Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 650 - Bing Feng Finally Came

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Chapter 650 Bing Feng Finally Came

“Ding Gang!”

The King Warrior in red roared and used his last bit of strength. He rushed to the giant corpse which ate Ding Gang. Li Hong gave serious eyes, and he flew out of the city wall with a knife, and slashed at the giant corpse closest to King Warrior in red.

“Eldest Brother!”

Anxiously, Li Qingling grabbed the city wall and was about to jump down from it, but Ma De pulled her arm tightly.


“I can hold on!”

The warriors were inspired, and they jumped out of the city wall without fear of death, preventing the giant corpses from continuing destroying the city wall, but in front of the tireless giant corpses, they were no longer as strong and tough as before. In a short time, there were several people who were hit hard again.

“Beast, spit it out!”

The King Warrior in red slashed the neck of the giant corpse with a palm. It was like a fist hitting the cotton. It dented the corpse’s neck but caused no harm.

“Come back soon!”

Li Hong struggled to persist under the attacking of three giant corpses, while shouting through sound transmission, “You still have relatives. Your home is not in Ma Camp. Leave here!”

The King Warrior in red suddenly shook his body. When he turned around, he saw a sharp claw passing through the crack behind Li Hong and stabbing at Li Hong’s heart quickly.


“Knife King!”

“Eldest Brother, dodge!” Li Qingling shouted hoarsely.


Li Hong felt something and suddenly turned his head. The sharp claw was so close to him that he had no time to react.

“Eldest Brother!!”

Li Qingling screamed and subconsciously was about to crush the rune sub tactical matrix.

At this moment, there was a sigh coming from the sky. All the giant corpses stopped at this moment, and a little bit of frost was falling from the black mist.

“This is…”

Li Qingling’s eyes widened. She looked up to the sky and recalled the memory of her childhood.

“You, retreat quickly.”

A familiar voice came into Li Hong’s ears, and he came to his senses from his horror. Then he immediately turned back to bring the King Warrior in red who was still in a daze and retreated into the broken green protection boundary.

“Someone of the temple is here. The voice is coming from the sky. It is definitely the legendary Emperor Warrior!”

The King Warrior standing on the wall was taken aback for a moment, and then he roared out of joy. This sound made all King Warriors come to their senses, and then they jumped back onto the wall.


Bing Feng descended on the city wall holding the cage, and then he gently lowered the cage. Faint fatigue flashed through his eyes, but soon it disappeared.

“It freaked me out. I almost missed it.”

He was terrified, waving his hand to defrost the ice prison, and Ma Jintian, who was vastly skinny, appeared in front of everyone.


Ma De’s face changed drastically, and he ran over to pick up his son, only to find that his son had only skin and bones, and his son was terribly weak.

“He is fine and he can recover by taking more supplements. You really have a good son. If he hadn’t rushed hard, I wouldn’t have been able to make it in time.”

When Ma De heard these words, he felt sorry for his son and gratified. He stood up and made a fist and palm salute, “You are Ice Emperor, Lord Bing Feng. Right?”

“What Ice Emperor? I’m just a nobody in the temple.”

Bing Feng waved his hand and turned his head to look at the twenty giant corpses outside the gate that had been frozen by him. While he was waving his hand, the twenty giant corpses turned into ice powder and fell down onto the ground.

Li Hong stared blankly at the snow falling outside the city, and then he took a breath and tightened his lips.

The crisis of extinction of the camp disappeared when Emperor Warrior arrived.

So strong!

Was that the next realm that he wanted to break through?

He wanted to break through as soon as possible!!

Bing Feng clapped his hands with a relaxed face. He said, “This number and scale are greater than those of Li Camp back then. It’s amazing of you to persist for eight days.”

“It’s a pity that…”

King Warrior in red looked at the light blue snowflakes floating outside. His eyes were dull. “Ding Gang was too impulsive.”

After all, Ma De was a person who had seen fierce combats and upheavals. His expression quickly returned to normal. He saluted with both hands, “Lord Bing Feng, thank you for destroying our enemies. If you are not in a hurry to go back, I will treat you well.”

Hearing this, Bing Feng raised his brows, “Go back? I didn’t say that the trouble you encountered has been resolved.”


Ma De was startled and he was a little shocked. He turned and walked to the edge of the city wall, and his face became serious again.

Bing Feng walked to him and pointed to the dark sky, “You have also seen that the black mist has not been cleared away. Do you think that corpse demon will give up? If it had been so easy to deal with the corpse demon, it wouldn’t have alarmed Master of Chimo Circle back then..”

Then Bing Feng frowned and lowered his voice, “Here it is!”

As he finished his words, the unique scream of the corpse demon came from the black mist, and it quickly approached within a few breaths. Bing Feng gave serious eyes and stretched out his right hand. He exhaled through his mouth, “Arrive!”

In an instant, a huge ice flower appeared on his hands, turning into a wall with the size of a city.

The ice flower was formed. After a few breaths, a giant white afterimage slammed on the ice flower. The place, where they collided, stagnated for a moment, and then—


The deafening shock waves spread to both sides, and the ripples the shock waves formed shattered all the remaining green light curtains in the blink of an eye. Everyone was shocked. Countless fragments rolled back until they disappeared.

Li Qingling snorted, bleeding from the corners of her mouth.

