Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1083 - No Engravings

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Chapter 1083: No Engravings

Translator: CKtalon

The patterns on the Wheel of Destiny decreased bit by bit, and at that moment, the Sigh of the King’s power suddenly surged out even more crazily.

Unlike how it was helping the Wheel of Destiny’s rotation previously, the Sigh of the King’s power was now trying to prevent the Wheel of Destiny from spinning in reverse.

The Sigh of the King was unimaginably powerful. The Wheel of Destiny, which was rapidly spinning in reverse, immediately slowed down as though the emergency brake had been hit.

The Wheel of Destiny didn’t completely stop reversing. It was still spinning slowly like a clock’s second hand. Every tick produced a click.

This sound wasn’t the tick of the second hand, but the cracking sounds of the Wheel of Destiny as it continued spinning in defiance of the Sigh of the King’s terrifying power.

Crack! Crack!

The Wheel of Destiny spun forcefully. After a few rotations, several cracks appeared on its body. If this continued, the entire Wheel of Destiny would probably shatter.

Zhou Wen felt his lifeblood boil as though his body was about to be torn apart.

He knew very well that if the Wheel of Destiny shattered now, not only would his advancement to the Mythical stage fail, but he would also be reduced to the Epic stage. It was even possible that his body would be severely injured. It was difficult to say if he would be able to reach the Mythical stage again.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t stop the Wheel of Destiny from circulating. He had long known that his Life Providence was different from the average person’s Life Providence.

The Sigh of the King far exceeded the power an ordinary Life Providence should have. Mythical creatures could be killed with a single thought. The various deities in the temple didn’t dare to receive his bow. After all, the creatures in the temples were very likely existences at the Terror grade.

Just as Moon Goddess had said, his Life Providence shouldn’t have been like this. It was because of some external influence that it had formed such a Life Providence.

Without a doubt, the external force that affected him was the metal plate that recorded the Lost Immortal Sutra. The existence that whispered in Zhou Wen’s ear like a female ghost had only appeared after he obtained the metal plate. From then on, it had left a huge impact on Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen originally believed that he had completely resolved this problem after he advanced to the Epic stage.

However, from the looks of it, this problem hadn’t been resolved. It was still affecting him. Otherwise, how could that woman’s portrait appear on his Wheel of Destiny?

Could the woman drawn on the anchor be the same person as the owner of the Lost Immortal Sutra? Zhou Wen guessed.

The Wheel of Destiny was still spinning in reverse, but the Sigh of the King was just too powerful. If the Wheel of Destiny continued spinning in reverse, there would only be one outcome—the Wheel of Destiny would definitely shatter.

Despite knowing this outcome, Zhou Wen had no intention of stopping it.

Perhaps it had something to do with how Zhou Wen had lived alone from an early age. From the moment he could register memories, he had basically lived alone. He had decided what he should and shouldn’t do. Even Zhou Lingfeng hadn’t forced him to do anything.

Now that the Sigh of the King’s power had forcefully interfered with the formation of his Wheel of Destiny, coupled with Zhou Wen’s understanding of the Sigh of the King, Zhou Wen firmly supported the Wheel of Destiny’s reversal. This was because his personal feelings wouldn’t lie. When the Wheel of Destiny reversed, the comfortable feeling made him make a decision.

Even if the Wheel of Destiny shattered, wasting the past two years, and even if he had to start over again, he would definitely not compromise. He would not let the Sigh of the King control his Wheel of Destiny and decide how he was to proceed in the future.

My path can only be decided by myself. Zhou Wen watched the Wheel of Destiny constantly crack. It wasn’t done on impulse, nor would he feel any regret. He was extremely calm.

He was still young. As long as he was still alive, he still had the capital to start all over again. If he didn’t stay true to himself, was he going to regret it when he was old?

Crack! Crack!

As though sensing Zhou Wen’s beliefs, the Wheel of Destiny spun even more intensely. However, every spin was at the cost of its own destruction.

Seeing that the Wheel of Destiny was about to shatter into pieces, the Sigh of the King’s forceful control of the power on the Wheel of Destiny began to recede.

The Wheel of Destiny finally regained its freedom as it spun faster. The woman’s portrait was also erased bit by bit.

The damaged Wheel of Destiny continued absorbing energy and repairing the damaged wheel. When the last line of the woman’s portrait was erased, the Wheel of Destiny had long returned to normal.

At that moment, it stopped moving. Zhou Wen originally imagined that the Wheel of Destiny would spin again before condensing a mark that truly belonged to him.

However, it didn’t happen. After the Wheel of Destiny stopped circulating, the power that erupted caused Zhou Wen’s body to undergo a mutation. Zhou Wen clearly felt his stats increase—it was no longer limited by 41 points.

I’ve advanced to the Mythical stage? But why isn’t there anything on my Wheel of Destiny? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed as he hurriedly checked his phone. He wanted to take a careful look at his stats to see what abilities the unmarked Wheel of Destiny had.

Zhou Wen was connected to the Wheel of Destiny by blood, so he could sense that it had power. However, the power was strange, preventing him from completely comprehending its profundity.

He switched on his phone and dripped a drop of blood on it. A few notifications immediately popped up on the phone’s home screen.

‘Advanced to the Mythical stage. Bloodline function activated.

‘Advanced to the Mythical stage. Samsara function activated.’

‘Advanced to the Mythical stage. Birth function activated.’

Zhou Wen was dumbstruck when he saw this. The first two were fine. Although he didn’t know what they were for, he would eventually find out in the future.

But what the hell is this Birth function? Could it be that he couldn’t have children before advancing to the Mythical stage? Did he need a phone to decide whether he could have children?

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to study the new functions of the phone. All he wanted to know was what his Wheel of Destiny was.

Opening the blood-colored avatar’s stats, the blood-colored avatar’s latest information entered Zhou Wen’s eyes.

Zhou Wen: Mythical

Life Providence: Sigh of the King

Life Soul: Slaughterer

Wheel of Destiny: No Engravings (One Spin)

Strength: 42

Speed: 42

Constitution: 42

Essence Energy: 42

Zhou Wen carefully looked at his various stats a few times. It was within his expectations to break through his limits. He still needed to absorb the various stat crystals to raise his strength to the level of a true Mythical creature.

Slaughterer didn’t have the mark of a Perfect Body, not because it had weakened, but because with Zhou Wen’s advancement, his Life Soul already had the strength of a Mythical.

The Sigh of the King remained the same. It didn’t change at all. After preventing the Wheel of Destiny to no avail, there was nothing from it.

There were no changes to the various rare stats. The rare stats required him to absorb the stat crystals himself. They wouldn’t automatically increase just because he had advanced to the Mythical stage.

Finally, it was Zhou Wen’s Wheel of Destiny. Ignoring what kind of ability No Engravings was, just One Spin annotation left Zhou Wen alarmed.

Zhou Wen had only seen the words “One Spin” on Demonic Neonate’s Wheel of Destiny before, but Demonic Neonate’s Wheel of Destiny was called One Spin. And on his Wheel of Destiny, One Spin seemed to be a unit.

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