Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3492 - Charge Into the Blood Clan

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Chapter 3492 Charge Into the Blood Clan

In the ancestral land of the Blood Clan, the Blood Master initially thought that the experts who were skilled in arrays that he had invited had successfully stopped Marquis Duan Yu from breaking the array. He was originally extremely happy, but suddenly…the protective array of the Blood Clan was broken.

This sudden change caused the Blood Master to turn pale with fright. The entire Blood Clan became extremely nervous.

The many high-level experts of the Blood Clan all rose up with solemn expressions.

Especially when the Netherjade Five Kill formation around the Blood Clan was formed, the Blood Clan experts all felt a trace of panic in their hearts.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t the person who broke the formation already blocked? How did he break it all of a sudden? What’s going on?” The Blood Master’s expression was unsightly as he continuously roared.

“It’s too late to say this now. The formation has been broken. This is the truth. However, even if the formation is broken, the combined forces of the Nine-tailed Clan and the Heavenly Sword Marquis might not be able to do anything to you.” The mysterious black-robed man beside him said.

The Blood Master’s gaze darkened as he nodded to himself.

At this moment, Da Ying, who was originally in seclusion within the Blood Clan, was alarmed by the commotion here. He had also forcefully broken through and appeared beside the Blood Master.

“Blood Master, what’s going on?” Da Ying frowned as she looked around at the huge formation that had formed around her. That formation had brought her quite a bit of pressure.

“What else can be going on? Isn’t it just the Nine-tailed Clan and the Heavenly Sword Marquis that are charging over? Hmph, you clearly know that there are two experts at the peak of the six states of the void in our Blood Clan, yet you still dare to charge in. You really have guts.” The Blood Master snorted coldly, he then looked at Da Ying. “Da Ying, how has your strength recovered during these few days of closed-door cultivation?”

“The backlash to my soul was too severe previously. I was only in closed-door cultivation for such a short period of time, and my battle strength was unable to recover to its peak. Now, I can only display close to 70% of my battle strength.” Da Ying said. “Close to 70%? That’s about it. If you and I join hands, a mere expert at the peak of the six states of the void would not be able to take us down. If it really doesn’t work, isn’t Elder Dark Bone around?” The Blood Master glanced at the black-robed man beside him.

“Don’t worry, Blood Master. If it comes to a critical moment, I will take action,” the black-robed man said.

“That’s good.” The Blood Master nodded slightly. After the Netherjade five-kill formation was set up, Jian Wushuang and the others, who had been waiting outside, finally walked into the Blood Clan ancestor’s land and soon appeared in front of The Blood Master, Da Ying, and the others.

“Da Ying, do you think you can hide in the Blood Clan and live in peace?” Xiao’er stared at Da Ying with a cold face.

“Hmph, Da Ji, I admire you. Not only are you able to find so many powerful helpers, but you are also very good at setting up formations. If I’m not wrong, the formations you are setting up around here should be used to prevent me from escaping, right?” Da Ying said in a low voice.

“That’s right. This array is prepared to kill experts like you who have reached the peak of the six states of the Void. This array is called the Netherjade Five Kill array. It is formed by the joint efforts of five experts of the six states of the Void. Da Ying, if you have the ability, you can go and try to see if you can escape from this array.” Xiao’er said with a cold smile.

“The array formed by five experts of the six states of the void?” Da Ying’s face sank.

Actually, there was no need to try. When she was trapped in the formation and felt the power of the formation, she had guessed that it would be difficult for her to break out of the formation, even if she joined hands with the Blood Masters and Yama, it would be difficult for her to break out of the formation.

However, even if she could not break out of the formation, it did not mean that they would die.

After all, this was the ancestral land of the Blood Clan. There were many Blood Clan experts present, and there were also the Blood Master and Yama. Da Ying had some confidence.

“Da Ji, since you want to kill me, then bring out all your methods. I want to see if you really have the ability,” said Da Ying.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” Xiao’er smiled coldly.

At this moment, the Spirit Ancestor also took a step forward and stared at the Blood Master. He said in a low voice, “Blood Master, do you still remember me?”

“Oh, isn’t this the Spirit Ancestor of the Heavenly Ancestor Daoist Sect? Why, are you also involved in today’s battle? However, what can you do with your strength?” The Blood Master stared at the Spirit Ancestor with a strange smile.

Although the Spirit Ancestor was also the ruler of the rules of the six states of the void, her combat strength was still far from the peak of the six states of the void. She was only slightly better at the aspect of the soul. The Blood Master did not take her to heart at all.

“Yes, I can’t threaten you with my strength alone, but I’m afraid you don’t know that it’s because of me that Heavenly Sword Marquis is willing to spend so much effort to kill you!” Spirit Ancestor said coldly.

“What did you say?” The Blood Master frowned immediately.

“Blood Master, Spirit Ancestor is right,” Jian Wushuang said at this moment, “The reason why I didn’t hesitate to attack the Blood Clan was because I had an agreement with Spirit Ancestor that I would help her kill you. Without this reason, who would dare to attack the Blood Clan, one of the four divine clans?”

“I see,” The Blood Master said, “I didn’t expect that Spirit Ancestor, whom I didn’t take seriously before, would bring so much trouble to the Blood Clan. Fortunately, even if you attack the Blood Clan and break the Clan Protection Array, I’m afraid it won’t be easy for you to kill me and Da Ying in the Blood Clan with your current lineup.”

“It’s true that we’re not enough. Even the Demon Master Chenhuo, who is by my side, would find it difficult to kill either of you. But do you think that’s all I’m prepared for?” Jian Wushuang chuckled.

As soon as he finished speaking, two figures walked over from the void behind him.

These two figures were Elder Dark Bone and Life Fall King

“Haha, Blood Master, right? I’ve never met you before. However, the previous three chiefs of your Blood Clan have met me many times.” Elder Dark Bone’s laughter echoed in this world.

The moment the Blood Master saw Elder Dark Bone, his pupils shrank.

“You, you are…Elder Dark Bone?” The Blood Master’s face changed drastically. “How can that be? I thought you never cared about the fights between the forces of the Divine Beginning Realm. Why are you willing to help Heavenly Sword Marquis now?”

“It’s up to me whether I want to join the fights between the forces of the Divine Beginning Realm or not. If I’m willing to help Heavenly Sword Marquis, who in the Divine Beginning Realm can do anything about it?” Elder Dark Bone sneered.

Hearing Elder Dark Bone’s reply, the Blood Master and Da Ying’s faces became extremely ugly!

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