Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 651 - Not A Miracle

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Chapter 651 Not A Miracle

“This is not a miracle.”

Ma De, who had sent the order and went back to the city wall, walked over slowly, “The region consumes vastly and it has many disadvantages. It is not the best way to fight for him. It is just…for the residents of Ma Camp. He had to do this. We evacuate the residents far enough in the shortest time. We shouldn’t waste the time that he bought using his sacrifice!”


Li Qingling’s pupils shrank. “Lord Bing Feng… Will he die?”

“I do not know.”

Ma De sighed, leaning against the city wall. Worries appeared in his eyes. “I only know that if Bing Feng uses the region for more than two hours, the consumption alone won’t let him be unable to fight anymore. At that time, even a child can easily kill him!”

“I see…”

Li Hong stared at the dark figure in the Snow Region and gritted his teeth. Wasn’t even Emperor Warrior strong enough?!

Fifty years ago, he was only a seventh-class warrior and could not bring about a radical change, but this time, as a King Warrior, he still felt deeply powerless.

In the Snow Region—

Bing Feng’s face was as white as the surrounding snow, and he looked around the white region helplessly.

“Tsk, it hid.”

Bing Feng sat down helplessly, and couldn’t help but mutter softly, “But it’s really killing me. Why can’t we make control all the things in the region like those practitioners in Qingshui Circle? It even can’t sense the pneuma of the corpse demon. Damn it!”

He looked back at the city wall and saw that Ma De, Li Qingling and her eldest brother were still guarding the city wall. Then he couldn’t help but smile and transmit the sound, “Hurry up. Ma De, you still have a son to take care of. If you die here, you son will be alone. And you, Li Qingling and Li Hong, finally survived the catastrophe of the last time. Why do you still want to court death this time?”

“I have entrusted a reliable person to take care of Jintian. Lord Bing Feng, you can concentrate on fighting and don’t care about me. At least I am here. If you fail, the corpse demon will only chase me and will not immediately chase the troops in the rear.”

Li Hong and Li Qingling smiled at each other, and then raised their heads. They said firmly and calmly, “We can also buy time. This time, we will not give up on anyone.”


Bing Feng laughed and cursed. Why were there so many idiots in Chimo Circle? Even selfish Ma De, who came from Qingshui Circle, was also infected?!

In a blink of an eye, an hour passed, and the Snow Region had thinned a lot. Bing Feng sat cross-legged on the ground like a sculpture, but he still did not give up looking for the trace of the corpse demon.

If he could find it out, he would immediately let the Snow Region and corpse demon get destroyed together!

At this time, another person got on the city wall. It was the King Warrior in red who had returned. He saw the situation on the city wall and he was infected by them. He respectfully saluted Bing Feng in the Snow Region,

“Lord Bing Feng, the ordinary residents in the city have just evacuated from Ma Camp and moved to the rear. The ordinary warriors are also quite some distance away from the city wall!”


Bing Feng suddenly got up and waved his hand. The snow and wind was swelling, and the Snow Region instantly melted away. The heavy snow poured down, covering the dark red on the city wall and turning it into pure white.

Bing Feng panted slightly and stood in the middle of the snow.

Suddenly, an accident happened!

Not far behind Bing Feng, a giant white claw suddenly stabbed out of the snow, trying to penetrate Bing Feng’s back with lightning speed.

The four people on the wall were too horrified to remind him, and their heartbeat stopped at this moment.


With a sigh, the white giant claws paused in the air again, and frost climbed along the giant claws, quickly freezing all the pure white giant corpses hidden in the snow.

At this moment, Bing Feng turned around. He had smile on his face that returned to somewhat rosy. He snorted,

“This trick again? It’s exactly the same as that fifty years ago. Do you think I will fall into the same trap twice? Corpse demon, it seems that you are not smart.”


The corpse demon’s angry cry came from the giant corpse’s mouth, and cracks appeared from the pure white giant corpse. Bing Feng changed his face slightly when he saw it, and he immediately backed away.

In the next instant, the ice flakes on the frozen giant corpses collapsed and flew away, turning into countless ice blades shooting in all directions. Li Hong and King Warrior in red king had already taken precautions, and they took Li Qingling and Ma De respectively to quickly evade.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!…

The ice blades shot through the city wall, and the compacted wall was battered with holes in the blink of an eye. The wall that had stood for thousands of years collapsed and turned into ruins, exposing large pieces black lotus stones.


The voice of the corpse demon became calm. The pure white giant corpse raised its head and roared. It strode and rushed towards Bing Feng. It had a huge body and a high speed not slower than that of an ordinary King Warrior.

“Perfect timing!”

Bing Feng stretched out his hand and waved his hand. A spear flashing with light blue cold pneuma appeared out of nowhere. He grasped the handle of the spear and hit the giant corpse’s face with it!

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

As the two figures, one large and one small, continued to flicker. The sound was deafening, and the terrifying collisions left large pits one after another on the ground surface. The two were fighting fiercely.

Li Qingling clenched her hands and watched the fierce fighting in the region nervously. Her cultivation level was too low, and she couldn’t see the specific situation of the battle. She could only ask Li Hong, “How is Lord Bing Feng? How is the battle going?”

