Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1084 - A Mountain

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Chapter 1084: A Mountain

Translator: CKtalon

No Engravings: Destiny when unengraved, has not come to an end.

Zhou Wen looked at the annotation of his Wheel of Destiny and was still confused. He still didn’t know what his Wheel of Destiny’s ability was.

Without even looking at where he was, Zhou Wen entered the game, hoping to see what use the Wheel of Destiny had in actual combat.

At the same time, he could farm some Mythical dimensional crystals and raise his stats. Otherwise, he would be at a disadvantage facing a Mythical creature.

He entered Deer Terrace Pavilion, where there were the most Mythical creatures on the third floor. Although they weren’t strong, it was a good place to farm Mythical dimensional crystals.

He first tried using the Chi he had encountered on the way, but it left Zhou Wen puzzled. After the Wheel of Destiny was activated, it immediately began circulating.

However, nothing happened. There was no augmentation of attributes, no powerful offensive strength, or any special changes.

What’s going on? Zhou Wen was extremely depressed. He now suspected that something had happened to his Wheel of Destiny because of the reversal. He hadn’t obtained an ability that the Wheel of Destiny should have.

He rushed all the way to the underground sea, but the nine Demon Blood True Dragons hadn’t respawned. Zhou Wen was about to rush past the area when his gaze swept across the sapphire-like sky, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

Approaching the sapphire sky spelled death. After observing it several times, Zhou Wen failed to discover the secret within.

However, when he looked at the sapphire sky, he realized that there was a massive creature inside.

The creature was so huge that it was comparable to a dragon. It could be seen in every corner of the underground sea, but Zhou Wen had never seen such a huge creature before.

Have I always been blind in the past? Zhou Wen immediately rejected this thought and became ecstatic.

He wasn’t blind in the past, so there were only two possibilities why he hadn’t seen the massive creature in the sapphire sky.

One possibility was that the creature was capable of invisibility. Another possibility was that the creature was at the Terror grade, so Zhou Wen couldn’t see it.

The first possibility wasn’t high. If it was invisible, there should have been other methods to sense its existence. However, Zhou Wen had used many methods in the past, but he had failed to discover it. Now, things were clearly abnormal that he could suddenly see it.

I can see creatures in their Terror form? Zhou Wen’s first reaction was to summon Demonic Neonate and let her enter her Terror state.

Indeed, I can see it! Zhou Wen looked at Demonic Neonate and nearly jumped up in joy.

In the past, when Demonic Neonate transformed into her Terror form, Zhou Wen had seen nothing but air. Now, Zhou Wen could see her clearly.

He realized that Demonic Neonate’s body had indeed changed significantly. However, he hadn’t seen her in the past, so he didn’t know what Demonic Neonate looked like after her Terror transformation.

After Demonic Neonate transformed into her Terror form, the demonic aura on her body was variable. She was like a devil, transforming into all sorts of terrifying shadows as though she could devour anyone at any moment.

On the other hand, Demonic Neonate didn’t change much herself. She was still wearing an ink-purple armor. She held the Demonic Sword in her arms and a bell hung at her waist. She stood there coldly.

Zhou Wen stopped circulating the Wheel of Destiny. Demonic Neonate immediately vanished from his eyes as though she had turned invisible.

Could it be that the power of my Wheel of Destiny allows me to see creatures that have turned into their Terror form? This seems a little weak… But it can’t really be considered weak either… Zhou Wen felt that this ability wasn’t bad.

There were two key reasons why the Terror grade was powerful. One was that only the power of the Terror grade could injure a Terror grade. Therefore, no matter how strong a Mythical grade was, it was almost impossible to defeat the Terror grade.

Even if the stats between both parties weren’t too different, the Terror grade was invincible among Mythical creatures.

This wasn’t something that couldn’t be resolved. Zhou Wen had the Ice Dragon King’s Terror item. By using it as a weapon, he could injure Terror-grade creatures. This had been confirmed when used on Night Thearch.

The other terrifying thing about the Terror grade was that most people couldn’t see them. The unknown would deepen one’s fear, making it impossible for ordinary creatures to fight a Terror-grade creature. They could only be tortured to death.

However, it wasn’t absolute. For example, the Terror transformation of the Jade Rabbit didn’t make it invisible to others. Instead, it just gigantified.

However, this type of Terror-grade creature was relatively rare. Most Terror-grade creatures had Terror forms that couldn’t be seen.

Now Zhou Wen could see Terror-grade creatures and had something that could injure Terror-grade creatures. These two points had greatly increased his strength.

In the future, when he faced Terror-grade creatures again, he wouldn’t be at such a disadvantage.

Now that I think about it, my Wheel of Destiny seems rather useful. Zhou Wen thought for a moment and realized that it was indeed very useful. However, he still felt that it didn’t have all the abilities of No Engravings.

Zhou Wen did some more experiments, but he didn’t discover any other abilities.

Knowing that such matters couldn’t be rushed, Zhou Wen decided to cross the underground sea and let Demonic Neonate enter Deer Terrace Pavilion. He killed the fake fairies and immortals and cleared the three-story building. Finally, a 59-valued Strength Crystal and 62-valued Essence Energy Crystal dropped.

He directly refined and absorbed them, and the two stats instantly increased.

Zhou Wen didn’t continue farming because he didn’t know where he was.

The teleportation ability of Glimmer was a long-distance interstellar teleportation. It could only teleport to a designated planet, but its precision was insufficient.

Now that he was in a desert, Zhou Wen had no idea where he was.

In the past, with Glimmer and New Era, it wasn’t difficult to get his bearings. However, Zhou Wen had shattered all his Life Providences and Life Souls, so he naturally didn’t have his prior abilities.

He tried switching Essence Energy Arts and realized that there was no reaction. It was as though he had never cultivated them before.

Are all the Essence Energy Arts I took so long to cultivate crippled just like that? Zhou Wen shook his head slightly. Forget it. I need to figure out where I am first.

Zhou Wen tried his best to expand Truth Listener’s range to figure out where he was, but all Truth Listener could hear was a desert.

Only in the distance in front of Zhou Wen was a mountain. The mountain was somewhat strange. In the endless desert, there wasn’t a single cactus or water source, but the mountain was filled with greenery and vitality.

Zhou Wen sized it up for a while and didn’t walk towards the mountain. Instead, he summoned the Earth Elemental Beast and got it to tunnel in the opposite direction.

There was definitely something amiss. Although Zhou Wen was powerful, he didn’t dare barge into mysterious places without the protection of the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder.

However, when the Earth Elemental Beast tunneled hundreds of kilometers away, Zhou Wen was alarmed to discover that he had already arrived at the foot of the mountain.

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