Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1800 Took Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi's underwear

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Chapter 1800 Took Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi’s underwear

  Ye Chen brought the two to earth, they had to go meet Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi.

Ye Chen went to the Xia residence, when Ye Chen arrived at the Xia residence, Ye Chen did not find the whereabouts of Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi.

Grandpa Xia told Ye Chen that they were taking a walk.

”Ling’er please take care of little Shen Niang for a while, I will go look for the two of them” Ye Chen said to Fu Lanling.

”I’ll do it” Fu Lanling agreed, herself agreeing to do as Ye Chen asked.

”Little Shen Niang, you are with her for a while, I will go for a while,” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

”Um I understand.” Shen Niang nodded.

”Okay, I will go” Ye Chen was happy that little Shen Niang listened to him well.

Ye Chen left, he went to find where Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi were in the city.

Ye Chen easily discovered the whereabouts of Xia Qingyu as well as Qi Yunzhi.

They were in town and were shopping.

”The two of them are actually shopping.” Ye Chen saw that the two were shopping.

Several people followed Xia Qingyu as well as Qi Yunzhi, they all seemed to have bad intentions towards Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi.

”Yunzhi really draws a lot of bad people close, the enchantment is still very strong even though it was successfully controlled” Ye Chen shook his head, he saw that Qi Yunzhi’s enchantment was still very strong and able to attract other people who saw it.

”Why do you guys keep following us?” Xia Qingyu looked displeased when she saw that someone was following them.

”who follows you, we don’t follow you” these people tried to lie to Xia Qingyu, they lied to Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu wasn’t that stupid, naturally she wouldn’t believe the words these people said so easily .

”Then why do you all keep walking near us?” Xia Qingyu said in a cold tone.

Xia Qingyu chased everyone away, she didn’t want to get involved with the delinquents. 

”We’re not leaving” the delinquents refused to leave, they all didn’t want to leave Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi.

”You should go, don’t upset us.” Qi Yunzhi said to the delinquents, she ordered them to leave this place immediately.

The people on earth were too bold, they continuously tried to tease Qi Yunzhi and started to irritate Qi Yunzhi.

In the God Realm, it is rare to find this, there are quite a few people who seduce women, most of them will focus more on the cultivation they have.

”Beautiful sister, you better come with us, we will make you happy” said the delinquent to Qi Yunzhi.

”I told you to leave immediately” Qi Yunzhi said to the people in front of her.

Qi Yunzhi started to show a displeased face, he felt displeased with people who didn’t understand the words he said.

”Perhaps I should teach them a little lesson” Xia Qingyu decided to teach these people a lesson.

”Sister Qingyu, what are you going to do?” Qi Yunzhi looked at Xia Qingyu, she wanted to know what Xia Qingyu would do .

Xia Qingyu waved her hand, a mist of wind enveloped the body of the delinquent who continued to follow Xia Qingyu.

the delinquents felt a piercing cold, they felt cold and began to experience hypothermia.

Xia Qingyu punished these people quite cruelly, she carried out a fairly severe punishment for these people.

Xia Qingyu didn’t control her Ice power well, this made the delinquents feel their bottoms shrink and freeze.

It must be very uncomfortable for these people, they get the punishment they deserve.

The delinquents fell, they fell and sat on the floor helplessly.

”let’s go” Xia Qingyu took Qi Yunzhi away, they better ignore these people.

”Looks like Qingyu has started to get a little bolder.” Ye Chen saw that Xia Qingyu was starting to get bolder, she didn’t even hesitate to do something like that to people who dared to get into trouble with her.

This was a pretty good thing, Xia Qingyu was starting to take good care of herself, so she didn’t have to be afraid of being disturbed by people.

”Looks like I’ll be bothering them” Ye Chen decided to tease the two, it seemed that it would be interesting to tease Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen followed Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi, he crept behind the two.

Ye Chen’s hiding ability was so excellent, there was no way that neither Qi Yunzhi nor Xia Qingyu would find Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

”Let’s see what I can do.” Ye Chen thought about what he could do in this situation.

After thinking for a while, Ye Chen had an idea to tease Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi.

”Okay, I got an idea” Ye Chen got an idea, he had an idea to tease Qi Yunzhi and Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen used God Eyes, he looked at Qi Yunzhi and Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu was wearing plain white underwear, meanwhile Qi Yunzhi was wearing a lingerie that looks sexy and looks very tempting

”wow she is very brave” Ye Chen admitted that Qi Yunzhi was very seductive, Qi Yunzhi was very seductive in Ye Chen’s passion.

”Okay let’s tease them” Ye Chen couldn’t wait to tease Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi, he couldn’t wait to tease the two of them.

”Perfect Steal” Ye Chen used Perfect Steal, he took the underwear that Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi had.

”ahhh. .” Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi were instantly shocked, they both looked shocked at what had just happened.

”What happened?” Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi both looked confused, they both felt that the clothes they were wearing had mysteriously disappeared.

Xia Qingyu checked her underwear, she couldn’t find any on her clothes.

”Lost, where did it go?” Xia Qingyu looked panicked, she looked panicked when she saw the clothes she was wearing had mysteriously disappeared.

Qi Yunzhi also found the same thing, her underwear was also missing.

Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi were immediately alert, they looked around and tried to find the thief.

”Oh, they’re aware” Ye Chen hid, he hid himself well so that Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi would not find him.

Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi did not find anything strange, neither did they find anything strange around this place.

”Yunzhi, let’s go.” Xia Qingyu took Qi Yunzhi away, they went to find the nearest shop in the vicinity.

”My plan worked” Ye Chen’s plan had worked, Ye Chen had managed to get the two of them to head to the nearest women’s clothing store.

Ye Chen knew that Xia Qingyu wouldn’t be able to stand it when she wasn’t wearing something under her clothes, that’s why Ye Chen thought of this plan.

”Okay, everything is going according to plan, I will immediately follow them.” Ye Chen followed Qi Yunzhi and Xia Qingyu to a shop.

The two of them entered a fine shop which was quite luxurious.

”What just happened, where did my underwear go?” Xia Qingyu was really confused, she was confused when she found out that her underwear was gone.

”My underwear are missing too” Qi Yunzhi said the same thing, looking confused as to what had happened.

”Let’s hurry and find a replacement.” Xia Qingyu asked Qi Yunzhi to look for a new one, coincidentally she brought enough money to buy new clothes.

”There are quite a few good-looking clothes here and the designs are much bolder.” Qi Yunzhi looked around, she saw that the clothes in this place were much more daring than those in the God Realm.

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