. Lin fan brought the son of AMU in front of him. He wanted to ask him but realized that he had fainted. He had no choice but to slap him left and right. The sound of a slap could be heard. “Wake up, wake up …” Elder Rong found him familiar and asked in confusion,””Peak Master Lin, who is this?” “He’s the Saint convent sect’s son AMU. When I went to ask for him, he was unwilling to hand him over. In the end, I got angry and lifted a mountain and smashed it down. In the end, the Saint master gave in and handed him over.” “This really makes me unhappy. If it wasn’t for the long fight, this Peak Master would have come over long ago.” Lin fan muttered to himself. However, he didn’t notice that elder Rong’s face was turning paler by the second. “Holy Son AMU!” Elder Rong looked at the man who was being held in his hand. It seemed like he was really the one. In his opinion, the Saint convent sect must have gone through a lot of pressure to hand over the religious brother. Could it be that the Saint convent sect’s Saint Lord or the heavenly mandate Emperor didn’t stop them? “Argh! Please don’t kill me, I beg you, please don’t kill me. ” Holy Son AMU’s face was swollen from the slap. When he woke up, he immediately begged for mercy. He was already afraid. Such a terrifying existence would definitely take his life. “Stop shouting. Tell me, which eternal Son is your partner?” Lin fan shook the rambling son of AMU until he was no longer wailing and howling. Only then did he let go. AMU’s son looked at Lin fan timidly. He really regretted it now. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have killed him. Elder Rong was panicking. How could he treat the religious brother of the Saint convent sect like this? how cruel was this? it was as the rumors had said. It was terrifying. He couldn’t even make the decision on this matter. “It’s Adam, Adam’s eternal Son. ” Holy Son AMU shouted. He didn’t dare to hide anything anymore. He only hoped that someone would be as unlucky as him or share his burden. Only then would he feel a little more fair. “Impossible!” Elder Rong retorted,”Holy Son AMU, please don’t slander my sect’s disciples.” “Elder Rong, please call eternal Son Adam out. I’m in a bit of a hurry and need to go back.” Lin fan said. He believed in the son of AMU. “Peak Master Lin, there must be a misunderstanding. You can’t just listen to the words of Holy Son AMU.” Elder Rong said. “So you’re saying no?” Lin fan squinted and his eyes shone. It was really shocking. Elder Rong swallowed his saliva. This guy’s eyes were too F * cking evil. They were penetrating. However, at this moment, he had to settle this matter. Then, he straightened his back and said,”Peak Master Lin, our sect respects you, but you can’t bully us just because we don’t have people. Adam is our sect’s eternal Son. How can we just listen to him and hand him over? please forgive our sect for not being able to do that.” These words made the disciples very excited. They all straightened their backs. This was the eternal sect. They would never yield to any pressure. BOOM! All of a sudden, the earth quaked and the mountains trembled. A vast aura burst forth from Lin fan’s body, shooting up into the heavens. Lin fan went all out and his body swelled up, showing his most vicious form to everyone. “Peak Master Lin, what is the meaning of this?” Elder Rong took a step back, sweat dripping from his forehead. He couldn’t bear the pressure. “I don’t mean anything,” ye mo said.”The eternal sect doesn’t want to give me face. Fine, come out if you can. Either you hand over the man or kill me. There’s no third choice.” It was the same trick again. However, the result this time was different. The Saint convent sect even challenged Lin fan for a while and made a big move. When elder Rong saw this, his expression turned ugly. He hurriedly raised his hand and said,”Peak Master Lin, please wait a moment. Let me inform the sect master.” At the same time, he cursed in his heart. What a beast! He really lives up to his reputation. He’s unreasonable and attacks people whenever they don’t agree with him. Who would dare to have any relationship with the magnificent flame sect in the future? “Hurry up. In my life, I hate people who don’t give me face the most. Hurry up and get the person in charge to come out. Otherwise, I’m really going to make a move. If I do, I won’t be able to control myself. If that happens, you’ll have to bear the consequences.” Lin fan became anxious. His body was like a steam engine, emitting mist like he was on the verge of exploding. Elder Rong quickly asked the sect master to come out and resolve it. He could not resolve this matter. The other party was too unyielding and unreasonable. He couldn’t win. In the eternal Son’s residence, Adam was already aware of the situation outside. He quickly left the crowd and returned to his room to pack his things, ready to escape. He didn’t expect that Holy Son AMU had been captured and brought here. “Bastard, how could you rat me out? I’m the religious brother of the Saint convent sect. What a coward.” He didn’t think that the sect could protect him, even AMU had been captured. This meant that the Saint convent sect couldn’t protect him. Just as he finished packing and was about to retreat, he realized that a figure had appeared behind him and grabbed his shoulder.”Adam …” Adam’s hair stood on end. When he saw who it was, he had a bitter look on his face.”Sect master …” “Don’t say anything. ” The Grandmaster waved his hand and sighed,”Adam, the sect has been kind to you. It’s not that I don’t want to protect you, but just now, there was news from the Saint convent sect that even the Saint convent sect was almost destroyed by the guy outside, so …” “I don’t want to listen! I don’t want to listen! Grandmaster, you have to save me! You’re the Grandmaster! You have to protect every single disciple under your wings!” Adam’s face paled as he cursed madly in his heart. The Grandmaster was going to abandon him! The despair in his heart exploded. There was no hope. “AI, it’s precisely because of this that I’m letting you out. Adam, you’re a man. You have to be brave enough to take responsibility. If I were to use you alone to exchange for the safety of my millions of disciples, it would be worth it. You’re the sect’s hero. The sect will remember you for the rest of our lives,” The sect master said. “No, I don’t want to be a hero. Sect master, please let me go. I promise I won’t come back.” However, the sect master didn’t give him a chance to speak. Instead, he grabbed and entered the void, appearing at the mountain Gate. The eternal sect’s Grandmaster appeared and handed Adam over. “Sect master, you can’t do this. I’m loyal to the sect, how can you sell me?” Adam roared in anger. He hadn’t expected this to be the result. “Shut up!” The sect master scolded angrily.”You’ve ruined the hundred-year-old friendship between the eternal sect and the magnificent flame sect by killing the magnificent flame sect disciples. You’re a Rascal, and you’ve ruined the good relationship between the two sects. Since Peak Master Lin is here today, I’ll hand you over to Peak Master Lin for punishment.” Lin fan was satisfied and sighed,”there aren’t many people like the sect leader who is so understanding.” “No, no, this is not something that can be tolerated.” The sect master said hypocritically. Lin fan looked at the struggling Adam,”stop struggling. You still can’t tell that your sect has sold you out. You’re such a fool and you’re even serving the sect. In the future, be more careful. It’s important to follow the right person. If you follow the wrong person, you’ll lose your life.” His voice was very loud, and it was directly transmitted to the ears of all the disciples below. This was destroying the hearts of the disciples. The Grandmaster of the eternal sect looked at Lin fan and his lips twitched. He was cursing in his heart. B * stard! If not for the fact that he was a little afraid of Lin fan, he would have beaten the sh * t out of him a long time ago. “Eh? Could it be that there’s a problem with what I said?” Lin fan looked at him innocently. “Hehe!” The eternal sect’s Grandmaster chuckled. It was as if he was saying,”I’m begging you, hurry up and leave. My sect is afraid of you.”

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