Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1681 - : White Dragon’s Ghost

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Chapter 1681: White Dragon’s Ghost

When Starlady Polestar slowly looked down at Zhou Wen, starlight appeared in the ice palace like stars that filled the sky. It was the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array that Zhou Wen was very familiar with.

Back then, Zhou Wen had imitated Starlady Polestar’s Major Heavenly Cycle

Stellar Array and created the Minor Heavenly Cycle Array.

With just a glance, Zhou Wen’s hair stood on end as he summoned the Hell-level Chaos Egg to protect his body.

It was because he was so familiar with the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array that Zhou Wen knew how terrifying the starlight was.

The one in Forbidden City was already very terrifying. This person’s Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array didn’t seem much different, but the power inside made Zhou Wen’s heart palpitate.

Just as the Chaos Egg was summoned, the sky was filled with starlight. Endless starlight shone on the Chaos Egg, and the entire Star Palace was drowned by starlight.

The Essence Energy Crystals in the Chaos Egg rapidly increased. A Hell-level Chaos Egg could combine 100 million Essence Energy Crystals into one. Even so, it was still difficult to contain the rapidly produced Essence Energy.

In just a few seconds, the Hell-level Chaos Egg exploded. The blood-colored avatar exposed to the starlight was instantly killed by it.

What’s this? It’s definitely a Heaven -level existence. Isn’t a hidden dungeon a place to pick up free treasures? Why is there such a thing? Zhou Wen looked at the black screen as his mind was filled with question marks.

The treasure picking plan that he had originally planned didn’t seem to work now. Zhou Wen thought for a moment and had a new guess about the hidden dungeon.

Now, Zhou Wen suspected that the reason there were no dimensional creatures in Ant City’s hidden dungeon and only one Companion Egg was very likely because it was a dungeon that came with a phone. It was equivalent to a tutorial dungeon, and the Golden Demonic Ant King Companion Egg was an existence akin to a beginner’s starter pack.

If it were under normal circumstances, Zhou Wen would have had the portable charger from the begmning and would have obtained the Golden Demonic Ant King Companion Beast, but unfortunately, he had only obtained the phone and not the portable charger. That was why he had missed the starter pack.

Now, Zhou Wen seriously suspected that other than Ant City’s hidden dungeon, it wasn’t easy to benefit from the other hidden dungeons.

It wasn’t difficult to confirm this guess. Zhou Wen restarted a new dungeon. This time, he activated a low-level Dragon Gate Grotto dungeon.

It was as Zhou Wen had guessed. When he found the hidden dungeon in Dragon Gate Grotto, he realized that the hidden dungeon was none other than the Dragon’s Well that Wang Mingyuan had used to mutate.

In that case, these hidden dungeons also exist in reality, but some of them haven’t been discovered?Another thought flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind.

However, after some thought, even if he knew the location of the hidden dungeon in reality, it didn’t seem to be of much use. After all, he could grind the hidden dungeon in-game.

That’s not right! Zhou Wen quickly realized that something was amiss.

This was because he had previously thought of entering Ant City’s hidden dungeon again to see if he could obtain another Golden Demonic Ant King Companion Egg, but there was nothing inside.

In other words, it was very likely that the things in the hidden dungeon wouldn’t respawn, or the respawning would be very slow. Then, knowing the location of the hidden dungeon in reality became very important.

After clearing a hidden dungeon in-game, he could also do it in real life. This was equivalent to obtaining the rewards of two hidden dungeons.

Just like the white dragon in Dragon’s Well, the white dragon in real life had been fused by Wang Mingyuan, but there was still a white dragon in-game.

Now, Zhou Wen only needed to kill the white dragon to see if it would respawn again to know if his guess was wrong.

The white dragon had an ice-elemental attribute, and it was at the Terror grade. It was almost invincible to Zhou Wen back when he was in school, but now, he could view it in derision.

Seeing the white dragon spew out a surging ice fog, Zhou Wen threw a punch over as his powerful Essence Energy sent the ice fog tumbling backward.

Zhou Wen origmally imagined that the Terror-grade white dragon would only be killed if his punch landed on it.

However, the outcome surprised Zhou Wen. After he killed the white dragon with one punch, its body shattered like a heavily damaged ice block. It looked like it was dead.

Zhou Wen couldn’t see the white dragon with his eyes, but within Truth

Listener’s ability, he outlined a white dragon’s figure in his mind. It was still in its origmal spot.

Zhou Wen took a closer look and used some skills that enhanced his vision. He even used Doctor Darkness’s Eyes of Penetration, but he still couldn’t see the white dragon.

After dispelling Truth Listener’s ability, Zhou Wen couldn’t hear anything even if he used his ears. It was as though there was nothing there.

The other Companion Beasts that enhanced hearing found it difficult to discover the white dragon’s figure. Only Truth Listener’s ability could discover its existence. It was as though the white dragon’s figure was a ghost. Ordinary people couldn’t see ghosts at all. Only people with Yin Yang Eyes could.

What’s this? Dimensional creatures can end up as ghosts? Zhou Wen looked at the shattered white dragon’s body and found it odder.

As Zhou Wen was still pondering over it, the ghost-like white dragon moved and charged at him.

It moved silently without causing any spatial fluctuations—like a ghost. Apart from Truth Listener’s ability, no other power could discover the white dragon’s existence.

Even the Teacher Domain couldn’t discover it. Zhou Wen had tried all sorts of other powers, but he couldn’t discover it when the white dragon moved.

However, when the white dragon approached Zhou Wen, he felt his heart palpitate.

With Zhou Wen’s present strength, even if he stood still, it was impossible for ordinary Terror creatures to severely injure him. Now, this white dragon had made him react instinctively to danger. It was unbelievable.

Thankfully, it was only in-game. Zhou Wen didn’t need to dodge. He wanted to see what the Terror-grade white dragon could do to him.

In fact, Zhou Wen had another thought deep down. However, even he didn’t dare to face it. He wanted to know what abilities the white dragon had. This was because Wang Mingyuan had fused with the white dragon, so he naturally had its abilities.

Zhou Wen’s body was so strong that it was almost comparable to a Human Realm Calamity creature. In theory, it was very difficult for a Terror-grade creature to deal a destructive blow to him.

The white dragon rushed in front of Zhou Wen, but it passed through his body like a real ghost without leaving any injuries.

However, when the white dragon completely passed through Zhou Wen’s body, the blood-colored avatar suddenly collapsed to the ground as the game screen went black.

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