Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1796 Shen Niang's past

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Chapter 1796 Shen Niang’s past

  ”You must feel it too” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen was sure that Shen Niang felt it too.

”Yes I do feel it” Shen Niang felt it, she felt what Ye Chen just said

”Then can you come back?” Ye Chen asked Shen Niang, Ye Chen tried to persuade and seduce Shen Niang, Ye Chen wanted Shen Niang to return to the right path.

”Why do you really want me back?” Shen Niang asked Ye Chen.

Shen Niang asked Ye Chen, she asked why Ye Chen wanted herself to return to the way she was before.

”It’s because I expect more from you, I hope you can be better and return to the way you were before, it will definitely be amazing to see a Goddess like you return to the way you used to be” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

Ye Chen was very good at stringing words, he used good words to seduce and persuade Shen Niang.

Ye Chen’s words started to affect Shen Niang, Shen Niang started to be affected by Ye Chen’s words.

Shen Niang’s heart started to move, her locked heart started to move again, life started to grow in Shen Niang’s heart.

”Please” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen begged Shen Niang, he begged Shen Niang to come back and be her true self.

”I . . .” Shen Niang hesitated to answer Ye Chen, she hesitated to do what Ye Chen said.

”Then tell me, why did you become like this, maybe I can find out about what happened” Seeing Shen Niang still refusing, Ye Chen decided to find out what happened.

”Would you like to hear my story?” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

”Of course I want to.” Ye Chen certainly wanted to, he wanted to hear the story from Shen Niang.

Ye Chen was quite curious about Shen Niang’s change, he wanted to know what caused Shen Niang’s change to be like this.

a goddess like Shen Niang turned into this, there must be something going on.

”I’ll tell you a little story from the past.” Shen Niang decided to tell Ye Chen what happened.

Apart from Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan and Chu Ning’er are also curious about this matter, both of them are eager to know what happened.

This story begins before the era of the battle between Gods and Demons, at that time the world of the God Realm was enormous and inhabited by Gods and Demons.

Gods and Demons both have their own territory, they have their own territory and do not interfere in the affairs of other territories.

That was where Shen Niang had a brother from the Demon race who was one of the supreme Demon God leaders.

In history not many people knew that Shen Niang had a brother from the Demon race, this was never mentioned or explained.

They weren’t siblings, rather they were adopted siblings, so it wasn’t surprising that few people knew about them.

”Wait a minute, then why did you turn out like this, was this your brother’s doing?” Ye Chen asked Shen Niang.

”Listen to my story further before you ask.” Shen Niang told Ye Chen to listen to it first.

”Okay I will listen, please continue” Ye Chen understood, he would listen to what Shen Niang had to say.

”My relationship with brother is very good, we are very close to each other” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen, Shen Niang told Ye Chen that their relationship was very good.

Shen Niang’s adopted brother’s name was Di Tenzha, as said before, he was one of the Demon God with great power.

One day Shen Niang met Di Tenzha, at that time they had a private meeting and looked very intimate.

As the meeting took place, Mo Xin’s heavenly god unknowingly knew about this, Mo Xin was one of Shen Niang’s pursuers.

In the past Shen Niang had so many pursuers and fans, almost all the gods in the God Realm tried to get Shen Niang.

Although it seemed like it would be very difficult to do considering Shen Niang was not an easy woman to get hold of.

Mo Xin saw Shen Niang and Di Tenzha meeting, it was at that meeting that Mo Xin was not happy to see Shen Niang close to a Demon.

Shen Niang is a holy goddess, there is no way a Heaven god like Mo Xin would let Shen Niang be with a Demon, it would ruin her name.

Because of that Mo Xin decided to get rid of Di Tenzha, he used a method to destroy Di Tenzha.

In the past Mo Xin was the god with the most influence in the God Realm, his influence rivaled all the gods in this God Realm, no one could compete with him in terms of power.

With such immense power, it was not surprising that Mo Xin could easily move people to get rid of Di Tenzha.

Mo Xin moved his own people and got rid of Di Tenzha very easily.

In the past Mo Xin had subordinates called Nine God Warriors, it was the strongest army in the God Realm, whose members were the strongest Gods in existence, the strength of the Nine Gods was said to be comparable to Mo Xin’s even more powerful.

By sending the Nine God Warriors and several powerful Gods, Mo Xin managed to get rid of Di Tenzha who was alone and without a bodyguard.

Shen Niang at that time knew about the matter, she immediately went and helped Di Tenzha.

By the time Shen Niang arrived, she was already late, Di Tenzha had been defeated by Mo Xin and killed.

This made Shen Niang very upset, she was very upset to see her adoptive brother killed by Mo Xin.

Di Tenzha tried to fight Mo Xin, but with her current strength, she was no match for Mo Xin’s power.

The one with Shen Niang was instead easily caught by Mo Xin.

Mo Xin catches Shen Niang under the pretext that Shen Niang has been brainwashed by Di Tenzha, when his real intention is to get Shen Niang.

Mo Xin was quite skilled at taking advantage of circumstances, he knew that this was the perfect opportunity to get Shen Niang.

”Back then I was caught knowing what was going to happen, surely that man would have done something bad, that’s why I learned a Demon God Fury technique given by Di Tenzha and ended up like this” Shen Niang told her short story.

she told Ye Chen about the reason why she was like this now.

In the past Shen Niang was forced to learn the Demon God Fury and became like that, this technique made Shen Niang lose control and often get angry and kill for no reason.

”So that’s the story.” Ye Chen now understood this, he now understood what had happened.

It turned out that this was the reason why Shen Niang turned out to be like this, it turned out that Shen Niang was forced to do this.

”That person is really bad” Ye Chen understood that in this world sometimes even good people can become evil and cunning, it seems that the God Realm has quite a chaotic history.

”Then how did you get to this place?” Ye Chen asked Shen Niang, he asked why Shen Niang was here.

”Who else in this world is capable of sealing this woman, it is Sage God, he brought me to this place and sealed me” Shen Niang said in a dissatisfied tone.

Shen Niang looked at Ye Chen who had the Sage God inheritance on his body.

Ye Chen felt uncomfortable when he heard this, perhaps this was the reason Shen Niang was not happy with Ye Chen.

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