Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor - Chapter 452: Everchanging Dao Heart (End)

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Chapter 452: Everchanging Dao Heart (End)

Wang Wei opened his eyes in the Secret Realm with another seed floating around his Primordial Spirit. This Dao Heart Seed resembled countless faces that keep changing nonstop: one moment, it displays a happy look, then next a ferocious one, afterward a benevolent one, etc.

'True Devil, hu? I wonder about the connection between devil cultivators and the devil race,' thought Wang Wei.

According to records, devil cultivators originated from the Devil Era when some cultivators wanted to acquire the power of the Devil Race to defend against them.

However, from Wang Wei's understanding, devil cultivators might have existed way before. Someone definitely wanted to use extreme methods at some point to make up for their deficiency, thus walking the Path of the Heavenly Demon.

He guessed that there were no records of devil cultivators before then, most likely because Buddhism wiped them out in the Incense Era.

As for the devil race? Wang Wei believed that there was definitely a True Devil amongst them and maybe even behind the entire invasion. As a race born to feed on Negative Karma, they are also highly bound by Karma.

So, it is not far-fetched that some people wanted to revolt against their fate.

Thinking of this, Wang Wei suddenly realized that many of the events of history that he learned might not be precisely true.

For example, how did the Golden Ape Emperor almost conquer the Myriad Emperor World? From records, we know that he was extremely powerful–albeit no specific answer about his Emperor Class–but there are still some things that do not add up.

It is stated in the records that after proving the Dao, the Human Emperor had a legendary battle with the Golden Ape Emperor. However, the Human Emperor was an Eternal Emperor, so how could the Golden Ape be so powerful? Was he a Pseudo Eternal Emperor?

If that was true, the cultivators in the Ancient Emperor Era could never have lasted long enough to resist the Golden Ape Emperor–unless there were other factors at play.

Wang Wei guessed in that Era; that there were not as many Dao Ancestors, Immortal Venerables, and even Emperor Lineages compared to now. Additionally, there probably was no Insurgent Heaven Chosen in such an early development of this world's cultivation civilization.

These should have given the Golden Ape Emperor an advantage, but it should not be enough.

The biggest problem is the Human Emperor himself; he created a formation that allowed him to fight a Great Emperor while in the Quasi-Emperor Realm.

Wang Wei might have believed this fact in the past, but his current self had a rough idea of the vast difference between Quasi-Emperors and the lowliest Third Class Emperor.

And yet, the Human Emperor was able to make up the gap between a possible First-Class Emperor like the Golden Ape? Things were not adding up.

Such a formation did not exist in the Myriad Emperor World–at least according to his understanding. And even if it did, no Mortal could ever withstand such enormous power and control it properly.

Plus, if it did exist, wouldn't it have been better to let a Dao Ancestor or Immortal Venerable at that time use it instead of a Quasi-Emperor? That would make more sense.

And this is not the only problem with the history that he learned. According to records, the devil race conquered most of the Lower Dimension at some point, and honestly, Wang Wei found this a little far-fetched.

Honestly, he believed that an Eternal Emperor might be capable of accomplishing such a task–with extreme cautions and planning. However, the moment that they live, things will revert to normal.

And Yet, with only the Nine Devil Gods, the devil race accomplished such a thing. Additionally, Wu Hong told him that the Nine Devil Gods interfered in her Heaven Will Battle, and based on Wang Wei's understanding, this should not be possible; to be precise, this act should not be allowed.

Wang Wei had short enlightenment in the world's Order, so he understood how significant the Heaven Will Battle was. And if Great Emperors could temper with that battle, a terrible situation where the Heaven Will of the Lower Dimension is privatized would occur, thus essentially ruining the foundation of the entire universe.

Heavenly Dao would never allow anyone to interfere in Heaven Will Battle. Maybe Heavenly Dao itself cannot prevent some powerful Great Emperors, but the True Heavenly Dao can.

Wu Hong once mentioned this term to him, and although she did not tell him exactly what it was, he could guess. The True Heavenly Dao is the one that governs the laws and regulations of the Upper Dimension, where all the Emperors, Empyreans, and Paragons are.

And the Heavenly Daos of different worlds in the Lower Dimension are merely branches of the main one.

Wang Wei could only imagine how powerful such an existence was. After all, it did manage to place some restraints on beings like Great Emperors and Empyreans, and maybe even Paragons.

