Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1662 - A Bug-like Ability

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Chapter 1662 A Bug-like Ability

Zhou Wen subconsciously shielded Zhang Yuzhi behind him. At the same time, he put on the Dragon King armor and borrowed the power of eight Companion Beasts, prepared to fight the humanoid creature at any time.

“Calm down. He won’t be our enemy,” Zhang Yuzhi said gently as she pressed her hand on Zhou Wen’s shoulder.

With that said, Zhang Yuzhi walked out from behind Zhou Wen without waiting for him to say a word. She took the initiative to walk towards the humanoid monster.

“Are you sure it’s fine?” Zhou Wen was still somewhat worried. He had a nagging feeling that if the imperceptible ability failed, it would be equivalent to dying.

Zhang Yuzhi didn’t answer as she walked towards the humanoid monster. Her aura seemed to have changed.

The humanoid monster had clearly lost its humanity, nor did it remember Zhou Wen. Its eyes shimmered with a sanguine glow. Even the hair hanging down in front of it couldn’t hide the ferocious glint in its eyes, as though it could devour anyone at any moment.

The Essence Energy fluctuations from his body weren’t weaker than the Companion Beast killed by the suona. Zhou Wen still felt that it was too dangerous. He secretly summoned Demonic Neonate and made her prepare to attack at any time.

Although Demonic Neonate was only at the Terror grade, her combat strength wasn’t inferior to the top Heaven-level creatures, especially the suona she had just snatched. To be able to kill a Heaven-level creature by blowing the suona was no ordinary feat. “Come to my side.” Faced with such a terrifying creature, Zhang Yuzhi spread out her arms as though she was welcoming an old friend she hadn’t seen in a long time. It made Zhou Wen break out into a cold sweat.

If Zhang Yuzhi got too close to the humanoid creature and something happened, Zhou Wen might not be able to rescue her.

Just as Zhou Wen was hesitating about stopping Zhang Yuzhi, the humanoid creature had already walked in front of her. Zhang Yuzhi rushed over and hugged the humanoid creature.

Zhou Wen’s scalp tingled as he nervously looked at the humanoid creature with a ferocious glint in its eyes. He almost couldn’t help but attack.

Thankfully, he held back in the end. The humanoid creature was hugged by Zhang Yuzhi and didn’t attack her. The ferocious glint in his eyes was revealed when he looked at Zhou Wen.

“It’s fine. I’m here…” Zhang Yuzhi placated the humanoid monster.

The powerful and terrifying humanoid creature gradually turned gentle and stopped showing its ferocious appearance.

Seeing the humanoid creature slowly relax and quieten down, Zhang Yuzhi released her grip on him and stroked his hair with one hand.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have believed that there was such an unbelievable power in the world. Such a powerful and terrifying dimensional creature was like a child as it rubbed its head and face against Zhang Yuzhi’s palm.

It’s no wonder the Zhang family has always treated Zhang Yuzhi as a god, afraid that something would happen to her. Such an ability is like a bug in games. The Zhang family has used Zhang Yuzhi all these years and killed countless high-level dimensional creatures. Their wealth must be much richer than I imagined, Zhou Wen thought.

Zhou Wen was alarmed, but he never thought of using Zhang Yuzhi’s powers to kill dimensional creatures. That would be too cruel for Zhang Yuzhi.

Although he didn’t know what Zhang Yuzhi’s ability was, Zhou Wen could tell that it wasn’t just a skill. Zhang Yuzhi had also thrown in her true feelings and even unconditional trust, treating dimensional creatures as existences that could live and die together with her.

Such commitment might be the foundation of Zhang Yuzhi’s ability.

Under Zhang Yuzhi’s placation, the humanoid creature had become much more docile. However, when it looked at Zhou Wen, it still revealed a ferocious look from time to time, looking feral.

“Don’t approach him for the time being. I need to spend more time with him. After some time, he won’t be as afraid of strangers as he is now,” Zhang Yuzhi said to Zhou Wen as she placated the humanoid creature.

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he looked at the humanoid creature and said, “Can you communicate with him? Can you ask him some questions?”

The last time the humanoid creature spoke to him, it was done in a vague manner, Zhou Wen wanted to know what the three conditions the humanoid creature mentioned were.

“Sure, but it will take some time. I haven’t completely gained his trust,” Zhang Yuzhi said.

“You still haven’t gained his complete trust even like that?” Zhou Wen saw that Zhang Yuzhi could already touch the humanoid monster’s head. If she wanted to harm the humanoid creature, she could attack his vital spots at any time. “It’s not that simple. His willpower is very strong. I reckon it will take at least half a month to completely make him trust me. When the time comes, you can ask whatever you want,” Zhang Yuzhi said.

“There’s no rush. I’ll look around the city to see if there are any other dimensional creatures. I also want to see if this place is really suitable for human habitation.” Since Zhang Yuzhi was building her relationship with the humanoid creature. It was useless for Zhou Wen to stay here, so he decided to tour the ancient city.

The space inside the ancient city had expanded tremendously. There were palatial buildings everywhere. Yet, such a huge city didn’t have any dimensional creatures.

In the past, there were still Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Generals in the city, but now, there was nothing. It was an empty city. Even the interior of the buildings was empty. If nothing went wrong, this place was indeed very suitable for living. Even the houses were ready-made and in move-in condition. Zhou Wen roughly estimated that the buildings in the city were more than enough for a million people to live in. There were plenty of empty spaces in the city, so it wasn’t a bad idea to use them as farms.

The key was that there was a well in the ancient city. Zhou Wen tasted it and realized that the water in the well was sweet and refreshing. It could be drunk directly and was different from the water in the moat. There was no need to worry about water sources.

As long as the four city gates were closed from the inside, it would be difficult for the creatures outside to barge in. It was indeed a good place that was easy to defend and difficult to attack.

Of course, this place wasn’t completely without flaws. At present, there weren’t any dimensional creatures in the city. If he wanted to hunt dimensional creatures, he had to go out and hunt the skeletons that crawled out of the moat.

There weren’t any edible dimensional creatures nearby, so it wasn’t conducive for gathering meat.

However, these problems weren’t major problems. There were solutions. The most important thing now was to find a home for the hundreds of thousands of people to settle down. Ancient City was undoubtedly the most suitable place for the time being.

I ended up establishing a city here. Zhou Wen came to the Fire God Platform and looked at the stone saber embedded in the stone furnace. He didn’t know what to feel.

After making all kinds of turns and detours, to his surprise, he still returned to the starting point.

Overseer Luoyang’s residence. An Tianzuo, who was reading some documents, suddenly looked up and said, “Since you’re here, come in and have a cup of tea. Be it fighting or escaping, there’s no rush.”

“As expected of Overseer An.” Before the door opened, a figure passed through it.

The figure was a shadow. It was blurry as though a person could be seen clearly. However, no matter how carefully one looked, one couldn’t tell what he looked like.

“How do I address you?” An Tianzuo poured a cup of tea and pushed it in front of the figure.

“You can call me Spirit Slave. I came to see you, Overseer, because I hope that you can become the representative of our Spirit race in the human world…” the figure said slowly. “Why should I be your representative?” An Tianzuo drank a mouthful of tea and placed the teacup on the table before asking Spirit Slave.

“The Earth’s seal will soon be lifted. The dimensional descent is a foregone conclusion. The various races of the dimension are searching for representatives in the human world and will provide them with large amounts of resources. Our Spirit race will also provide you with resources,” said Spirit Slave.

“Then why should I choose your Spirit race and not the other races?” An Tianzuo’s expression didn’t change as he continued asking.

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