Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2510 - The Robbery

Chapter 2510: The Robbery

“Thieves! These are the thieves of the Dark Thunder Territory!”

“They wouldn’t show mercy even if you beg for it.”

“I know this escort team, it’s Linghu Escort Team. They seemed to be a second-class escort team and had invited me to join them before. Luckily I didn’t, otherwise…”

“Hmph, second-class escort team? Second-class escort teams in Dark Thunder Territory are those who live on the edge of death. Hiring them for protection would give you a fifty percent survival chance at max. The first-class teams are a little better with at least sixty to seventy percent survival chance since they have Ultimate God experts at the helm after all. Under the escorts of crimson-class teams, we have an absolute ninety percent chance to crossover Dark Thunder Territory alive.”

Many cultivators around Jian Wushuang were sighing upon looking at the sight in the battlefield ahead.

The battlefield thieves noticed Xueya Escort Team’s arrival as well and their team’s lineup immediately brought panic to them.

“Go, go, let’s get outta here now!”

“With three Ultimate Gods, they are a crimson-class escort team for sure. We can’t mess with them, run!”

Following their leader’s orders, the thieves immediately dispersed while trembling with fear.

Such a sight made all the cultivators around Jian Wushuang laugh.

“Haha, that was quick!”

“They don’t seem to be too foolish.”

“Crimson-class escort teams are a whole other story compared to the second-class escort team that they just annihilated. If they don’t escape and the personnel from Xueya Escort Team charged at them, they will be slaughtered.”

The cultivators were even more confident towards Xueya Escort Team after their discussions, laughter, and seeing those thieves’ reactions.

They pushed on.

Another three months went by like a flash. Adding on to the prior one month’s journey, they had traveled for four months and Xueya Escort Team had arrived at the central region of Dark Thunder Territory.

It was still the same territory and did not look any different from other wildernesses. However, the Dark Thunder Territory’s central region had a thin veil of blood-colored fog in the air.

That blood-colored fog was obviously caused by constant fighting and slaughtering.

The Xueya Escort Team moved forward slowly and consistently.

Once they finally arrived at the central region, even escort team members including the three Ultimate Gods leading the team began to look solemn.

Not far from them in the void, a group of almost 100 people gathered.

“Boss, we’ve thoroughly investigated that the escort team nearby is a crimson-class escort team. They have a total of three Ultimate Gods and all of them are lower class Ultimate Gods. As for Peak Divine Demons, they have twenty-two of them as well.” A thin and weak-looking young man reported with a cold glint in his eyes.

Standing before him was a man clad in black with eyes that were cold like a blade’s edge.

“Three lower class Ultimate Gods and twenty-two Peak Divine Demons. A lineup like this can only be considered normal among crimson-class escort teams. How about the cultivators they’re protecting, anyone we should take note of?” asked the man in black.

“No, I’ve carefully checked those 50 cultivators who are being escorted. Most of them are only Second-Class or First-Class Divine Demons with a few Third-Class Divine Demons and Chaotic Realm cultivators. As for Peak Divine Demons, there aren’t many. We don’t really have to worry. Oh yeah, there’s one among them who rides on a double-horned Thunderous Star Beast,” said the thin youth.

“Double-horned Thunderous Star Beast?” The man in black’s eyes flickered.

One who had means to ride a double-horned Thunderous Star Beast must be a rich person.

“Boss, should we do it?” asked the thin youth with anticipation.

The many thieves around also looked over with excitement.

The man in black shouted straight away, “Of course! It ain’t easy waiting for this big sheep. Besides, there’s nobody else around to compete with us. Why won’t we do it? A crimson-class escort team, aren’t they? The Celestial Beast Alliance are no rookies either, just follow my lead.”

The man in black led those hundred thieves and glided directly toward Xueya Escort Team.

The Xueya Escort Team was still moving forward slowly out in the void.

Just then…

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Air friction noises were heard continuously from afar as individual energies began to enter the parameter of their soul perception one at a time.

“Thieves, prepare for battle!” The purple-armored woman’s face turned stern.

“How dare they rob the Xueya Escort Team. Are they tired of living?” The experts in the Xueya Escort Team were startled and unsheathed their weapons in preparation to fight.

The figures soon began to appear in the void surrounding them with as many as around a hundred thieves.

Anyone of them had an overpowering aura with the weakest being First-Class Divine Demons. There were also dozens of Peak Divine Demons within their ranks.

The most eye-catching ones among the thieves were their four leaders.

Their auras obviously showed they were at the Ultimate God realm!

“So many experts?”

“Four Ultimate Gods and dozens of Peak Divine Demons?”

“No wonder they have the guts to rob us. Their lineup is so strong, don’t tell me they’re from the Eighteen Prefectures?”

The many cultivators under Xueya Escort Team’s protection began to panic.

Even the expert members of the escort team wore grim expressions on their faces.

“Four Ultimate Gods?” The purple-armored woman’s face was void of expressions as her eyes scanned through those thieves before suddenly speaking in a low voice, “Happy to meet you. I’m the captain of Xueya Escort Team, Xiao Tiexin. I wonder which one of the Eighteen Prefectures are you from?”

The man in black grinned. “Eighteen Prefectures? I’m not from the Eighteen Prefectures, I’m the leader of Celestial Beast Alliance.”

“Celestial Beast Alliance?” The purple-armored woman called Xiao Tiexin was surprised.

There were countless thieves dwelling in the Dark Thunder Territory with many thievery powers that were quite capable other than those Eighteen Prefectures who were considered the strongest.

For example, the Celestial Beast Alliance was almost as powerful as the Eighteen Prefectures.

“Xueya Escort Team? Tsk, tsk, I’ve heard of you. I hear your captain is a woman and has a hot sexy body, I take that it’s you?” The fire of desire was burning in the black-clad man’s eyes while staring at Xiao Tiexin.

“Gentlemen from the Celestial Beast Alliance, we never had any run-in with you. Within this Interspatial Ring are fifty thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power. Let’s just treat it as a gift from us, please give us some conveniences to pass,” said Xiao Tiexin grimly.

“Fifty thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power? Do you think we’re beggars? Let me tell you something, you’d better give us five hundred thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power if you’re smart and I’ll let all of you through. Otherwise…” Before the black-clad man finished speaking, a powerful and vicious aura was released from his body.