Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 615 - The Arrival at Fenglei Holy Sect

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Chapter 615 The Arrival at Fenglei Holy Sect

Two days later, Su Li arrived at Fenglei Holy City in Fenglei Region.

Fenglei Holy Sect was different from Shengxue Sect. It had developed from a small sect step by step. To this day, it had countless generations of disciples whose relatives settled in the sect in order to take refuge during the war. And it gradually developed from a small village to present-day Fenglei Holy City under the jurisdiction of Fenglei Holy Sect and safeguarded by its disciples.

Su Li walked to the stronghold of the holy sect in the city without stopping.

The elders of Meizong Sect who had been poisoned by the Poisonous Substitute Insect were all found out and killed by her in the past two days. No one knew the danger of the Poisonous Substitute Insect. Even she could only find it through the eyes of the evil ghost and killed it directly. If Shengxue Sect had handled it, she would have been worried.

The inheritance of ancient nature curb was the ancestors of Shengxue Sect directly instilled their enlightenment into her completely. So, she didn’t need experience the process of enlightenment by herself. While she was digesting it, her skill of the ghost curb was improved as well.

But…Su Li knew very well that it would only be a stopgap if only curbs were used to deal with the natural law. The curb, after all, was a cultivation method created by the Human Clan, and it was impossible to fight against the natural law by it alone.

Su Li stopped in front of the tall building engraved with the mark of Fenglei Holy Sect. Light flashed through her eyes.

The war between Fate Palace and Ni Sect was vital to not only her life, but also the future destiny of thousands of creatures.

She never felt that she was a savior. From the beginning to the end, all she wanted to do was to let those scum who hurt her all disappear!

She needed to be cautious enough. It was not enough for her to rely on the curb method. She still needed more cards in her hand and more means!

Thinking of this, Su Li turned around and left the tall building. She reappeared after a while with the face of Su Qingshui who had been to Juecheng City in the Yin and Yang Region.

It was too sensitive…to go to Fenglei Holy Sect with the identity of Su Jiuzhou. She deemed what she found at Shengxue Sect as a serendipity because she didn’t expect that she could get anything there. But Fenglei Holy Sect was different.

On the surface she wanted to draw Fenglei Holy Sect over to her side when she went there. In fact, she wanted to get those two Divine Thunders!

She had already got Divine Thunder of Water, Divine Thunder of Wood and a seed of Divine Thunder of Earth. According to the First Elder of the Ling Family, Fenglei Holy Sect had two types of Divine Thunder, which were Divine Thunder of Metal and Divine Thunder of Fire. It would be possible…if she could gather the Divine Thunder of the Five Elements…

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. She walked forward but was immediately stopped by the disciple at the door. He politely refused her, “Fellow Practitioner, this is the stronghold of Fenglei Holy Sect—Fenglei Building. If you have nothing important, please go back.”

Su Li lifted her veil and nodded with a smile, “My name is Su Qingshui. I travelled a long journey for something of great importance to Fenglei Holy Sect. Please report to your superior on my behalf.”

Su Li modified her face with All Spirits Tactics. Although she looked a little different, she had her unique air of detachment. The guard disciples couldn’t help being in a daze, and then he came to his senses immediately. He held his fist in the other hand as a salute, “Fellow Practitioner Su, please wait a minute. I will report to the elder.”

After a while, in the VIP room of Fenglei Building—

An old man with white hair and a youthful face walked in and frowned when he saw Su Li who was calm.

She was a woman with real class. But…she looked strange and was too young. It hadn’t been a long time since the Tianjiao Battle. If she was one of those talents, he should have some impression of her.

When hearing the words “something of great importance”, he stopped practicing and rushed over. But he didn’t expect that he would see a witless young girl. The old man couldn’t help feeling unhappy, but he didn’t show it on the surface. He just made a fist and palm salute indifferently, “I’m the elder of the Waimen Branch, and my surname is Wenren. Can you tell me what is the thing of great importance?”

“Elder Wenren, nice to meet you.”

Su Li nodded slightly and came to the point. She directly threw the authenticating object that the First Elder of Ling Family gave her to Elder Wenren, “This thing is related to the inheritance of your sect. I wonder if you can recognize it.”

Elder Wenren caught the authenticating objectsuspiciously. He felt that Su Qingshui was a liar.

There was indeed a mark on this authenticating objectthat was very similar to that of Fenglei Holy Sect. But they were different after all. And he had never seen the cyan arc mark on its back before.

Was she deliberately mystifying him?

Elder Wenren frowned slightly and wore an impatient expression. But he said politely, “Fellow Practitioner Su, the mark on this authenticating object is very similar to that of Fenglei Holy Sect, but it is not Fenglei Holy Sect’s mark. You may get it wrong.”


Su Li was stunned. Was it possible that the Fenglei Sect mentioned by the First Elder of Ling Family was not this Fenglei Holy Sect?

This was unexpected.

But at this moment, the guard disciple, who stood behind Elder Wenren and looked at the thunder mark on the authenticating object, suddenly thought of something, and his face changed slightly. He hesitated for a moment and finally whispered,

“Elder, I think this mark looks like the one recorded in our ancient books…”

When Elder Wenren heard this, his expression instantly changed. He grabbed the authenticating objectand looked at it carefully. The more he looked at it, the more excited he became.

