Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3491 - Array Defense

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Chapter 3491 Array Defense

“Yes, I almost forgot. These experts who are good at array formations all have an extremely high level of research in array formations. Moreover, they came to the inner part of our Blood Clan very early and began to study our clan’s protective array formations. They already have a very good understanding of our clan’s protective array formations!” “As for the person who broke the formation invited by the Nine-tailed Clan, although he has a very high attainment in formations, he is only one person. Moreover, he is outside the formation, so he can break the formation outside. The experts I invited are constantly repairing and fighting against him inside the formation. With so many people working together with the formation spirit, I don’t believe he can break our clan’s protective formation.” A cold smile appeared on the Blood Master’s face.

He had long been on guard against the Nine-tailed Clan and Jian Wushuang.

In particular, he had learned from Da Ying that the Nine-tailed Clan had been conquered largely because the clan’s protective array had been broken by someone, that meant that the other party must have an expert in array formation.

Therefore, in order to be on the safe side, he had paid a great price to invite many experts with high attainments in array formation.

Now, these experts could be used.

Following the Blood Master’s instructions, the experts who were good at the field of formation quickly began to cooperate with the spirit of the formation to fight against Marquis Duan Yu.

As the Blood Clan already knew that the Nine-tailed Clan and Jian Wushuang had come to attack, they were also on full alert.

The entire Blood Clan could be said to be on full alert.

In the void outside the Blood Clan, Jian Wushuang and the others were also waiting quietly.

They waited for a full hour. “Something is wrong.” Axe One Master frowned and said, “Marquis Duan Yu’s attainments in the Dao of formation have long reached the peak. Even the five-elemental formation of the Nine-tailed Clan did not take him long to crack without anyone’s influence. However, the guardian formation of the Blood Clan is not as high-level or as complicated as the five-elemental formation of the Nine-tailed Clan. Yet, Marquis Duan Yu still hasn’t cracked it after an hour?”

“Yes, it’s a little strange.” Jian Wushuang nodded. However, they did not go up to him to ask about it because Marquis Duan Yu was still breaking the formation and the Blood Clan did not send any experts to disturb him.

At this moment, Marquis Duan Yu, who had been in the middle of breaking the formation, finally opened his eyes and got up to return.

“Marquis Duan Yu, how is it?” Axe One Master hurriedly asked.

“You look like you’ve run into some trouble.” Jian Wushuang also asked.

“I did run into some trouble.” Marquis Duan Yu nodded and said, “The level of this formation isn’t very high, and I’ve known about it before. As long as no one interferes with me, it’s easy to break this formation. But I didn’t expect that the Blood Clan had been prepared.”

“Prepared?” Everyone was puzzled.

“If I’m not mistaken, there should be more than a dozen or more experts who are proficient in array within the Blood Clan. These experts already have a very good understanding of the Blood Clan’s protective array. If they work together and cooperate with the spirit of this array, they will continue to tangle with me. As soon as I break a place, they will immediately repair or change that place. They will constantly obstruct me, making it impossible for me to break this array.” Marquis Duan Yu said.

“Is that so?” Everyone immediately understood.

Previously, when they saw that no one from the Blood Clan had walked out of the formation, they thought that no one could affect Marquis Duan Yu. They did not expect that the Blood Clan could actually make those experts who were good at formations…it had a great impact on Marquis Duan Yu from inside the formation.

“However, that Blood Clan leader has clearly underestimated me.” Marquis Duan Yu smiled again. “He thought that by inviting these experts who are good at arrays to obstruct me from cracking the array formation from the inside, he would be able to ensure that this array formation is complete. However, he didn’t know that the experts he invited who are good at arrays are just a bunch of useless chickens and dogs. Their understanding of arrays might be at the level of a master in the Divine Beginning Realm. However, if they were placed in the Universe Battlefield, they wouldn’t even be able to compare.”

“They don’t know how changeable the array is, nor do they know how many ways to break it. For example, the one I used to break it one by one is just one of the ways to break it. But there are more ways to break it. They have never come into contact with it, so how can they really hinder me?”

“So, Marquis Duan Yu, you already have a way to break the array?” Jian Wushuang’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, I have secretly arranged many methods in the magic array during the fight with them. Now, as long as I activate these methods at the same time, the magic array will be in a temporary state of stagnation. In this short period of time, only one of you, Demon Master Chenhuo or Mr. Elder Dark Bone, can easily break this magic array,” Marquis Duan Yu said.

“Amazing!” Axe One Master could not help but exclaim.

“In that case, Chenhuo, please help Marquis Duan Yu to break the formation,” Jian Wushuang said. “Sure.” Demon Master Chenhuo nodded slightly and then walked toward the formation with Marquis Duan Yu.

“Demon Master Chenhuo, this is the place. As long as you stand here, you can attack the formation immediately if I ask you to. It doesn’t need to be very powerful. With the strength of an expert at the pinnacle of the six void realms, you can break the formation with just one attack,” Marquis Duan Yu said.

“Understood.” Demon Master Chenhuo nodded.

As for Marquis Duan Yu, he closed his eyes and began to activate the techniques he left behind in the array.

A moment later, Marquis Duan Yu’s eyes opened once again.

“At this moment, Demon Master Chenhuo, make your move!” Marquis Duan Yu shouted.

Demon Master Chenhuo did not hesitate. He raised his right hand and a majestic might condensed in it. Following that, he punched out toward the array in front of him.

The fist smashed into the light membrane of the magic formation like a meteorite. Because the magic formation was in a temporary state of stagnation, it was impossible to distribute all the power of Demon Master Chenhuo’s punch to every corner, moreover, the spot where Demon Master Chenhuo attacked was the weak point of the magic formation. Therefore, the punch instantly blew a big hole in the light membrane of the magic formation.

The appearance of the big hole immediately caused the entire formation to collapse.

The overwhelming power began to retreat frantically. In a short while, the protective formation of the Blood Clan had disappeared, and the Blood Clan had been completely exposed to Jian Wushuang and the others.

“Axe One Master, Star Saint Master, Lord Xu, and Lord Shadow Fox!” Marquis Duan Yu shouted in a low voice.

Axe One Master, Star Saint Master, Lord Xu, and Lord Shadow Fox were already prepared. They were standing in four corners of the ancestral land of the Blood Clan. After hearing Marquis Duan Yu’s shout, the four of them attacked at the same time.

Instantly, with Marquis Duan Yu as the core, a brand new array formation was formed!

This array formation was the Netherjade Five Kill Array Formation!

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