Such a powerful entity should have no problem managing a few of the Devil Gods, yet it did not do so. Either something was wrong during that time, or Wang Wei is overthinking about this.

'It is possible that I'm overthinking this. However, there is nothing wrong with seeing things with a little skepticism–especially when the Human Emperor might also be a transmigrator like myself.'

After thinking about all these briefly, he decided to focus on his main task. He understood that the victor wrote history, and embellishing some aspects is necessary. So, maybe the answer to all his questions is that simple.

After condensing the True Devil Dao Heart Seed, Wang Wei entered the formation again.

In the third life, he dedicated his life to the scriptures. And once he became enlightened, he spread his knowledge and wisdom to the world.

In the fourth life, he was a swordsman. At the age of three, he started practicing the basic sword strikes daily and did not stop for 20 years. He never practiced any other sword techniques, nor did he ever utter a word in his life.

At 23, he left his house and challenged all the swordsmen in the world. And during his journey, he could learn all the sword techniques he saw displayed a few times in his decade career, and he never suffered a single defeat.

At age 35, he became the most powerful swordsman in the world. However, his Sword Dao reached a bottleneck, so he entered seclusion. Five years later, he returned to Jianghu again with his swordsmanship not improved–not even a single bit.

So, he began to gather all the martial arts methods or skills in the world to create a sword technique that countered them. Of course, many people did not like this. Unfortunately, no one could stop the strike of the Silent Sword God.

After more than twenty years, Jian Wei gathered and understood all the martial arts in the world and created a sword move or counter for them. Then, on top of a mountain, he used the most potent attack in his life.

Then, Wang Wei continued to condense different Dao Heart Seeds: Pill Dao, Array Dao, Talisman Dao, Puppet Dao, and even Poison Dao, along with many others.

Finally, using the True Devil Dao Seed as the core, he fused all the others into one.

The moment he succeeded, Wang Wei felt refreshed and brand new; it was like he had removed a heavy burden from his shoulders. As he moved his body, he could see a strange invisible Dao Rhymes emanating from his body, displaying the fact that he was perfectly in tune with the Dao.

'Is this the Perfect Union of Dao and Path?'

Paths refer to the overall goal or ambitions of a cultivator. What is the main reason?: To achieve immortality or protect loved ones? Any dream or purpose of a cultivator can be considered their path.

And Dao referred to the laws they cultivate, like the five elements, Yin-Yang, and many more. For example, Wang Wei's path is to be one day free and unfettered, and his Dao is fate.

It is a requirement for all cultivators' Dao to match their paths; to be precise, their Dao has to be able to help them accomplish their Path. If not, there will be severe consequences.

And with this new Dao Heart, Wang Wei's Path and Dao have been perfectly combined, granting him incredible benefits.

Wang Wei waved his hand to use the [Destiny of Death] on a mountain nearby, and it instantly decayed and died. Then, he used all different types of techniques.

'Now, not only can I use all the cultivation scriptures I have to their full extent, my fate-related techniques are now 2-3 times more powerful.'

He wanted to check his slight increase in strength, so he went to the Battle Tower to fight again with Di Tian. He lost miserably, but he lasted 30 minutes longer than in the previous fight.

After opening his Star Acupoints, he used the tower once and could only last five more minutes than the battle in the lower realm. But now, his time had increased by 25 minutes, which is a lot of progress since he has not created his Fate Incarnations yet.

After returning to the Secret Realm, Wang Wei checked his Essence and Qi Crown; they seemed more vivid and bright than before, and he knew the cause.

There is a link between the Three Crown Flowers and a cultivator's Dao Heart, and any changes will affect the flower. For example, his grandfather's Dao Heart was broken, which resulted in his flowers almost disappearing.

He had to use his Will and a lot of resources to barely keep them, but he could not use the ability granted by them.

It was only recently stabilized when Wang Wei told him the plan to fix his Dao Heart, but he still could not use their power.

As he looked at the flowers, a pondering look appeared on his face. He wanted a 13 petal flower instead of a 12, but Wu Hong told him such a thing was not remotely possible for his current self.

So, he shook his head to remove these distracting thoughts. Now that he had a Dao Heart that could cultivate the Future Buddha Scroll, he did not want to waste time.

Additionally, he was preparing to enter a long retreat in the sect's Time Formation.

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