Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1798 find a Space Ring

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Chapter 1798 find a Space Ring

  ”You seem very happy.” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Of course, look at little Shen Niang, isn’t she cute and very beautiful?” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Seeing Shen Niang with such a super innocent female personality was something that made anyone feel extremely happy.

”But isn’t this too risky, in that case he will be easily taken advantage of by others.” Chu Yuechan felt that what Shen Niang was doing was too risky, this could make other people take advantage of little Shen Niang.

Shen Niang’s strength was so immense, she could destroy the balance within the God Realm.

”That’s right, I have to take good care of her, otherwise her strength will be misused by others” Ye Chen must be able to take good care of Shen Niang, otherwise Shen Niang’s small strength will be used by others.

”That, little Shen Niang, do you have the strength?” Ye Chen asked little Shen Niang.

”Strength?, I don’t think I have any strength.” Little Shen Niang said that she didn’t have any strength.

”Is that true, then let’s test it.” Ye wanted to test little Shen Niang’s strength, he tried to use a tool to measure little Shen Niang’s strength.

”Okay, let’s hit this thing.” Ye Chen told little Shen Niang to hit the object in front of him.

”Okay” Little Shen Niang was very obedient to Ye Chen’s words, she did whatever Ye Chen told her to do.

Little Shen Niang hit the tool Ye Chen gave her, when little Shen Niang did that, there was no reaction.

”Eh, her strength is gone.” Ye Chen saw that little Shen Niang’s strength was very weak.

”Her body is still filled with energy that protects her surroundings, but it doesn’t react when she hits the power gauge, it seems that Shen Niang has already arranged this” Chu Yuechan said that everything might have been arranged by Shen Niang.

”That means she’s harmless.” Ye Chen understood what was happening, it seemed that Shen Niang had managed to keep her power from being used by the personality she just created.

”perhaps her power will activate if she is threatened” Chu Yuechan estimated that little Shen Niang’s strength would activate when she was threatened.

”It’s like a mechanism that activates when triggered.” What Shen Niang did was excellent, she made a defense mechanism and thought that far.

”That means she won’t be easy to use by others” Since Shen Niang had made a mechanism on herself with a special seal, then using little Shen Niang would be a difficult thing to do.

”Not really, there may still be many people who can use it, we have to be careful, we don’t know if there is anyone who can create and trigger Shen Niang’s power at will.” In the God Realm there are countless people with strange skills, it’s possible they could trigger Shen Niang’s power and turn it into a tool.

Ye Chen had already promised to protect Shen Niang’s body, so Ye Chen’s job was to keep protecting her until the real Shen Niang came out and returned as before.

”How long do you think he’ll be like this for?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, when will the real Shen Niang come out again as before.

”I don’t know, but she is a cultivator in the realm of the true god, time for her is a short thing, even thousands of years is like a few days for her.”

”-_-!” Ye Chen did not expect that Chu Yuechan would say such a thing, it seems that it would not be as fast as Ye Chen imagined.

”Everything is already done, you should just go ahead with everything” Everything had already happened, so why was Ye Chen complaining about this matter.

Ye Chen touched little Shen Niang, Ye Chen wanted to see little Shen Niang’s Yin Qi.

When Ye Chen absorbed little Shen Niang’s Yin Qi, Ye Chen still felt pain and mismatch, which meant that Ye Chen would not be able to absorb Shen Niang’s Yin Qi.

”Fufufu, you still can’t touch it, that’s absolutely impossible” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wouldn’t be able to touch little Shen Niang, even though the darkness aura on her body was sealed, in fact it was still in her body and Ye Chen couldn’t do anything until Shen Niang got rid of it all.

”Don’t laugh like that” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan in a dissatisfied tone, in a situation like this Chu Yuechan still had time to laugh at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took his clothes, he put his clothes back on.

Little Shen Niang looked at Ye Chen, she kept an eye on what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen took new clothes for little Shen Niang, he gave little Shen Niang the newest clothes.

Little Shen Niang was too tempting to wear nothing, it made Ye Chen feel excited when he saw her.

Little Shen Niang wore the clothes given by Ye Chen, fortunately little Shen Niang was able to wear them herself without needing any help from Ye Chen.

”It’s done, you look very beautiful.” Ye Chen praised little Shen Niang, he praised little Shen Niang who looked very beautiful.

”Big brother Ye Chen, thank you for the new clothes.” Little Shen Niang was delighted with Ye Chen’s compliment and new clothes.

”Let’s leave this place, we will have dinner” Ye Chen invited little Shen Niang to leave this place.

”Dinner?” Little Shen Niang looked confused, it seemed that there were still some things she didn’t know.

”Yuechan, are Shui Yixian and Shen Faye awake?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

”I will wake them both up immediately.” Chu Yuechan said that he would wake them both up immediately.

”Please wake them up” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan to wake up Shui Yixian and Shen Faye.

While waiting for Shui Yixian and Shen Faye to wake up, Ye Chen wanted to see if there were any treasures around this place.

There should be some treasure stored in this place.

Ye Chen was looking for treasures, he was looking for the whereabouts of the treasures around this place.

By relying on his abilities, Ye Chen found a ring.

”Is there anything in it?” Ye Chen wanted to know what was inside this ring.

There should be something good in this ring, otherwise Ye Chen’s trip this time only got a beautiful goddess beside him.

Ye Chen tried to open the Space Ring Seal, that way Ye Chen could see what was inside.

Little Shen Niang clung tightly to Ye Chen’s side, she saw what Ye Chen was doing, she observed what Ye Chen was doing very seriously.

Shui Yixian and Shen Faye were woken up by Chu Yuechan, both were ordered by Chu Yuechan to leave the fairy gate to meet Ye Chen.

Shui Yixian and Shen Faye came out from within the fairy gate, they both appeared in front of Ye Chen.

When Shui Yixian and Shen Faye appeared, they saw little Shen Niang clinging tightly to Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, what does this mean?” Shui Yixian directly asked Ye Chen, she asked what all this meant.

”Okay, I’ll explain later” Ye Chen will explain what happened.

”Very good” Shui Yixian and Shen Faye were looking forward to Ye Chen’s explanation, both of them wanted a good explanation from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen kept the ring he found, he would try to open it once he got to a safe place.

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