Li Hong hurriedly stood in front of her when he saw her bleeding. He stared at the scene outside the city with shock.

He saw that the two sides of the ground where the two things collided created two dark and deep cracks, like naturally formed bottomless rift valleys.

Could these two cracks caused by humans?

How terrible was the battle between Emperor Warriors?!

Bing Feng retracted his hand. His complexion paled for a moment, and then it returned to normal. He faintly frowned, staring at the pure white giant corpse that appeared outside the ice flower.

Its whole body was snow white, completely different from the ordinary variegated giant corpses. It seemed that it belonged to an advanced bloodline, showing nobleness from everywhere of its body. Its pneuma also contained mighty pressure, and maybe it was more powerful than an Emperor Warrior.

At the corner of its mouth, an ordinary corpse monster faintly revealed its eyes, staring at the city wall with hatred.

Bing Feng sighed inwardly when he saw this thing. This beast actually remembered him. The last time it escaped, and it was much stronger and smarter than before.

At this moment, Master of Chimo Circle was in Qingshui Circle and no one could get in touch with him. The other Emperor Warriors were in Hundred Cities Camp, and they weren’t able to get here in just a few days. He alone might not be able to protect Ma Camp…

“It’s really thorny.”

Bing Feng murmured to himself, turned his head to look at Ma De, who rarely looked in horror, and sighed, “This corpse demon didn’t fight with you with all its strength before, otherwise Ma Camp wouldn’t be able to hold on for a day.”

“Lord Bing Feng, what should we do now?”

Facing an enemy comparable to an Emperor Warrior, Ma De was helpless and could only ask Bing Feng for help.

Bing Feng frowned, while running the ice flower to resist the tentative attack of the white giant corpse. After thinking for a moment, he asked, “Is there a powerful rune tactical matrix? If I fight with him, the aftermath alone can kill most people of Ma Camp.”

Ma De shook his head and smiled bitterly, “The green light curtain just now is our last resort, and there are only a few seventh-level rune tactical matrixes left, which are useless.”

Bing Feng had a splitting headache when he heard it, and he looked back at the dark sky. He couldn’t even find a bit of green light.

“Is it completely consumed?”

In the courtyard, Wu Rong looked up and saw the last pillar of green light cast into Su Li’s house and disappear. She was in a daze.

So, the chief’s protective method wasn’t weak, but that most of it had been “eaten” by Su Li!

“In this case, we can only use desperate measures.”

Bing Feng sighed, regretting that he shouldn’t come here with Ma Jintian. He might be killed in the war.

“Lord Bing Feng…”

Li Qingling walked over, staring at Bing Feng’s face that hadn’t changed much for fifty years, “I’m Li Camp’s…”

“So it’s you, little girl!”

Bing Feng interrupted Li Qingling. He actually remembered Li Qingling and narrowed his eyes with a smile, “Little girl, why do you appear in sync with a corpse demon? What a coincidence!”

Li Qingling couldn’t help being astounded when he was still joking.

It seemed that his words relieved her a lot.

Bing Feng turned his head, watching Ma De’s eyes become serious. Ma De stopped smiling and suddenly felt refreshed.

“Chief Ma, next I will open the region.”

Bing Feng’s first sound transmission made Ma De change his expression. “Region? Lord Bing Feng, you…”

“You are a member of Qingshui Circle. You know the realm of the Emperor Warrior of Chimo Circle is weak. It can only hold on for two hours at most.”

Bing Feng looked serious, “Make good use of this time and take everyone in the city to flee! Ordinary people can run for two hours to a place where that the aftermath can’t temporarily reach. At that time, I will be able to let go my full power. Got it?”

Ma De looked confused and couldn’t help but retort, “But after you open the region for two hours, you still…”

“Don’t say ‘but’.”

Bing Feng interrupted Ma De with a solemn expression, “Go and make arrangements!”

Ma De got an expression full of grief and anger, and his body was tightened up. He stared at Bing Feng for a long time before he went down the city wall to pass the order.

“It’s nice.”

Bing Feng smiled, glanced at many King Warriors who were still on the wall, and said, “You guys go too. So you won’t get hurt or die in vain.”

The King Warrior in red saluted Bing Feng and turned to chase Ma De. He wanted to know the content of conversation between Bing Feng and Ma De.

“I do not go.”

Li Qingling looked at Bing Feng, holding the rune sub tactical matrix in her hand. Her voice was low but firm, “I won’t let you die.”

She had no confidence in Su Li now. Or maybe she just had one belief.

Regardless of the result, she was determined to give it a try.

“Silly girl, what are you talking about?”

Bing Feng laughed, stood on the edge of the city wall and looked up at the white giant corpse behind the ice flower, “I’m so powerful that I won’t die. Since you don’t want to leave, you just watch carefully how I will ravage this white monster!”

Then Bing Feng smiled, opened his hands, and shouted in a deep voice, “Snow Region comes!”


The heavy blizzard came suddenly, instantly engulfing Bing Feng’s body. It turned into snowflakes and disappeared on the city wall along with the white giant corpse in the ice flower.

It seemed that the blizzard isolated this small area, and any battle waves could not be transmitted from it.

Amidst the falling snow, Li Hong stood on the wall. He could still see the battle taking place in the so-called Snow Region through the reflected void. He opened his mouth slightly in astonishment.

“It’s a…miracle?!”

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