Thunder and lightning were like a phoenix, and the purple evil was added on it! This… This was actually an ancient authenticating objectof the sect!

If it was really an ancient authenticating object, it might be true that it was related to the sect’s inheritance!

Thinking of this, Elder Wenren raised his head and waved his hand to set up a black tactical matrix which instantly sealed the entire house. But he retreated outside the house.

“Elder, you…!”

The guard disciple’s look changed drastically and drew his sword from its sheath. A thunder method surged out of his sword, smashing onto the tactical matrix of the house. But the matrix didn’t move at all.

Su Li raised her head and glanced at the black runes all over the house with a calm expression, “Elder Wenren, what do you mean?”


Elder Wenren strengthened the tactical matrix carefully again, holding the authenticating objectin his hand. He smiled, “Only the capable one can get the treasure. You are just in the Yuanying Realm. Are you qualified to own the inheritance? If you get the inheritance of the sect, it will be such a huge waste. So, it is better to give that to me.”

When the guard disciple heard Wenren say such shameless words, he widened his eyes and said angrily, “Elder, how could you do such a despicable act?!”

“Ha-ha…Wei Shan, you are so naive. Don’t say such stupid words.”

Elder Wenren shook his head, “It’s a blessing that I don’t kill you. After I get the inheritance, I will let you go. Before that, you will stay here.”

Then he turned around and left with a smile. But after taking a few steps, he banged his forehead against an invisible barrier.

Elder Wenren’s expression suddenly changed. He turned around abruptly and looked at Su Li, who was calm and fiddling with the tea cup at the table.

“It’s you!”

“Elder Wenren,some words that you said are right.”

Su Li raised her head and curled up her lips slightly, “Only the capable one…can get the treasure. But you…don’t deserve my thing!”

After she said that, Elder Wenren felt his hand was empty.

“My letter…um…um…”

Before he could finish his words, the black runes in the room suddenly broke away from the tactical matrix, forming a net in the void which sealed Elder Wenren.

“You’re long-winded.”

Su Li held her chin with one hand and looked down at the old man who had been forced to curl up on the ground by the black runes, “Since you do not want to kill us, I won’t kill you. I will leave you to Fenglei Holy Sect. Wei Shan—”

Wei Shan was roused, and he subconsciously said, “I’m here!”

After saying this, Wei Shan realized that Su Qingshui didn’t belong to his sect.

“You go back to the sect. I think you know what to do.”

Wei Shan nodded repeatedly when he heard the words, and he immediately stepped over Elder Wenren lying on the ground and walked out. When he walked to the place where Elder Wenren was hit, he slowed down slightly. After he noticed that there was no obstacle, he mended his pace. At the moment, he had mixed emotions.

Su Qingshui looked so young, but even Elder Wenren was no match for her. From beginning to end… he didn’t even understand what skill Su Qingshui used.

“Why isn’t such a talent on the Tianjiao List?”

Wei Shan, for the first time, realized the meaning of that sentence under the Tianjiao List released by Tianyake Attic.

“The talents going into the society are all listed here except for the recluse talents. However strong you are, there is always someone stronger.”

Was Su Qingshui…a recluse talent?

Wei Shan didn’t let Su Li wait too long, and he brought many elders here in a short while. After the incident of Elder Wenren, he didn’t know whether he should trust the elders. So… he called in all the elders that he could find.

When Su Li saw that there were 20 or 30 elders, she couldn’t help but salute, “The elders come here personally. I’m really flattered.”

“There is a scum of our sect. I must come here to check it out.”

The leading tiger-eyed old man had a square face with white hair and beard. He looked stately, “Wenren, you wanted to forcibly occupy the treasure of the disciple. Do you realize that you are wrong?”

Elder Wenren had been panicked for a long time, but his mouth was sealed by Su Li, so he couldn’t speak.

The tiger-eyed elder was surprised when he saw that. Although the power of Wenren was not very good, he was outstanding in using tactical matrix. He did not expect that Wenren was wrapped tightly by the countermove of his own tactical matrix.

Su Li didn’t intervene. But she was considerate and gently waved her hand to unlock the seal.

The tiger-eyed old man glanced at her with admiration. Then he turned his head and shouted, “Wenren, what else do you want to say?!”

“First Elder, I know I was wrong!”

After the seal was unlocked, Wenren immediately got up and kneeled in front of the tiger-eyed elder, “I was greedy and did such a shameless behavior. But Su Qingshui is not a member of our sect. First Elder, for the sake of my devotion to the sect those years, please forgive me this time! I will never do it again!”

The tiger-eyed old man sneered when he heard the words, “Forgive you? Why should I forgive you? Su Qingshui is not only a disciple of my Fenglei Holy Sect but also a holy girl of the sect. You tried to rob the treasure of the holy girl today and even want me to forgive you? Stop dreaming!”

“Hold on, First Elder.”

Su Li had to ask, “When did I become a disciple of your sect? I don’t know that! Just because of the authenticating object? Is that a joke?”

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