Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3493 - Yama

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Chapter 3493 Yama

Previously, Jian Wushuang only had one demon master, Demon Master Chenhuo. Although he was also at the pinnacle of the sixth realm of the void, they were not too afraid of him.

After all, it was almost impossible for Demon Master Chenhuo to kill them alone. Even if he used a magic formation to trap them completely, he could not kill them.

However, it would be completely different if there was an old monster named Elder Dark Bone.

Elder Dark Bone was an old monster from the same era as the Heaven-cleaving Alliance Master and the Temporal Temple Master. He had lived for too long and his strength was unfathomable.

Most importantly, Elder Dark Bone’s methods were endless. He was famous for this. Even Saint Realm Masters did not dare to look down on him. One could imagine how terrifying this Elder Dark Bone was.

In the hearts of the Blood Master and Da Ying, Elder Dark Bone’s threat to them was undoubtedly incomparable to that of Demon Master Chenhuo. Even if two demon masters of the Chenhuo Realm were tied together, in their eyes, they could not compare to Elder Dark Bone.

Under such circumstances, Elder Dark Bone still had to join hands with Demon Master Chenhuo to deal with them?

“Alright, stop talking nonsense with them. Let’s just attack,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Our targets are only the Blood Master and Da Ying. However, this is the ancestor land of the Blood Clan. As one of the four great divine clans, the Blood Clan has many Principles Masters. Although these Principles Masters are not very strong, they can still cause us a lot of trouble if they join hands. So…Life Fall King, please help us,” Elder Dark Bone said with a smile.

“Sure.” Life Fall King did not refuse. With a wave of his hand, a purplish green jade pot appeared in his hand.

This purplish green jade pot did not give off any shocking true treasure aura. It looked ordinary.

However, the moment Life Fall King took out the jade pot and opened its lid, hong!

Beams of purplish green light shot out in all directions like a spider web with the jade pot as its core.

These purplish-green rays of light swept toward the many Principles Masters of the Blood Clan like a spider web.

The sudden turn of events gave these Principles Masters of the Blood Clan a fright. They immediately attacked, wanting to shatter or block this purplish-green ray of light…then…this purplish-green ray of light was incomparably tyrannical. Whenever it appeared in front of a Principles Master, it would immediately wrap around this Principles Master at a terrifying speed. However, no matter how this Principles Master struggled…he could not get rid of the light beam.

Even the Principles Masters of the five void realms among the Blood Clan who were stronger could not get rid of the purplish-green light beam. They were also wrapped up and formed one purplish-green cocoon after another.

In a short moment, all the Principles Masters of the Blood Clan were trapped in the purplish-green cocoon.

“This is…”

Jian Wushuang and the others were secretly shocked by what they saw. At the same time, they were deeply impressed by the fact that they were masters of the Divine Realm.

Even though the masters of the Divine Realm from the outside world were greatly restricted and could not show their peak strength, their skills were still impressive.

Now, they could easily restrain all the Principles Masters of the Blood Clan with just a random item. Such skills were indeed incomparable to those of the Principles Masters.

“These small characters have already been temporarily bound by me. Now, it’s up to you guys.” Life Fall King laughed.

“Demon Master Chenhuo, let’s make our move.” Elder Dark Bone glanced at Demon Master Chenhuo.

Demon Master Chenhuo nodded slightly, and then…sou! Sou!

These two ultimate experts of the six states of the void attacked at the same time.

Both of them turned into streaks of light and appeared in front of the Blood Master and Da Ying respectively.

The two of them picked one opponent each and began to kill.

The Blood Master and Da Ying naturally would not give up without a fight. The two of them immediately used all their skills to defend.

What was worth mentioning was that Demon Master Chenhuo was fighting the Blood Master, and Da Ying’s combat strength was not at its peak. He could only use 70% of his strength, and he was fighting the even more terrifying Elder Dark Bone.

Even at her peak, Da Ying would probably find it difficult to survive against Elder Dark Bone, let alone now.

Elder Dark Bone had only casually attacked, but in just two short exchanges, Da Ying felt an enormous life-and-death crisis. “This won’t do. Elder Dark Bone is too strong. Even if he casually attacked now, I wouldn’t be able to hold on. The moment he puts in a bit of effort, I might be instantly killed by him.” Da Ying was incomparably terrified, she did not dare to continue fighting with Elder Dark Bone. She immediately looked at the black-robed man who had been standing at the edge of the battlefield.

“Yama, why aren’t you attacking?” Da Ying shouted in a low voice.

“Yama?” Jian Wushuang frowned and fixed his eyes on the black-robed man.

When he had just entered the ancestor’s land of the Blood Clan and met the Blood Master, he had already noticed the black-robed man next to the Blood Master.

This was because the aura emitted by this black-robed man was very strange. Just like the previous Demon Master Chenhuo, he could not sense it at all.

The method of concealing one’s aura was so tyrannical. His strength was definitely not weak.

And now, along with Da Ying’s cry for help, a helpless voice came from under the black robe. “I originally thought that with the Blood Master and Da Ying, the two strongest experts at the peak of the six states of the void, there would be no need for me to make a move. But now, it seems that it is still not enough.”

After the black-robed man finished speaking, his body moved in a strange manner and arrived beside Da Ying. At the same time, he blocked the attack that Elder Dark Bone had casually unleashed.

Even though he blocked it, Elder Dark Bone’s casual attack was so powerful that it was frightening. The black-robed man was immediately forced back.

“Keke, as expected of Elder Dark Bone. His strength is really frightening.” The black-robed man laughed coldly.

“If my guess is correct, you should be Yama from the Sorcerer God’s Sect, right?” Elder Dark Bone looked at the black-robed man calmly. He was not the least bit surprised that the black-robed man was able to receive his attack.

“It is me. I am truly flattered to be able to say my name from Elder Dark Bone’s mouth.” The black-robed man laughed.

“Hehe, don’t be humble. In the Sorcerer God’s Sect, other than the Sorcerer God and that mysterious prophet, your status should be the highest, and your strength is only second to the two of them. Although I rarely interact with the Sorcerer God’s Sect, I have heard of you, Yama,” Elder Dark Bone said with a smile, “It’s just that I don’t know when the Sorcerer God’s Sect has become together with the Blood Clan. Today, you still want to stand up for the Blood Clan and this Da Ying?”.

“I don’t want to either. However, the Blood Clan and our Sorcerer God’s Sect did have some history before. Now that everyone is attacking the Blood Clan in such a grand manner and I happen to be present, I can’t just pretend that I didn’t see it, right?” The black-robed fella laughed.

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