Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1797 Little Shen Niang

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Chapter 1797 Little Shen Niang

  ”So, that’s the reason you attacked me?” Ye Chen now understood why Shen Niang attacked him, maybe Shen Niang thought of Ye Chen as a Sage God.

”Yes, maybe you can think of it that way, plus you are still quite foreign to me” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

Shen Niang was still quite unfamiliar with Ye Chen, she had still met Ye Chen for the first time and didn’t know what Ye Chen was like.

”Maybe soon we will become friends” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, they would soon become quite familiar.

”You are very different from the people I met, you are a little strange.” Shen Niang felt that Ye Chen was a little strange, this man somehow felt a little strange.

”strange?, strange why?” Ye Chen asked Shen Niang, he asked why he was called strange.

”It’s strange that you are not afraid of me, you should be afraid, the power of the Demon God Furry should be enough to make someone with low cultivation like yourself feel afraid” Shen Niang said.

Shen Niang felt that Ye Chen had no fear, he was not afraid and tried to blend in with Shen Niang who had the Demon God Furry.

”Hahaha” Ye Chen smiled when he heard this, to be honest what Shen Niang did was very funny.

”That’s very funny.” Ye Chen said that it was very funny, what Shen Niang said was very funny.

”Why are you even laughing?” Shen Niang asked Ye Chen, why did Ye Chen even laugh at such a condition.

”After all, it’s really funny, why should I be afraid, you don’t look too evil” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

The current Shen Niang was helpless, right now she was nothing more than a normal helpless woman.

”You are really different” Shen Niang had to admit that Ye Chen was indeed different.

”Okay, the previous question, can you go back like before?” Ye Chen asked Shen Niang, Ye Chen asked if Shen Niang was able to return to her former.

”Maybe it will be a little difficult and time consuming” Shen Niang said that it would be a bit difficult and time consuming.

”It’s okay, as long as it can happen, then please do it” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen kept trying to make Shen Niang back to how he was before.

Shen Niang looked at Ye Chen, she saw a sincerity from Ye Chen, this man really wanted herself to return to the way she was before.

”Okay, since you insist” since Ye Chen begged like that, Shen Niang would probably do it.

Now that Mo Xin is no more in this word, so why is Shen Niang still like this, her purpose has also been lost, it’s best if he returns to the way she was before.

”That’s great.” Ye Chen was happy when he heard this, Ye Chen finally persuaded Shen Niang.

It was also quite difficult to persuade Shen Niang, Ye Chen needed quite a lot of time to persuade Shen Niang.

”I may have to do something about this matter, maybe I won’t be able to go out for a while” Shen Niang might need some time to purify herself from the power of darkness.

” You mean?” Ye Chen asked Shen Niang, Ye Chen asked the meaning of Shen Niang’s words.

”I will be in the subconscious for a while, I have to clean myself from the inside, for that maybe I will use the personality I created to replace me” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

”Oh, you mean you can create your own consciousness other than your current self” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

”Yes, that’s right, I will be using a different personality as a substitute for the time being, the personality I created may be slightly different from the current me” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

”Okay I understand” Ye Chen thighs, he understands the direction of the conversation that is being carried out by Shen Niang.

Shen Niang will create another A consciousness of herself, that means Shen Niang will create this artificial personality to control himself.

”Before that, I have to warn you a bit, the realization I’m about to make may not be too mature, so I hope you can be a little patient” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

Shen Niang told Ye Chen to be more patient in dealing with the realization made by Shen Niang.

”I will” Ye Chen will do it, he will be patient in facing the realization that Shen Niang will make.

”That’s good” Shen Niang was happy that Ye Chen agreed with what he said, that way Shen Niang could be calmer.

”Yuechan, is it possible for her to do that?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen asked if Shen Niang was able to create another personality.

Was it so easy to do that Shen Niang could do such a thing.

”It seems that it’s not that difficult, you should know that he has abnormal strength and surpasses the limits you think, she can do whatever he wants very easily.

Chu Yuechan believed that Shen Niang was capable of such a thing, he was capable of such a thing very easily.

”I want to see what it looks like” Ye Chen honestly wanted to see it, he wanted to see what kind of strength Shen Niang had.

Shen Niang started to close her eyes, her body was enveloped by a slightly terrifying darkness.

Ye Chen retreated backwards, Shen Niang’s strength made Ye Chen retreat by himself.

This darkness power entered Shen Niang’s body, Shen Niang seemed to be gathering this darkness into her body.

Shen Niang started to make a Seal with her hands, this seal looked quite foreign to Ye Chen.

After making the seal, Shen Niang’s body was enveloped by light, her body was now covered by a dazzling light.

Ye Chen closed his eyes, he couldn’t see this light with the naked eye, to be honest it was quite difficult to see this light with the naked eye.

This light enveloped Shen Niang’s body, Ye Chen didn’t know what was happening now, he couldn’t see what happened to Shen Niang.

After approximately 20 minutes, the light began to gradually dissipate.

Shen Niang’s body began to undergo slight changes, Shen Niang’s Silver hair had now returned to a black color and her eyes were golden.

Shen Niang’s appearance now was much more beautiful and pure than before.

”What happened, is this what he said before?” Ye Chen looked at Shen Niang, Shen Niang’s change was quite shocking.

Shen Niang opened her eyes, she started to look at Ye Chen with a strange look.

”that. . ., big brother who are you?” Shen Niang asked Ye Chen.

Shen Niang’s tone was very cute and pleasant to listen to, it was more like a child’s voice.

”Damn, she’s too cute” Ye Chen saw that Shen Niang was too cute, Shen Niang was too cute when she was in this condition.

”My name is Ye Chen” Ye Chen told Shen Niang who he was.

”So big brother’s name is Ye Chen” Shen Niang smiled at Ye Chen, she smiled gently at Ye Chen.

”From now on you will come with me, you will be with me” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, he told Shen Niang that he would live with Ye Chen.

”Okay, I understand” Little Shen Niang understood, she was going to live together with Ye Chen.

Little Shen Niang was so innocent, Ye Chen did not expect that Goddess Shen Niang would create this kind of personality for Ye Chen.

”That’s great” Ye Chen gave Goddess Shen Niang a compliment, she had made something truly amazing.

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