Li Hong wore a tense face. He frowned slightly as he watched more and more red blood streaks on Bing Feng’s face. He always saw Bing Feng having a cold and white face. He had never seen that Bing Feng’s face was so rosy…

Li Qingling was confused a little. Even Bing Feng, who destroyed twenty giant corpses, was no match for a corpse demon?

The high-intensity fight lasted for several hours, until Bing Feng’s face became as red as blood. He used the ice spear in his hand at a slower speed, and the white giant corpse which was still at its peak grasped the opportunity to attack his chest with it claw.

Bing Feng tried his best to retreat, but he was unable to dodge it completely. Eventually, the white giant corpse left three bloody holes on his chest, with blood flowing.

Bing Feng retreated to the ruins of the city wall. He exhaled a long stale breath with serious eyes, and he whispered, “Nice. After fifty years, you can actually hurt me. If you have enough time to grow, Master of Chimo Circle couldn’t control you! Today…you must die!”

“Roar! Roar!!!”

The corpse demon was yelling and smiling strangely, without giving Bing Feng a chance to breathe. It commanded the white giant corpse to rush directly to the city wall.

Bing Feng gave a serious expression. When he was about fly away, he shuddered with revulsion and failed to jump into the air.


Bing Feng changed his face slightly, and he couldn’t care about everything. He rolled directly into the ruins, dodging the trampling of the giant corpses.

“Roar! Roar!”

Since they couldn’t see Bing Feng’s figure, the corpse demon got angry and directed the giant corpses to wreak havoc on the ruins.

Hiding in the ruins, Bing Feng didn’t dare to move rashly. He took out the carrier rune given by Master of Chimo Circle, but found that the light on it was still dim.

Chi Tian hadn’t come back yet?!

It had been a few days!!

Could it be that he was really going to stay in Qingshui Circle for a month?

By then everything would come to an end!

Bing Feng’s face fell. He couldn’t stay in the ruins for too long, otherwise Ma De and the others would be in danger when the corpse demon found them.

He took a deep breath, waved his hand to break through the ruins covering his head, and flew into the air.

This time, there was no accident.

Seeing him, the corpse demon was attracted by him again and directed the giant corpses to chase him. Before the corpse demon completely recovered its calmness, Bing Feng passed the message into the carrier rune over and over again, hoping that it would light up.

But until the corpse demon turned its head and looked at Li Qingling and the others in the distance, the carrier rune still glowed dimly and made no response.

“Run away!”

Bing Feng’s pupils shrank. He was about to stoop to attract the attention of the corpse demon.

But at this moment—


The corpse demon screamed with a deep pride. The white giant corpse suddenly turned its head 180 degrees to the back, and opened a mouthful of blood towards Bing Feng. He couldn’t see clearly before the dense and gloomy teeth, and he didn’t notice that the corpse demon was hidden in the mouth.

At this moment, he felt that death was so close to him.

“Bing Feng!!”

“Watch out!!”

Li Hong and the others burst out loudly. Li Qingling was so nervous, closing her eyes and smashing the sub tactical matrix in her hand. She didn’t know if it would work or not.

But this was the last moment!

The last moment!


The courtyard exploded—

“It’s enough.”

As the low but surprisingly sweet voice sounded, the world suddenly became quiet, and the white giant corpse paused as well.

Bing Feng stared blankly at the woman in black who suddenly appeared in front of him. His breathing stopped for a moment, and he finally came to his senses. As if he had been picked up from the water, he began to gasp violently.

After taking a few breaths, he suddenly noticed a sudden change in the surrounding environment, and then he looked at Li Hong, who was also astonished by his side, and scratched his head blankly.

How did he come down from the sky?

“She is really here!”

Li Qingling cried with excitement. Sure enough, Su Li was not weaker than Bing Feng. She saved Bing Feng as soon as she appeared. Great!

“That’s… Su Li?!”

Li Hong saw the beautiful figure standing in front of the giant corpse clearly, and his pupils shrank suddenly. He turned to look at Li Qingling beside him. He was about to ask.

Bing Feng, who was still sitting on the ground, suddenly shook his body when he heard the name.

Li Hong was stopped by the excited Bing Feng, “What’s her name?!”

“Su Li… How…”

Before Li Hong finished speaking, he saw Ma De knelt on the ground, staring at the figure in the air blankly, and muttered to himself, “It’s really Su Li…”

Li Hong finally realized that the name was extraordinary, but Su Li was obviously her younger sister’s subordinate. How could it be…?

He looked at Li Qingling, but Li Qingling shook her head. She stared at the two parties who were still facing each other in midair, and said softly, “I only know that she is very strong. When we were exploring the Death Region, we saved her and took her to the small camp.

Later, the small camp encountered a giant corpse. When she was seriously injured, she hit away the giant corpse with one blow! It was precisely because of her that we can successfully escape from the small camp, otherwise we would have been wiped out by the giant corpse.”

When Li Hong heard this, he finally understood why Su Li had no respect for him when he first met her. He thought he was stupid back then and it should be him who should show some respect!

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