Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1428: Gods' Zone

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Chapter 1428: Gods' Zone

"Things aren't good." Hui Haifeng frowned. Anyone at a certain level could sense that Human Sovereign's rhythm had turned problematic.

Originally, Human Sovereign could easily block Xiao's sword without making any unnecessary movements. But now, people could clearly sense that Human Sovereign's actions weren't as clean as before.

Zhou Wen had no choice. In order to ensure that there was a backup plan when a part of his body encountered a problem, he had to make more preparations. Therefore, his actions weren't clean anymore.

Although he could just withstand Xiao's attacks, Zhou Wen knew that this wasn't a long-term solution. He had to resolve the present situation before his body encountered an irreversible problem.

Zhou Wen's mind raced as he thought about how he could crack the current situation.

It wasn't impossible for a Terror-grade to fight a Calamity-grade, but he had to resolve the huge problem of the Calamity Zone.

The Calamity-grade creatures that Zhou Wen had previously killed had Calamity Zones which didn't affect him much, but Xiao's Calamity Zone was somewhat different. It was a very complicated domain power.

There were nomological powers, curses, psyche attacks, and other things.

The nomological powers had already been restrained by the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. The curses had been resolved by Truth Listener. Zhou Wen could withstand psyche attacks with his willpower.

Now, there was still an unknown power that affected Zhou Wen's body. He had to resolve this power before he could truly fight Xiao fairly.


Due to his fingers twitching uncontrollably, Zhou Wen failed to block Xiao's sword in time. Although he had retreated in time, Xiao had still stabbed him in the shoulder.

The sword stabbed through the Prisoned Dragon armor, leaving a tiny hole. As Zhou Wen retreated, blood spewed out when the tip of the sword separated from his body.

Thankfully, with the Prisoned Dragon armor in between him and the sword, Zhou Wen had the time to retreat. This strike only slightly injured him. It didn't pierce through his bones.

Many people's hearts tightened. Human Sovereign being injured was a very bad sign.

Zhou Wen was at a disadvantage as Xiao's attacks became more and more ferocious. He was like an elegant swordsman as he stabbed out repeatedly with his rapier. He was so fast that nobody could see the sword beam.

Zhou Wen retreated as he fought, but due to his body being affected by the Calamity Zone, he kept making mistakes and getting injured. More and more bloody holes appeared on the Prisoned Dragon armor.

Zhou Wen was constantly carving all sorts of Essence Energy Arts to see if there was any power that could restrain the unknown power in the Calamity Zone.

However, after trying all the Essence Energy Arts he was good at, there was no power that could restrain that unknown power.

If my guess is right, Xiao's Calamity Zone should be related to faith. As Zhou Wen fought, he constantly thought. Many times, brute force couldn't change the outcome. Instead, it might make the situation worse. Zhou Wen needed to find a better solution.

Now, Zhou Wen determined that Xiao's Calamity Zone was a power that depended on something like faith. It had the nomological power of a deity and the nature of a curse. It could also control one's mind. No matter how he thought about it, it was related to faith.

If it's a faith zone, what kind of power can affect one's body? I'm not his believer, and my will won't be affected. With Truth Listener around, curses are useless against me… In theory, I should be able to withstand the power of faith. Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss.

Xiao's attacks became more and more ferocious. More and more wounds appeared on Zhou Wen's body as blood constantly spewed out from the blade's thrusts. Furthermore, his injuries were getting closer and closer to his vital spots.

This was because the Calamity Zone's power was affecting Zhou Wen more and more. Now, Zhou Wen's actions would sometimes result in serious mistakes. Once, one of his legs had nearly been sliced off by Xiao.

"Save him!" Wang Lu held her hands in front of her chest. She didn't dare look any further as she closed her eyes and prayed.

"Not good. Human Sovereign has been greatly affected by the Calamity Zone. His body is beginning to show signs of losing control," Xia Liuchuan said worriedly.

It wasn't just Xia Liuchuan. Even ordinary people could tell that Human Sovereign's situation wasn't good. Even if one didn't have the eyesight to see the battle, the blood that splattered made it obvious how terrible Human Sovereign's situation was.

Furthermore, there was a slow-motion replay by the media. Under the slow-motion replay, one could vaguely see Human Sovereign being stabbed. This made one's heart ache even more.

Silence prevailed in front of the Cubes and televisions everywhere around the world. Some women and children couldn't help but clasp their hands together and pray for Human Sovereign.

Most humans didn't wish for Human Sovereign to lose, much less die.

Could it be the power of misfortune? In many myths and legends, not only can deities cast curses, but they can also inflict humans with misfortune! With a thought, Zhou Wen secretly summoned a few Luck Companion Beasts in their equipment form and wore them within his armor.

However, the lucky equipment didn't do a thing. Zhou Wen's lack of control over his body kept increasing in frequency.

Zhou Wen immediately knew that he had been wrong. It wasn't the power of misfortune. If it was the power of misfortune, even if his luck wasn't good enough, it would still show a certain effect.

However, as this lucky equipment was useless, it was definitely not because of the power of misfortune.

If it's not misfortune, what could it be? Zhou Wen's mind raced. Although his injuries were constantly increasing, his mind was extremely calm. There weren't many fluctuations. The dense sword holes and blood that bloomed on his body didn't seem to be from him.

"Human Sovereign is rather interesting." Holy God sized up Human Sovereign with interest and muttered to himself, "I used my avatar to help Xiao advance to the Calamity grade. Although that avatar is only at the Human Realm, the Gods' Zone formed by the power of Xiao's Guardian has an absolute suppressive effect on creatures below the Calamity grade. Even creatures at the Human Realm will be greatly affected. They might even become servants. Human Sovereign is only at the Terror grade, but he can actually last so long in the Gods' Zone without completely losing control of himself. It's quite surprising."

"Lord Holy God, there's not much time left. Will Xiao be fine?" Saint looked at the time and realized that there were less than twenty minutes left before the Cube's countdown ended.

"It's enough. Under the Gods' Zone, Human Sovereign no longer has the possibility of turning the tables," Holy God said indifferently.

He was very confident because half of Xiao's Calamity-grade power came from his avatar.

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