Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1684 - Don’t Be a Burden

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Chapter 1684 Don’t Be a Burden

Zhou Wen summoned the Chaos Egg to protect his body. In such a battle, all he needed to do was protect himself and not become Truth Listener’s burden.

Thousands of starlight beams intertwined and poured down. It was unimaginably terrifying. Probably the end of the world could match this.

Truth Listener’s entire body emitted golden light as it raised its head to face the infinite starlight. It had no intention of dodging or defending. Its legs suddenly exerted strength as its body shot into the sky like a cannonball.

“You f*cked me over!” Zhou Wen let out a tragic cry.

Although Truth Listener was a pure Strength-type Companion Beast and didn’t have the ability to release its Strength, just the fluctuations produced when its strength broke through space sent Zhou Wen flying. The Essence Energy in the Chaos Egg crazily crystallized.

Before he could resist the starlight, the Chaos Egg was already half-filled. The Chaos Egg kept tumbling from the tremors, making Zhou Wen curse inwardly. He swore that he had to stay away from Truth Listener in future battles.


The random thoughts were still in Zhou Wen’s mind when he heard a terrifying explosion. Truth Listener was facing the starlight of the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array head-on. Countless starlight intertwined on his body like laser slicing blades.

The light beams were abnormally sharp, as though they could slice through everything. However, when it struck Truth Listener’s resplendent golden body, it shattered like glass. Truth Listener instantly broke through the layers of starlight and threw a punch at Starlady Polestar, who was standing in the middle of the hall.

Starlady Polestar finally made a move. She pulled out the embedded black ice sword from the ground with one hand. The black ice-like sword was instantly filled with starlight. The blade slashed out and collided with Truth Listener’s fist.


Golden and blue light erupted as the shockwave produced countless crystals inside the Chaos Egg, almost causing it to explode.

Zhou Wen no longer had the mood to pay attention to Truth Listener’s battle with Starlady Polestar. Now, his priority was to survive. Otherwise, the game would be over once he died. It was useless no matter how strong Truth Listener was.

It was clearly impossible for him to continue surviving by relying on the Chaos Egg’s powers. Zhou Wen’s mind raced as he thought about how he could live a little longer.

Although the Teacher Domain could play a certain role, defense wasn’t the Teacher Domain’s forte, so it wasn’t of much use.

Apart from the Teacher Domain and the Chaos Egg, Zhou Wen also had two other domain powers. One was the Human Sovereign Sacrifices to the Heavens domain. This was clearly unsuitable for the present situation.

The other was the Beginningless Sword Domain. However, under normal circumstances, the Beginningless Sword Domain was used for attacks. Furthermore, the Beginningless Sword Domain was only at the Human Realm, making it difficult for it to withstand the power of the Heaven-level Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array.

However, with the help of the Teacher Domain, Zhou Wen acutely discovered an opportunity.

No matter how the Human Realm’s Beginningless Sword Domain changed, it was impossible for it to resist the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array. However, Truth Listener attracted most of the starlight, giving the Beginningless Sword Domain a sliver of a chance.

This possibility was because Zhou Wen knew the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array very well. He had even used it as a blueprint to create the Minor Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array. This made him think of something.

I can only take a gamble with my life. Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and crazily activated the Qi Refinement Art. Countless Sword Pill particles erupted and surrounded the Chaos Egg.

The Sword Pill particles were also arranged in a cycle—the Minor Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array that Zhou Wen had created.

If used against ordinary Calamity creatures, the Minor Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array formed by the Sword Pill particles could be said to be indestructible, but it was easily destroyed in Starlady Polestar’s Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array.

However, the Sword Pill particles weren’t truly destroyed. They were a power that simultaneously had two incorporeal and corporeal states. What appeared like their destruction was, in fact, them transforming into incorporeal particles. In theory, the Sword Pill particles were truly immortal and indestructible.

Of course, the Sword Pill particles that had turned into incorporeal particles were temporarily useless. Zhou Wen had to persist until they turned back into corporeal particles.

If it were any other time, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have been able to condense so many Sword Pill particles at once. However, the Chaos Egg was filled with Essence Energy Crystals. Furthermore, every Essence Energy Crystal was Essence Energy Crystals stacked with units of a hundred million. The amount of Essence Energy was astonishing.

Zhou Wen directly attempted to use himself as a medium, or rather, a conduit. He used the Qi Refinement Art to crazily absorb the Essence Energy Crystals before transforming them into Sword Pill particles to form the Minor Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array to resist the terrifying external forces.

Zhou Wen’s body was only at the Terror grade after all. If massive amounts of Essence Energy were sucked into his body, he probably wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

However, Zhou Wen had no choice. All he could do was place his hopes on the Qi Refinement Art.

The Qi Refinement Art was an extremely rich Essence Energy Art. From the moment he cultivated to now, Zhou Wen had devoured countless Essence Energy Crystals to cultivate it to such a level.

In the past, Zhou Wen would have felt his heart ache, but now, he only hoped that the Qi Refinement Art’s appetite was big enough to completely transform the Essence Energy Crystals he absorbed into Sword Pill particles.

A stack of Essence Energy Crystals that numbered in the hundreds of millions could explode Zhou Wen’s weak Terror body. Now that he had absorbed thousands of such Essence Energy Crystals, Zhou Wen could only silently pray for Sweetie’s blessing.

Zhou Wen didn’t wish to absorb that much, but if he didn’t, the constantly accumulating Essence Energy Crystals would fill the Chaos Egg up until it exploded.


Terrifying Essence Energy surged through Zhou Wen’s body, making him feel like his body was about to be crushed and explode. He couldn’t help but let out a roar.

Zhou Wen imagined that his body was about to explode, but it didn’t happen. In the pain that resembled his body being completely crushed to powder, Zhou Wen managed to withstand it.

This didn’t mean that Zhou Wen’s body was strong, but that the Qi Refinement Art had forcefully allowed such violent Essence Energy to flow crazily in Zhou Wen’s body, transforming into a large number of Sword Pill particles.

Zhou Wen’s body repeatedly jumped back and forth at the gates of hell. Every time Zhou Wen thought his body was about to explode, the Qi Refinement Art would transform and produce a large number of Sword Pill particles, allowing Zhou Wen, who had stepped into the gates of hell, to jump out again.

Although the Qi Refinement Art was doing a good job, there were too many Essence Energy Crystals. The speed at which they were converted couldn’t keep up with Zhou Wen’s absorption speed.

Just as Zhou Wen thought he was doomed, the Beginningless Sword Domain suddenly underwent a strange change.

Although this change was strange, it wasn’t a coincidence. Apart from a large number of Sword Pill particles being converted and forming the biggest Beginningless Sword Domain in history, Zhou Wen was constantly using the Teacher Domain to observe Starlady Polestar’s Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array. At the same time, he adjusted the Minor Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array arranged by the Sword Pill particles.

The Hell-level Teacher Domain was much more powerful than before. The things it could analyze were naturally much more than before.

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