Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3497 - The Final Kill

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Chapter 3497 The Final Kill

“Making an enemy out of you, making an enemy out of the Cang Heaven World?” The Sorcerer God frowned.

To be honest, he was not afraid of a single Life Fall King, but if it was the entire Cang Heaven World, then it would be completely different.

The Cang Heaven World was an extremely powerful force even in the Universe Battlefield. Although it was quite far away from the Divine Beginning Realm, the influence of the Cang Heaven World could still reach here, if they really became enemies with the entire Cang Heaven World…there were quite a number of ruler-level experts in the Cang Heaven World, and there were quite a number of them who were stronger than him. Some of the top existences among them even had the qualifications to kill him directly.

Hence, the Sorcerer God was more or less afraid of the Cang Heaven World.

“Life Fall King, although we haven’t had much contact before, I still know your great name and the Cang Heaven World behind you. Your Cang Heaven World is the mortal enemy of the Fantasy Alliance, and I’m clear about this. However, this subordinate of mine isn’t a member of the Fantasy Alliance. If I say that protecting him is equivalent to offending the entire Cang Heaven World, isn’t that a little unreasonable?” The Sorcerer God said in a low voice.

“What a joke. This subordinate of yours has cultivated the illusory heaven technique of the Fantasy Alliance. How can he not be considered a member of the Fantasy Alliance? Even if he isn’t, he has a great relationship with the Fantasy Alliance. Our Cang Heaven World naturally has to be killed!” Life Fall King said coldly.

“Pluto has cultivated the illusory heaven technique, but this is just a fortuitous encounter where he obtained the cultivation method of the fantasy heaven technique. He has never had any contact with the Fantasy Alliance. You should be able to see this point. After all, if he really had any contact with the Fantasy Alliance, he would have long been brought to the Fantasy Alliance’s Lair to cultivate. Why would he stay under my command?” Sorcerer God said.

“Hmph, who knows why he would stay under your command. In any case, kill him, just in case.” Life Fall King snorted coldly.

“Life Fall King!” The Sorcerer God’s voice became gloomy, “I have already explained it over and over again. Do you still want to be so aggressive? “Alright, I will tell you now. This Yama King is my soul slave. He has long been controlled by my consciousness and is my most loyal servant. You should also know a little about my background. I have nothing to do with the Fantasy Alliance.”

“Soul slave?” Life Fall King’s expression changed, and there was a hint of surprise between his brows.

If Pluto was only a subordinate of the Sorcerer God, then Life Fall King had a reason to kill him.

But if it was the Sorcerer God’s soul slave, then Pluto’s consciousness was completely controlled by the Sorcerer God. Then it did not matter whether Pluto was related to the Fantasy Alliance or not. As long as the Sorcerer God did not have any entanglement with the Fantasy Alliance, it would be fine. As for the Sorcerer God’s background…of course, Life Fall King knew some things. Indeed, he would not have any entanglement with the Fantasy Alliance.

“Sorcerer God, you said that he was your soul slave. How do you prove this?” Life Fall King asked.

“It’s very simple. I asked him not to resist. You just need to use your soul power to check if he has my soul imprint in his body,” the Sorcerer God said, “But before you check, I have to warn you. Don’t do anything to him in the dark. After all, this slave is quite useful to me. If you dare to do something to him in the dark, then even if you are from the Cang Heaven World, I will have a way to make you pay the price. After all, this is the Divine Beginning Realm. The restrictions you have here are much greater than mine.”

“Don’t worry. If he really is your soul slave, then I won’t do anything to him.” Life Fall King nodded. Then, a wave of soul power directly covered Pluto.

Pluto did not resist. In just a moment, Life Fall King withdrew that wave of soul power.

“How is it?” Sorcerer God looked over.

“You’re right. He is indeed your soul slave. In that case, I won’t make things difficult for him for your sake,” Life Fall King said.

“That’s good.” The Sorcerer God nodded slightly.

But at this moment, Jian Wushuang spoke, “Sorcerer God, Life Fall King was generous and did not kill your soul slave. But today’s matter has nothing to do with your Sorcerer God sect. If you still want to get involved, I’m afraid you won’t be able to keep your soul slave.”

What Jian Wushuang said was the truth.

Although Life Fall King would not attack again, because Life Fall King had just broken Yama’s illusion-sky skill and the power of the pearl was still surrounding the surrounding void, in this place… Yama would not be able to use the illusion-sky skill again. As long as there was no illusion-sky skill, Elder Dark Bone could easily defeat or kill him.

As for the Sorcerer God himself, he was just a consciousness clone. His combat strength was not very strong, so he did not have much influence on the situation on the battlefield.

“Heavenly Sword Marquis…” the Sorcerer God looked at Jian Wushuang with a strange look in his eyes and then smiled. “Little guy, last time I suffered a great loss at your hands. I thought I would not be able to deal with you so quickly. I did not expect that things would be unpredictable. Now we have seen it.”

“That’s because you’re too lenient. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so much trouble,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Maybe, but today’s matter doesn’t have much to do with us. Originally, we just wanted to be a peacemaker, but we didn’t expect to get into such a situation. Well, since we can’t be good people, we won’t get involved in this matter. Do whatever you want. Goodbye!” The Sorcerer God said, his figure disappeared.

As for Yama, because of the existence of the Netherjade Five Kill array, he could not leave directly. He simply flew to the edge of the void and closed his eyes, no longer paying attention to the matter in front of him.

When the Sorcerer God’s consciousness avatar disappeared, it was clear that Yama did not intend to attack again. This made the Blood Master and Da Ying immediately despair.


Yes, despair!

Without other helpers, how could the two of them resist Elder Dark Bone and Demon Master Chenhuo?

Not to mention the Netherjade five-kill formation and Jian Wushuang’s existence.

They could not escape from the inescapable net and had almost no hope of survival.

“Blood Master, and Da Ying, you two should go on your way as soon as possible,” Jian Wushuang said coldly.

Elder Dark Bone and Demon Master Chenhuo both smiled coldly. They immediately attacked Blood Master and Da Ying.

“No, no!”

“It’s over, it’s over!”

Blood Master and Da Ying had completely lost hope. The only thing they could do now was to try their best to survive longer.

However, their efforts were clearly in vain. After all, the gap between them was too big.

Da Ying was already heavily injured and his strength was greatly reduced. Under the attack of Elder Dark Bone, he could not hold on for long before he was directly killed by Elder Dark Bone.

Then, Elder Dark Bone joined hands with the Demon Master Chenhuo and killed the Blood Master in a very short time.

From then on, both The Blood Master and Da Ying were killed!

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