Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1687 - Imperial Lord Behemoth

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Chapter 1687 Imperial Lord Behemoth

When the black hole-like light vanished, Tyrant Behemoth appeared in Zhou Wen’s vision again. Zhou Wen was surprised to discover that Tyrant Behemoth had changed so much.

The originally tall Tyrant Behemoth had become much smaller. It was only about three meters tall. Compared to before, it had clearly dropped in size, but it had become even more muscular.

In the past, Tyrant Behemoth looked a little bloated and clumsy, but now, Tyrant Behemoth looked like a muscular monster without any excess fat.

Furthermore, Tyrant Behemoth’s body had undergone some changes. Its flesh looked extremely black, as though it was made of black iron. It gave off an indestructible feeling

Now, instead of saying that Tyrant Behemoth was a living creature of flesh and blood, it was better to say that it was a black iron monster filled with explosive and destructive power.

What was even stranger was that in the middle of Tyrant Behemoth’s head, another horn grew out. The horn looked somewhat similar to a unicorn’s horn. It was straight with spiral patterns, and there was a strange glow swirling inside.

Zhou Wen opened Tyrant Behemoth’s information to see what changes its stats and skills had undergone, but he realized that Tyrant Behemoth’s name had changed.

Imperial Lord Behemoth: Calamity (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Extreme Strength, Mountain River Absorption, Emperor’s Life

Life Soul: Violent Imperial Crown

Wheel of Destiny: Absolute Strength (S-grade)

Terror Form: Tyrant

Calamity Zone: Overlord Zone (Human Realm)

Strength: 199

Speed: 199

Constitution: 199

Essence Energy: 199 Talent Skill: Mountain Consuming, Rampage, Behemoth, Armor Breaker, Penetration, Ripping, Poison Fang, Bite, Ever-Victorious, Unstoppable.

Companion Form: Boxing Glove

Seeing that Tyrant Behemoth’s domain was still at the Human Realm, Zhou Wen was slightly disappointed. However, there was an additional Emperor’s Life in his Life Providence. His Life Soul had also changed from Violent Crown to Violent Imperial Crown. His stats had reached the limits of the Human Realm, so it wasn’t completely unchanged./ please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(d0t)C0M.

Its stats and skills haven’t changed much. I wonder how its actual combat strength is. Zhou Wen muttered inwardly.

The level of the Big Dipper instance dungeon was high enough. Logically speaking, the treasures produced in the hidden dungeon shouldn’t be bad. Zhou Wen originally believed that it could at least advance to the Hell level, but he never expected it to remain at the Human Realm.

After quitting the Big Dipper instance dungeon, Zhou Wen originally planned on finding a dungeon to test the difference between Imperial Lord Behemoth and Tyrant Behemoth.

Before Zhou Wen could launch a new dungeon, he heard a commotion in front of the team.

“Mr. Zhou, I’m afraid we have to change our route,” Shiraishi Satomi rushed over and said to Zhou Wen with a heavy expression.

“What happened over there?” As Zhou Wen asked, he used Truth Listener’s ability to scan the area ahead.

In front of them was a canyon with a river that was half a person’s height deep flowing through it. In the water, there was a behemoth lying horizontally. It looked like it had fallen asleep.

Shiraishi Satomi whispered helplessly, “The route we designed originally avoided some dangerous areas. According to our investigations, there weren’t any large dimensional zones near the canyon, but for some reason, a Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast appeared here. I’m afraid we can’t take this path.”

Seeing that Zhou Wen didn’t seem to know anything about the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast, Shiraishi Satomi continued explaining, “The Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast might not be famous inland, but overseas, it’s infamous. It once destroyed several large islands. Even the strongest factions overseas can’t do anything about it. It’s said that not only is this beast at the Calamity grade, but it might even have reached the peak of the Calamity grade. Furthermore, this Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast is very likely the one from overseas.”

“This is the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast from overseas.” Sei Gasakai also walked back and said with a heavy expression, “In the past, when I was out traveling, I saw its ferocious wrath on Ryukyu Island. With a stomp, it crushed an island spanning hundreds of kilometers into pieces and sent it sinking to the bottom of the sea. Its divine might was unparalleled. It’s even more terrifying than the Calamity-grade creatures that entered the Cube’s rankings. Thankfully, the scouts ahead discovered it ahead of time and didn’t wake it up. We still have time to change directions, but we have to walk a few hundred more mountain roads to circle it.”

“What’s the type of the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast? What kind of abilities does it have?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought.

“Its body is extremely powerful. Back when Ryukyu Island gathered the entire island’s powers to launch an attack, it didn’t dodge at all. It didn’t even damage its scales. Furthermore, it has the ability to control the water flows of the sea and can sweep up huge waves. I don’t know if it has other abilities,” Sei Gasakai answered after some thought.

“Then there’s no need to change course. Retreat fifteen kilometers and leave it to me.” It was rare to encounter a break-out Calamity creature, so Zhou Wen naturally wasn’t willing to miss such a good opportunity.

With Truth Listener, a Calamity-grade existence that was almost invincible, even if the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast was really at the Heaven level, it was definitely no match for Truth Listener with its powerful body.

“Mr. Zhou, be careful.” Sei Gasakai didn’t say anything else as he arranged for the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace to retreat in an orderly manner. However, after retreating for a few kilometers, the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast woke up and stood up from the water. It looked over with a pair of strange golden crystal-like eyes. The golden light in its eyes was like two miniature suns.

It was covered in red scales. Its head was like a dragon’s, and its body was like a lion’s. Its body was more than ten meters long. Just standing there gave off a terrifying pressure. When its strange eyes swept across, the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace, who had weaker mental fortitude, were so frightened that their legs went limp. From the looks of it, this beast has long discovered our arrival. It just pretended to sleep. Zhou Wen knew that such Calamity-grade creatures had sharp senses, so how could it not have discovered them?

Although the aura of the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast was terrifying, Zhou Wen was accustomed to seeing powerful Calamity-grade creatures. He could roughly guess that this fellow hadn’t reached the level of Starlady Polestar, but it was much stronger than the typical Human Realm creature. It might be a Hell-level Calamity creature.

Seeing that the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast was about to charge at him, Zhou Wen thought of something and summoned Imperial Lord Behemoth. He could use this Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast to test Imperial Lord Behemoth’s combat strength.

Being the same Strength-type, Imperial Lord Behemoth had thick skin and flesh. Even if it wasn’t a match for the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast, it wouldn’t be instantly killed. Once it wasn’t a match for the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast, he could just release Truth Listener.

After Imperial Lord Behemoth appeared, the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast, which had originally wanted to rush over, stopped. It rolled its strange golden eyes and sized up Imperial Lord Behemoth as though it didn’t find it an easy target.

Zhou Wen felt relieved when he saw this. He ordered Imperial Lord Behemoth to attack the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast.

Imperial Lord Behemoth exerted strength with its feet, instantly causing the ground beneath it to collapse hundreds of meters out. It charged at the Water Avoidance Gold-Eyed Beast as it tore forward with shockwave.

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