Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2803 - Aftermath of Battle

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Chapter 2803: Aftermath of Battle

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After the battle was over, Yin Su’er, Yun Shan, and the others returned to crimson rock castle, while Jian Wushuang returned to the sword union with the experts of the Sword Union.

After they returned, the experts began to recover their injuries and divine power.

At the same time, the result of the earth-shaking battle, which affected the entire situation of the pill-sun sacred world, spread throughout the entire pill-sun continent,

“They won. Yin Su’er’s camp actually won?”

“First, they defeated the Yunshan camp, then the Blood Thunder King Camp, and finally, they clashed with the Allied forces of the four major forces. They defeated the Allied forces of the four major forces head-on, and even palace master Nan Wu died! !”

“Palace Master Nan Wu died? How is this possible? Could it be that the Undying Sage personally took action?”

After hearing this news, the entire pill sun continent was in a state of shock.

Palace Master Nan Wu had been invincible on the pill sun continent for too long. The cultivators on the pill sun continent couldn’t believe that palace master Nan Wu would actually die.

If he really was going to die, most people thought that the Undying Sage personally took action.

However, news quickly spread that the one who killed Palace Master Nan Wu wasn’t the Undying Sage, but a senior great divine venerable.

This senior great divine master was Su Han, the Master of the Sword League. Su Han also had another name… Sword one!

Sword one was a name that many people on the pill-sun continent were familiar with.

When the divine demon sect and the Tower of life and death had wanted to kill Jian wushuang, they had placed a bounty on Jian Wushuang in the entire pill-sun sacred world and offered a sky-high price.

At that time, Jian Yi was said to be only an Earth God master. However, in less than a hundred years, Jian Yi had established a huge sword league with Su Han’s identity. Now, Jian Yi had killed Palace Master Nan Wu directly!

The news was very clear. Jian Yi had killed Palace Master Nan Wu in a fair one-on-one battle. He had even killed the East God and Ba Xiong, who had reached the level of a peak great god Master.

He had killed three peak great divine paragons in one go!

This battle record shocked everyone.

And since Palace Head Nan Wu had been killed by sword one, it was only natural that sword one would replace Palace Head Nan Wu and become the new strongest on the pill sun continent!

And because of this, the experts on the pill sun continent were even more shocked.

“A high-level great divine paragon actually became the strongest expert on the Pill Sun Continent?”

“Alliance Master Su Han, no, it’s Jian Yi. He’s really amazing.”

“Genius, Alliance Master Su Han is definitely a real genius. I’m afraid there has never been such a genius in the pill-sun sacred world since the creation of Crimson Rock Saint.”

Countless people were amazed.

They were amazed by Jian Wushuang’s strength and talent.

Of course, many people were also talking about the battle.

“Good Man. With the help of the Sword Union, Yin Su’er has gathered the Cloud Mountain sect and defeated the Blood Thunder King sect. Even the Blood Thunder King died, and the red stone castle fell into his hands. The four alliances formed by Palace Master Nan Wu, the Tower of life and death, the Divine Demon sect, and the Dongfang family were also defeated. From today onwards, no one in the pill-sun continent and the entire pill-sun holy world can stop the red stone castle.”

“If nothing goes wrong, Crimson Rock Castle will probably regain its former dominance and control over the Sacred Pill Sun World.”

“Yeah, that’s probably the case.”

“Oh right, I heard that even external forces are participating in this battle. I think it’s called the Heavenly Void Temple. I wonder what its background is.”

“Heavenly Void Temple? That’s the overlord of the Heavenly Void World. I heard that the Undying Sage is personally overseeing it.”

All sorts of discussions spread across the pill sun continent.

However, these discussions ultimately came down to three points.

First, Crimson Rock Castle would once again regain complete control over the pill sun sacred world.

Second, the most powerful expert of the Pill Sun Continent had changed masters. The name sword one had already resounded throughout every corner of the Pill Sun Continent. In terms of fame and prestige, it had completely surpassed that of palace master Nan Wu. After all, Palace Master Nan Wu had already reached the peak of the great reverent God realm, the chances of becoming an invincible divine lord were slim. The only possibility was to directly break through and become an undying sage. However, the difficulty was also incomparably difficult.

However, sword one was different. Sword one’s battle prowess was already so tyrannical just because he was a high-level great divine lord. Once he broke through and reached the peak of the Great Divine Lord Realm in the future, he would definitely become even more terrifying. He would definitely become an invincible divine lord.

The third point was that the experts from all the factions on the pill sun continent knew that if the red stone castle survived this battle, then the four top factions that formed the Alliance Army would be in trouble.

Everyone knew that the red stone castle would definitely settle their scores later!


In the Dark Palace.

This palace did not have the slightest bit of light, nor did it have any decorations. There was only a huge round table in the middle.

This round table was where the leaders of the four top forces usually gathered.

But now, the leaders of the four top forces, Palace Master Nan Wu and East God, had been killed. Only the life and Death Tower Master and the Dongfang family head were still sitting there. There were also two figures next to them.., but they were a senior great deity from the Nan Wu Palace and the Divine Demon sect.

At this moment, the four of them were gathered here, and all of their faces were extremely gloomy.

“What should we do?”The Dongfang family head was the first to speak, but his voice was abnormally low.

However, when they heard these three words, the three people next to him were all silent.

After a long while, the life and Death Tower Lord spoke again, “I’ve already received news that the people of Crimson Rock Castle and the people of the Sword Union have already returned to their respective lairs. However, when they returned, they didn’t just stop there. It was because the losses from the previous Great War were too great, and the divine powers of many experts were almost exhausted. They only returned to temporarily recover their states and replenish their divine powers. Once their states recover to the peak, Yin Su’er will definitely make a move against our four families. This is without a doubt.”

“If Yin Su’er’s family is the only one here, there’s nothing to worry about. Crimson Rock Castle just went through a huge battle, and there aren’t many experts left. The allied forces of the four powers can definitely fight them head-on, and our chances of winning are still very high. But the key point is, if Yin Su’er wants to make a move, she’ll definitely call the Sword Alliance and that sword one!”!

Sword one..

Upon hearing this name, the Dongfang clan head and the two senior great divine venerables beside him trembled, unable to calm down for a long time.

This name was simply a nightmare to them now.

They weren’t afraid of Crimson Rock Castle, nor were they afraid of the Sword Alliance, but they were afraid of sword one!

In the previous battle, it was sword one who had single-handedly turned the tides and completely changed the situation.

Although he was only one person, his strength had completely exceeded their imagination. It was no exaggeration to say that sword one alone was enough to completely slaughter their alliance army. That was because they were too afraid of sword one!

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