Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1173 - [Bonus ]competition To Become Core Disciple

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Mu Xueying waved her hand again, when Mu Xueying waved hers, the ice covering Gong Senye body disappeared.

"Plap. ." Gong Senye fell to the floor, he vomited a lot of blood from his mouth, the attack just now seriously injured Gong Senye body, Gong Senye internal organs were injured when he received Mu Xueying attack.

Even though Mu Xueying only used a small amount of her ability, it still had an extremely powerful effect, it caused a wound to Gong Senye, and this wound was not going to heal any time soon.

Gong Senye looked at Mu Xueying, he didn't expect that Mu Xueying would become this great.

Gong Senye had never heard of a core disciple possessing this strong power, he had seen it for the first time with his own eyes.

"You better go, don't make me kill you" Mu Xueying warned Gong Senye to leave this place immediately, otherwise Mu Xueying would kill him.

Gong Senye had no other choice, Mu Xueying was too strong, if she stayed in this place, it would be very dangerous for her.

Gong Senye took Gong Pee who was injured, he took Gong Pee away from this place.

After Gong Senye and Gong Pee left this place, Mu Xueying looked at Ye Chen who was beside her.

Mu Xueying reached out and started to pinch Ye Chen's ear quite hard.

"Ye Chen, you really made things very troublesome for me again, can't you do something that doesn't provoke a commotion like this" Mu Xueying immediately scolded Ye Chen, she felt dissatisfied because Ye Chen was always looking for trouble for herself.

This was the umpteenth time Ye Chen had caused trouble for himself, this made Mu Xueying very unhappy.

"I'm sorry, please let me go" Ye Chen tried to apologize to Mu Xueying, he was hurt by what Mu Xueying did.

Mu Xueying was still the same as before, when Ye Chen made trouble, Mu Xueying would teach him a lesson like this.

"Fufufu" Mei Yueli smiled when they saw what was happening to Ye Chen, they found it very funny.

Mu Xueying didn't care, she pulled Ye Chen's ear even harder, this was to prevent Ye Chen from causing any more trouble in the future.

Ye Chen kept begging Mu Xueying for mercy, he really hoped that Mu Xueying would let him go.

After a few minutes of doing this, Mu Xueying finally agreed to let Ye Chen go.

After releasing Ye Chen, Mu Xueying turned her attention to Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu.

"So you guys sneaked away and met Ye Chen." This time it was Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu turn to get a lecture from Mu Xueying.

Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu lowered their heads, they had been guilty of going out without Mu Xueying permission.

"Sorry, we just want to meet Ye Chen only" Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci said that they came out just to meet Ye Chen, both wanted to see Ye Chen's current condition.

Mu Xueying was helpless when she saw this, She could feel that Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu were doing this because they both missed Ye Chen,

Mu Xueying herself couldn't bear to punish the two of them, she didn't feel comfortable scolding Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci for this matter.

"You should go back, you still have unfinished practice." Mu Xueying told Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu to return to Jade Lotus Peak, both of whom still had unfinished practice.

"Alright, we understand." Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci nodded, the two of them would go and continue their unfinished practice.

"Yueli, you bring the two of them back, ensure their safety on the way." Mu Xueying told Mei Yueli to go and bring Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci back to Jade Lotus Peak.

"Alright, I understand." Mei Yueli also nodded to Mu Xueying, she wasn't too brave to go against Mu Xueying.

Mei Yueli was well aware of Mu Xueying position, Mu Xueying had already become Ye Chen's woman, therefore Mu Xueying position was more senior than Mei Yueli.

So it was because of this that Mei Yueli did not dare to go against Mu Xueying request, she was afraid that Mu Xueying would not allow herself to be with Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci immediately left this place, the three of them flying towards the direction of Jade Lotus Peak.

After Mei Yueli, Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu left this place, now only Mu Xueying and Mu Nianci were left in this place.

"Ye Chen, it seems that your strength has increased quite a lot, you were even able to fighting an elder like Gong Senye" Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

"Of course, I've been training hard enough, so it's not strange that I can match that old man." Ye Chen told Mu Xueying that he had trained hard enough, that's why he could be on par with Gong Senye.

"Then you should be able to take the test to enter the core disciple ranks" Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying wanted Ye Chen to take the exam to become a core disciple which was about to be held.

" you mean?" Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, Ye Chen wanted to know what Mu Xueying meant to say to him.

"Ye Chen, in two months there will be a competition to become a core disciple, this is the moment that many people have been waiting for" Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Countless disciples were waiting for this moment to enter the ranks of core disciples.

This moment comes once every 20 years, at this time hundreds of worthy disciples will be selected to enter the ranks of core disciples in the nine peaks.

There are several ways to become a core disciple, the first way is to contribute to the Sect, then one can become a core disciple.

The second way is with Lord Peak's approval, as long as Lord Peak agrees, then one can directly become a core disciple.

While the last way is the competition route, the competition is the youngest way to become a core disciple, Lord Peak will come and see for yourself the performance during the competition, if there is something that interests them, then Lord Peak will recruit them to become core disciples.

It was because of this that Mu Xueying wanted Ye Chen to enter this competition, with Ye Chen's ability, she should easily attract the attention of one of the Peak Lords.

"That's fine." Ye Chen nodded to Mu Xueying.

The resources in the outer court were so minimal, Ye Chen almost lacked the resources for his cultivation.

That's why Ye Chen was interested in what Mu Xueying had to say, perhaps becoming a core disciple would give him sufficient resources to increase his cultivation level.

"It's good if you agree, first you have to become an outer court disciple first to be able to enter this competition" Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to become an inner court disciple to be able to enter this competition.

"How to become an inner court disciple?" Ye Chen asked about how to become an inner court disciple.

"That's very easy, there is an exam you have to pass to become an inner court disciple, all you need to prepare is enough contribution points to pay the exam fees" Mu Xueying told Ye Chen about how to become an inner court disciple.

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