Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3466 - The Army Arrived

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Chapter 3466 The Army Arrived

“Immediately? If that’s the case, then I’ll ask Miss Xiao’er to gather the experts as soon as possible,” Marquis Duan Yu said.

“The experts of our Divine Moon Palace have long been prepared. Now, we’re only waiting for the experts of the Howling Demon Clan, the Scarlet Gold Clan, and the Blood Marten Clan to arrive,” Xiao’er said.

Very soon, the Howling Demon Clan, the Scarlet Gold Clan, and the Blood Marten Clan, which had been completely controlled by Xiao’er, as well as the Blood Marten Clan, which had formed an alliance with the Divine Moon Palace, arrived.

Of the three top clans, the Howling Demon Clan and the Scarlet Gold Clan were both extremely powerful. This time, upon receiving Xiao’er’s orders, they sent out more than ten Principles Masters from the two top clans.

The Blood Marten Clan was slightly weaker, but they had also sent out six Principles Masters.

However, the Divine Moon Palace’s own power was even more terrifying. All the Principles Masters in the Divine Moon Palace, including nearly 20 of them, had also come out in full force.

In the vast void, numerous experts could be seen floating in the air.

At a glance, there were nearly 50 of them, and all of them were Principles Masters, not to mention Jian Wushuang!

The strength of nearly 50 Principles Masters was too strong!

“Although the Nine-tailed Clan is a celestial race, there are only about 30 Principles Masters in total. They are far inferior to our camp. As for the top experts, we have five experts of the six void realms, including Demon Master Chenhuo, Lord Xu, Axe One Master, Marquis Duan Yu, and Star Saint Master. We are also far stronger than them. We will definitely win this battle!” Xiao’er’s eyes lit up.

“Let’s go!”

With Xiao’er’s order, many experts from the Divine Moon Palace’s camp headed straight for the Nine-tailed Clan.

The atmosphere in the Nine-tailed Clan was very tense.

“Mother, we have already sent out invitations to all the solitary experts and forces who have benefited from our Nine-tailed Clan. Some experts have agreed to rush over. Now, five Principles Masters have arrived in the tribe. The rest will arrive soon.” Da Yu stood respectfully in the hall.

At the very top of the great hall, there was a luxurious woman dressed in a fiery red robe. This woman looked much more beautiful than Da Yu, only slightly more mature. She sat there quietly, her fingers tapping on the armchair, her gaze was lazy as she scanned the area below her.

Everyone who was caught by her gaze, including the two experts of the fifth level of the void, could not help but lower their heads.

This gorgeous woman in a fiery red robe was the current clan leader of the Nine-tailed Clan, Da Ying.

“What else?” An indifferent voice came out from the gorgeous woman’s mouth. Although the Nine-tailed Clan was already in an extremely tense atmosphere due to the Divine Moon Palace’s direct declaration of war, as the clan leader, Da Ying…appeared very languid and calm.

“There’s also the Dark Clan…among the four great divine clans, our Nine-tailed Clan has the best relationship with the Dark Clan. Many years ago, the clan encountered some unforeseen circumstances, and our Nine-tailed Clan once lent a helping hand. Therefore, our Nine-tailed Clan has sought the help of the Dark clan this time. The clan leader of the Dark Clan has also promised to lend a helping hand to our Nine-tailed Clan. Moreover, we are already starting to worry about the experts. It won’t be long before many experts of the Dark Clan arrive!” Said Da Yu.

Upon hearing this, the elders of the Nine-tailed Clan heaved a sigh of relief.

The Dark Clan…was one of the four great divine clans. In terms of strength, they were slightly stronger than the Nine-tailed Clan. If the Dark clan was willing to lend a hand, it would naturally be of great help to the Nine-tailed Clan, if the Dark clan were to lend a hand, the Divine Moon Palace alone would not be able to do anything to the Nine-tailed Clan.

“Back then, the Nine-tailed Clan did help the Dark Clan. Now that the Dark Clan has helped the Nine-tailed Clan, we have to return the favor. If we use this favor now, we won’t be able to do it again in the future,” Da Ying said calmly.

“That’s right. However, the threat of the Divine Moon Palace is too great. We can only use this favor for now,” Da Yu said. “In addition to the Dark Clan, I have also negotiated with the experts of the three Saint Realms.”

“Oh?” Da Ying’s expression finally changed. He looked down and asked, “What did the three Saint Realms say?”

“It’s very strange. Logically speaking, the Heavenly Sword Marquis is standing with the Divine Moon Palace this time. Given the enmity between the three saint domains and the Heavenly Sword Marquis, since the Heavenly Sword Marquis has already intervened, the three Saint Realms should also intervene. Even if they can’t do anything to the Heavenly Sword Marquis, they shouldn’t let the Heavenly Sword Marquis succeed. I negotiated with the experts of the three Saint Realms. I thought they would agree to help, but in the end…” Da Yu frowned.

“They didn’t agree?” Asked Da Ying.

“Yes, not only did they not agree, but they also said that the fight between the forces and clans in the demon realm had nothing to do with the three holy realms. They didn’t mention anything about Heavenly Sword Marquis,” said Da Yu.

“It’s normal. The real purpose of the three holy realms is to kill Heavenly Sword Marquis. They have already attacked once before, and the three masters of the Saint Realm have all appeared at the same time, but they still failed to kill him. Under such circumstances, they won’t attack again so soon. At least, they won’t easily deal with Heavenly Sword Marquis before they have absolute confidence. But once they are ready to attack, the time for Heavenly Sword Marquis to die will come,” said Da Ying with a smile.

“Mother, are you saying that the three great Saint Realms are preparing a great killing weapon to kill Heavenly Sword Marquis? But they have even personally attacked the three great Saint Realm Masters. Do they have any more powerful methods?” Da Yu frowned.

“Don’t underestimate the three great Saint Realms. Don’t forget that the will of the Heavenly Dao stands behind the three great Saint Realms. Their methods are not what you can imagine.” Da Ying smiled. “Forget it. Even if the three Saint Realms aren’t willing to take action, as long as the Dark Clan is willing to lend a helping hand and the experts invited by our Nine-tailed Clan to help, there’s no need to fear the Divine Moon Palace.”

“Mother is right.” Da Yu nodded respectfully.

But right at this moment…

“Oh?” Da Yu’s expression suddenly changed. Many Principles Masters of the Nine-tailed Clan in the hall were also shocked.

“What’s wrong?” Da Ying looked down.

“Mother, the experts of the Divine Moon Palace have arrived!” Da Yu said seriously.

“Oh? So soon?” Da Ying could not help but look surprised, but then he smiled. “Yes, the people of the Divine Moon Palace are very smart. They know that our Nine-tailed Clan is not fully prepared. The experts invited and the reinforcements of the Dark Clan haven’t arrived yet, so they want to take the opportunity to attack our Nine-tailed Clan directly.”

“Hmph, you think well, but the truth is not that easy.” Da Yu sneered.

“Let’s go out and take a look together.”

Da Ying waved his hand, but he had already disappeared into the hall.

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